Slug: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Slugs get a pretty bad wrap. They are, admittedly, a little gross, slimy, and just kind of weird to look at and think about.

They don’t even have the decency to cover or hide themselves the way that snails do.

We’ve all had one of those experiences where you go to move something outside. Only to realize with horror that the underside of that object is covered in gunk and slugs. 

But if you can look past the slime, then you will find that there is actually a lot more to slugs than meets the eye.

In fact, even these humble creatures have a rich symbolic and spiritual meaning to them that many may find significant.

Maybe you’ve noticed more slugs around you than usual, or they’ve started to show up in your dreams. Then you need to read all about the spiritual significance of slugs.

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Slug Symbolism And Meaning

Slugs are slow-moving creatures that can’t get anywhere quickly and are incredibly vulnerable to a lot of things.

They have been around since before the time of the dinosaurs. They evolved from snails to conceal a protective shell within themselves. 

Symbolically they represent the idea of letting go and moving slowly.

They symbolize the initial stages of consciousness or the beginning of a spiritual journey. For example, someone who is just in the early stages of inner evolution. 

Also, they represent a balance between masculinity and femininity. That is due to the fact that slugs are hermaphroditic animals, having both male and female sex organs.

They can bring our attention to the original androgynous-ness of being. The fullness of everything we can create within that space.

Because they are also able to mate with any other slug, they can also be seen as representing fertility. 

Slug Spiritual Meaning

If you see a slug cross your path or perhaps find more slugs in your home then you may find that they hide a genuine nugget of wisdom despite their slimy exterior.

The spiritual meaning behind a slug might lead you to consider more spiritual beginnings. 

They also move incredibly slowly. Such is similar to the pace that a spiritual student right at the beginning of their journey might move.

This is the absolute best way that you can move whilst in this initial stage. Moving slow and carefully ensures that you will continue your journey with stability and continuity.

If you were to move any faster than a slug at this point then you might end up sabotaging the entire process.

The slug indicates a requirement for patience. Patience combined with trust that the path you’re on is the correct one and that it’s not going anywhere. So, there’s no need to rush or act in haste. 

Due to its existence as hermaphrodite, the slug also spiritually indicate the truth that you don’t need any exterior help. The truth that you can look inside of yourself rather than to others to find everything there that you need.

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Slug Spirit Animal 

A Spirit Animal is an animal guide that can lead you. Especially, when you’re in need of love, strength, support, inspiration, or guidance.

A slug spirit guide may present to you when you’re feeling conflicted. About what changes you need to make in your life, or whether you need to make the changes at all. 

If you are guided by a slug Spirit Animal then you should trust yourself and your instincts. Follow the path that will lead to the least amount of turmoil in your life. Even if that means cutting out toxic people or toxic habits. 

The slug represents confidence in human nature and a readiness to slowly and carefully move on towards your future.

Your Spirit Animal is not guiding you to suddenly pack up all of your things and move across the country, but to slowly and gradually take the steps that you need to in order to live a more fulfilled life. 

Slug Totem Animal

People who find that their totem animal is a slug are generally very kind-hearted and sensitive souls.

They have a natural way of understanding the spiritual world and have the innate ability to empathize with others.

They’re also typically very emotional, which is a dual-edged blade.

Sometimes being more emotional can be a positive attribute that allows you to embrace your situations and experience things fully, but it also presents its own challenges in life.

If you find yourself with a sudden need for variation and change then that is a sign that you’re dealing with a slug as your totem animal, so you must remember how incredible it is to be able and allowed to change, rather than letting yourself remain fearful. 

Slugs are stubborn creatures that can be difficult to tackle if they show up in your home.

This makes them perfect totems for people who value determination above all else. 

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Slug Power Animal

A power animal is a kind of spiritual energy that you can call upon from within or invoke for assistance in a specific situation.

Some people believe that all life forms are connected, down to our DNA – that we share such similar genomes to so many things on this planet that really when you call upon a power animal or specific energy, that you are simply reawakening a part of yourself that has been lying dormant. 

With this in mind, it may be helpful to call upon the energy of the slug that lies within during situations where you find yourself dissatisfied with life or in need of a change.

Your slug power animal can give you the determination to make small changes that will bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment, whilst also reminding you to take things slowly.

