Sheep: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Are you interested in learning about the different meanings that a sheep can have?

A sheep as a spirit, totem, and also a power animal can really help you to seize new beginnings. Moreover, it helps to stop friction between you and people around you.

There are a lot of different meanings and connotations upheld by sheep. But, these can be turned into positives as well as being perceived as negatives.

It can really help support and guide you throughout your life. So, read one to find out more about the meanings and symbolism of a sheep.

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Symbolism & Meaning

If you are an individual who has never had the chance to be around sheep then we have to say that you are really missing out.

Sheep are especially gentle and affectionate, although they can sometimes be territorial and a little aggressive.

It is true that they were amongst the first animals to ever be domesticated by human beings; it is true that their nature has really made them these emblems of peacefulness.

Sheep are animals that have gentle affection. They also have the ability to be able to take guidance from a figure of power and authority.

A key part of a sheep’s symbolism and meaning is their ability to balance and also their confidence. It is true that sheep only need a two-inch radius in order to gain a foothold.

Ultimately, this means that sheep can climb mountains by using ledges that can be easily missed by other climbers.

This is a symbol of sheep being animals who aren’t afraid to take risks due to the fear of falling; they have confidence in their instincts and they take a step forward.

Spirit Animal

Sometimes, a sheep quietly makes itself known within your life and therefore as your spirit animal. Thus, you really need to be more gentle with yourself and also with the world around you.

You need to pay attention to what kind of sheep shows up during your meditative process. Is the sheep a ewe, or is it a ram?

If the spirit animal appears as a ewe, then this will be something that comes to you especially calmly.

This creature will usually choose people who are in need of reconnecting with their inner-child or with some of that youthful naivety.

If you feel that you are struggling to conform within society, then the ewe will give you patience. Then you will find your way back.

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The ewe will push you to open up and to just let yourself be vulnerable.

If your spirit animal comes to you as a ram, then you might find that you need to find focus. You need to regain your focus. At the same time, look at that goal that you have set in your mind go for it.

This is the goal that you have been too afraid to go for.

The ram is a representation of the way in life. You can either seek support and guidance from other people or you can challenge yourself to face something head-on.

Ram energy will really help you to achieve this.

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Totem Animal

Having a sheep as your totem animal will ultimately be belonging to the individuals who are always keen to appreciate the smaller things in life.

These individuals are especially creative and especially compassionate.

Sheep are really humble animals and if you are in a position where you feel as though ego is encroaching on other people in your life; look upon your sheep totem to help you reinvigorate that inner tenderness.

Having a sheep as your totem animal will be perfect for you if you are someone who really has an appreciation of the little things in life.

Sheep’s flock-like innate tendencies will encourage you to really seek out the greater good for everyone within your life.

Sheep also teach that forgiveness is an especially powerful tool that can help keep people together in a true sense of harmony.

If you are someone who has been born under the ram totem then you really should not be afraid of the great ideas that you have all the time.

Those who identify with the sheep as a totem then they will be the people who are born to think and to dream big, so do not hold yourself back.

Power Animal

Having a sheep as your power animal will really help you when you are needing to redirect in the right direction.

If you are invoking a sheep or ram as your own power animal when you are on an occasion where you feel lost.

You might feel yourself struggling to find what is completely comfortable and you need to regain a sense of direction.

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Having a sheep as your power animal can also really help you to heal your soul if you are struggling to find a core sense of focus.

Having a sheep as your power animal can really help you to find courage when you are feeling embarrassed about something that you have said or if you are feeling uneasy about a decision you have made.

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If you come to the conclusion that you feel regret towards this particular action then this is your chance to correct this.

Having a sheep as your power animal needs to be a reminder that we all make mistakes. But, the truly defining component of this mistake is the way in which you react to or deal with this.

Celtic mythology links it to the Goddess Brigit who rules overhealing and of motherhood and the element of fire. This goddess is particularly present within the home.

They were and always have been valuable because they provide sustenance and also wool for clothing and for so much more than this.

So, it is true that sacrificing a sheep was an appropriate way of appeasing different Gods.

This was a practice that was especially common throughout the ancient world and also with white sheep. They specifically viewed it as being a symbol of purity.

Additionally, there is a children’s story named ‘The Lion and The Sheep’, and this story details how the sheep is good and kind to those who would laugh and also demean so to make themselves feel superior.

