An Attitude For Gratitude: 45 Songs You Can Use To Say Thank You

Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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Gratitude is an important emotion I like to express, and sometimes it can be hard to put this feeling of gratitude into words. Thankfully, music has helped me express gratitude in a way that words can’t. Yes, the songs about gratitude are best to express your love and care for others.

Whether it’s the lyrics of a classic rock ballad or the rhythms of a soulful ballad, music can help us express our gratitude in a way that’s both meaningful and powerful.

I have done all the heavy lifting and compiled some of the best songs about gratitude. From timeless classics to modern pop hits, these songs will help you express gratitude to the people in your life and the world around you. 

Top Songs About Gratitude

Let’s look at some of the top songs about gratitude. 

1. Thank You By Alanis Morissette 

Released in 1998, ‘Thank You’ is a song written and performed by Alanis Morissette. In this track, she expresses gratitude to the people who have helped her grow as an individual throughout her life’s journey. 

She sings about her gratitude for everything given to her, such as strength and courage when times were tough. 

2. A Thousand Miles By Vanessa Carlton 

Released in 2002, ‘A Thousand Miles’ was sung and composed entirely by Vanessa Carlton herself, with lyrics expressing appreciation towards someone special. She says love is often seen through rose-tinted lenses but is not always so simple. 

At first glance of this song, you may think of romantic feelings being expressed; however, upon closer inspection, we can see deeper themes too. 

3. Thank You For Loving Me By Bon Jovi 

This classic rock song is the perfect way to express your gratitude to someone special in your life. The lyrics are simple yet powerful, and they make it easy to show your appreciation for the one you love. 

The song speaks of the narrator’s gratitude for the unconditional love he receives from his significant other. He is thankful for the fact that this person has been by his side through thick and thin and that they have been there to love and support him even when he was not able to do the same for himself. 

4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered By Stevie Wonder 

This soulful song is a great way to show appreciation for the people in your life who have been there for you through thick and thin.

The lyrics convey how much it means when someone takes an extra step or puts in some extra effort just to make sure that all of your needs are met. It also speaks about the importance of relying on others during difficult times. 

5. Happy By Pharrell Williams 

This upbeat pop song is sure to put a smile on your face and fill you with gratitude for all the good things in life.

The lyrics are optimistic, as they speak about being thankful for what we have been blessed with while looking forward to an even better future. With its catchy beat and uplifting message, it will be hard not to feel grateful when this track comes on! 

6. Gratitude By Earth Wind & Fire

The title alone makes this one worthy enough for this list! This classic funk-soul jam speaks directly about living a life filled with appreciation and thankfulness towards others who have helped us along the way or made our lives easier. Help could be through support, encouragement, love, etc. 

It encourages listeners to take time out from worrying too much over everything else going wrong around them and focus more intently on giving thanks instead. 

7. Make You Feel My Love By Adele 

This jam is another excellent choice if you’re looking for something heartfelt yet subtle. ‘Make You Feel My Love’ has become synonymous with an ode dedicated to someone special’s love and care.

Adele’s hauntingly beautiful vocals capture the intensity of someone expressing their sincere gratitude for what someone else has done or continues to do, making this a truly remarkable song. 

8. Count On Me By Bruno Mars

 This feel-good jam from a music heavyweight crosses genres with its catchy hooks and infectious melody paired with an uplifting message about friendship and support within a relationship. 

9. What A Wonderful World By Louis Armstrong 

This timeless classic of its own never fails to bring joy and positive vibes wherever it’s played. The track speaks volumes about life’s beauty, no matter how small or insignificant something may seem. It reminds us all just how lucky we are for having one another and appreciating even the tiniest details.

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10. You Are So Beautiful By Joe Cocker 

This soulful track is one of the most romantic songs ever written. Its lyrics are perfect for expressing your deepest gratitude to your significant other or anyone you love – be it family members, friends, etc. The powerful yet gentle vocal performance that makes up this classic tune captures every emotion perfectly! 

11. The Rose By Bette Midler 

This classic track is a great way to express your love and appreciation for someone special in your life. The song speaks about how even the most fragile things can create beauty with enough care and attention. This is a great message to convey when appreciating someone for the thing(s) they have done for you.   

12. Unforgettable By Nat King Cole 

Another timeless favorite that has been covered countless times over. This song conveys a strong message about not taking things or anyone for granted, no matter what happens. The lyrics suggest that we remember those moments with our loved ones who left us too soon because their memories will remain unforgettable forever. 