There really is no rush, and you can take things at your own pace if you need to. 

The slug can give you the confidence to cut toxic people out of your life when you need to, or the power to quit harmful or dangerous habits. 

Slug Dreams

Have slugs started to appear more in your dreams? Well, this might be an omen that means that you need to start cleaning up your act.

If you’re starting to think about cutting toxic people out of your life or quitting whatever harmful or dangerous habits you might have fallen into, then a slug dream could represent all the good that could come out of these changes. 

If the slugs are actually on your body in the dream, then the spiritual significance of this suggests that the people around you are trying to get on board with what you want for yourself, but that they also have their own plans.

These plans might lead to stress and be overwhelming if not handled properly – like picking them off one by one. However, you should always leave them alone whenever possible. 

When a slug appears in your dream, then it’s usually a sign that you need to embrace your more emotional side and let go of the things that are making you uncomfortable in order to lead you towards spiritual enlightenment. 

Slug Tattoo Meaning

Truthfully, there’s not a lot that has been written about the significance or symbolism behind a slug tattoo, but using the information gathered here already, we can make our own assumptions. 

If you find yourself drawn to slugs due to their slow and steady determination, then perhaps a slug tattoo would represent the strength of your character or your resoluteness.

It could symbolize that you can keep moving forward, no matter how slow it may seem, you are always making progress. 

Perhaps you enjoy the truth that slugs evolved from snails to internalize their shell and keep it hidden.

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Maybe you too feel as though your strength and power lie within, and therefore could choose a slug tattoo in order to represent this. 

There there’s the aspect of slugs that symbolize change, or the initiation of change.

You’re about to start on a significant new chapter of your life, perhaps the slug could represent your readiness to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, all whilst never losing sight of your own comfort and spiritual enlightenment. 

Finally, you could take a less spiritual approach to the matter: slugs are kind of gross, and some people like putting somewhat gross imagery on their bodies.

Some people, however, may think that slugs look really cool. After all, they come in a lot of different varieties and colors, and some of those may be genuinely appealing to some people who want to immortalize the slug. 

Perhaps you literally feel like a slug; a little gross, a little off-putting, but doing your best. Or maybe you think that slugs are very cool but are aware that they’re not for everyone.

There are a ton of reasons why someone would want to get a slug tattoo, both spiritually and literally. 

Slug Native American Symbolism

Slugs have long since had deep symbolic powers to many different cultures.

Some people believe that the slimy trail that slugs leave behind has an important significance and healing properties, or that if placed on a flower, that its trail is the sacred writing of a future marriage partner. 

For Native Americans, the slug was both a creature with a spiritual connection and the ability to serve as a power animal or spirit guide, but also that its physical body has special healing properties.

Some tribes used to believe that slugs could heal a toothache by allowing the Banana slug to crawl around in their mouths.

This may sound like something out of a horror movie (or that one bit in Harry Potter) but there may actually be some truth behind this theory.

You see, some slugs’ mucous has an anesthetic effect to it, meaning that enough of it could genuinely act as a remedy for someone with a mild toothache. 

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Slug Symbolic Meaning In Other Cultures

For Buddhists, the slug symbolizes humility due to the fact that they live under rocks and avoid direct sunlight.

Staying in the sun too long could eventually kill a slug, and so for the people finding meaning from the slugs, it could be a reminder to stay humble and know when you need attention, and when to stay away from it. 

In Hinduism, slugs are spiritual guides that can help us with our spiritual evolution and provide the insight given to them from their natural wisdom. 

Judaism suggests that the slug is a reminder that we all have imperfections and flaws, but that they can be worked upon in order to create better versions of ourselves. 

In some African cultures, the slug’s spiritual symbolism reflects purification and transformation. It can also serve as a reminder to stay positive. 

In a lot of Southeast Asia, folks consider the slug to represent both good luck charms that bring new life and prosperity, as well as bad omens that might signify underlying negativity on the path to spiritual growth. 

Final Word On Slugs

There is so much spirituality and wisdom packed into the tiny, slimy body of a slug, so the next time that you see one moving across your kitchen floor, think before you reach for the salt.

Is there anything that you’ve been avoiding, or any changes that you’ve been considering making?

If so then that slug could be trying to lead to the path of spiritual awakening, and give you the determination and courage to make the next step. 

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