In this case, the sheep uses silence and therefore resilience in the face of a strong opponent.

Furthermore, Aesop utilized sheep’s wool as an allegory to illustrate the way in which appearances can be especially deceiving.

A person’s true nature will eventually show itself even if this is something that takes time to reveal itself. It is a reminder that disguises can’t stay on forever – at some point, the mask will slip away.

An interesting phrase that has been coined through sheep imagery is being the ‘black sheep’ and this is a negative connotation used to describe a person who stands apart from the crowd.

Or, this can also represent wilful disobedience to your flock – this could be family, friends, or even society in general.


If you are seeing a sheep, or a ram or a lamb then this might be some kind of warning.

This might be a sign that you are someone who is easily led down the wrong path and this tends to be done by those who are especially authoritative.

Or, seeing it in your dream could be a sign that big change or big progress is coming.

This can be really reassuring to know because you will be reaching a point in your life where you can really take a step back and just appreciate what you have finally come to achieve in your life.

If you dream of a white sheep then you will link this to a sense of purity or even a return to innocence.

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Tattoo Meaning

Sheep are surprisingly common tattoos to get because of everything that they symbolize and everything that they represent.

They are symbols of innocence and of purity, but they are also symbols of resilience and protection, and progress.

People who will tend to get a tattoo of a sheep or a ram will be those who are within the Aries zodiac bracket because it will represent the very essence of who they are.

It is true that there are an endless array of designs and styles out there that can be inked on your body if you are especially keen to get a sheep piece on your body.

Spiritual Meaning

In the Bible in Christianity, sheep are often used as a corollary of spiritual living.

In fact, it is true that Jesus as the lamb of God ultimately draws in on that representation of self-sacrifice for the greater good.

Sheep can be said to stand for correcting a mistake.

The image of the sheep can be used to point out any kind of feelings of vulnerability that are residing within you – and if this is something that is tinted with feelings of fear then the presence of a sheep image can imply that you are feeling overwhelmed.

This is what instills those feelings of vulnerability and those feelings of complete and utter powerlessness.

However, you can view this vulnerability in a much less harsh light, because it could be a symbol of the way in which you are attempting to get in touch with the sensitive side of you.

Your vulnerability becomes more positive because it transforms from vulnerability to openness.

Sheep In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The ram is the symbol for the zodiac sign Aries, and the ram is a representation of spring. It is tied to that time of rebirth and new beginnings.

Sheep are also associated with the Chinese zodiac systems and the Chinese astrology systems.

Within the Chinese zodiac, the sheep is a key representation of solidarity, harmony, and also tranquillity.

Those who were born in the year of the sheep will be especially polite and imaginative and they will also be especially determined.

The Chinese zodiac presents sheep as being disciplined when with their flock and as valuing leaders.

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Symbolic Meanings

  • Courage
  • Resilience
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • New beginnings
  • Rebirth and regeneration
  • Peacefulness
  • Dreaming big
  • Romantic
  • Charming
  • Gentle

In Conclusion

It is true that sheep are mostly identified for not liking to take the lead, but this does not take away from the fact that sheep thrive when they work or interact with their team.

For us, this can be our family or our friends or our colleagues or just people we walk past in the street.

Of all the zodiac signs sheep are the most sensitive, and they can therefore be the most creative and the most artistically talented – and this is why sheep might be drawn to the spiritual or to the esoteric.

Overall, sheep are especially intelligent and they are especially talented when it comes to using creative energies.

Sheep really thrive when they are in an environment where they can just go at their own pace and where they are in a comfortable space.

Sheep might be said to be vulnerable and needy, but actually, all sheep really want is love and approval and also support.

Additionally, – sheep will usually attract whatever it is that they are needing in their lives.

This can include relationships – sheep will attract key relationships that help them to navigate their lives and this is a fundamental trait of a sheep.

People who have sheep as their spirit, totem, or power animal will ultimately have an innate desire to be surrounded by people who serve them and who suit their lives.

Sure, sheep might have negative traits – but don’t we all?!

They are a symbol of how we can look at our imperfections and how we can work hard to turn these into more positive aspects of ourselves.

We can look at what we deem as imperfections and rephrase them just as being key parts of who we are.

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