13. Thank You By Dido 

The title alone says it all – this song is an ode for songs about gratitude towards someone who has been there for you during hard times to provide love and support. 

It reminds us to be grateful for these kinds of people in our lives. 

14. You Are My Sunshine By Johnny Cash 

This classic track speaks about how somebody can always be your ray of sunshine, even in dark clouds or stormy weather, to help guide you through life with optimism and hope. Such people deserve more than what money can offer! 

The song is a great choice to express appreciation without seeming overly sentimental at the same time (it gives off those “warm fuzzies”). 

15. Gracias A La Vida (Thanks To Life) By Mercedes Sosa  

For something slightly different yet just as meaningful, why not give this Latin American folk tune featuring legendary vocalist Mercedes Sosa a shot? 

It celebrates everything we have in our lives; however little they may seem. The song encourages listeners everywhere to concentrate on their blessings to find true joy in the world. 

16. You’ve Got A Friend By James Taylor 

This timeless track speaks about the importance of having somebody who can always be there for you and offer support no matter what. The song is perfect for expressing appreciation towards those special friends in life. 

The song conveys how being surrounded by people who love you makes us feel secure enough that we don’t have to face our troubles alone. 

17. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) By The Proclaimers

‘I’m gonna be (500 miles)’ is a fun, upbeat tune that is perfect as something lighthearted and cheerful when expressing your gratitude. It suggests taking any opportunity presented to us to be grateful – even if it means traveling 500 miles just to be with someone, especially during tough times. 

18. Thank You For Being A Friend By Andrew Gold 

This classic track from the 70s is often used as an anthem to express gratitude towards those special people who are always there when we need them. 

It speaks about how these friends stick with us through thick and thin, helping us to reach where we are. It’s a great song of appreciation for all our best friends. 

19. I Just Called To Say I Love You By Stevie Wonder 

‘I just called to say I love you’ is a great way to show someone just how much you appreciate having them around. This upbeat tune suggests that even though we cannot tell each other everything through words, it doesn’t mean our feelings of appreciation will go unrecognized or unspoken altogether. 

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20. You Are So Beautiful (To Me) By Joe Cocker 

This jam is another romantic favorite if you’re looking for something slightly different. Here Joe Cocker captures every emotion so effortlessly with his songwriting style coupled with his raw vocal performance.

This song is ideal for expressing gratitude by reminding someone special that they deserve all your admiration and respect.   

21. You’ve Got A Friend In Me By Randy Newman  

This song is perfect when expressing appreciation towards those close friends who always have your back no matter what. This highlights how life sometimes throws us curveballs, but having somebody around a friend or us to rely on makes the difference. 

22. What The World Needs Now Is Love By Dionne Warwick 

This timeless classic is full of optimism and hopes as it suggests we should all focus our energy on bringing forth love throughout the world. The track reminds us that we all need each other’s support during difficult times, and appreciating one another makes life better and sweeter. 

23. Lean On Me By Bill Withers  

‘Lean on me’ is a great song to express appreciation for somebody’s support during tough times. The track speaks about how having someone around who is willing to lean on you and offer their love and strength whenever needed can make any situation seem easier. 

24. You Raise Me Up By Josh Groban 

This inspirational tune captures every emotion perfectly with its gentle melody against somber yet powerful lyrics. This spiritual song suggests we should all be grateful to a higher power. 

25. You’re My Best Friend By Queen 

This song is a great way to show someone just how much they mean to you. It speaks about the importance of having somebody around who can always be there for us during tough times to offer their love and support no matter what. 

The upbeat melody makes it the perfect thank-you gift when words don’t seem adequate, but you still want something that captures emotions effectively. 

26. My Funny Valentine By Chet Baker 

This classic jazz tune is filled with romance yet subtle at the same time, making it ideal whenever expressing songs about gratitude towards those special people in our lives without seeming too sentimental. 

It conveys how even though we may not always understand why certain things happen, being surrounded by loved ones makes everything seem better regardless – a beautiful sentiment indeed. 

27. Best Of My Love By The Emotions 

This song is a great way to express your gratitude towards somebody special in your life. The track speaks about how even though we may not always be able to communicate everything with words alone, showing appreciation through our actions and gestures can make it up. 

28. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life By Stevie Wonder 

‘You’re the sunshine of my life’ is another great choice if you want to express your appreciation to someone special in your life without seeming too sentimental. This track speaks about how even during tough times, having someone around who can be your ray of sunshine will make any situation seem more manageable. 

It also conveys how being surrounded by people who love us makes us feel secure enough to face our troubles. 

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29. The Greatest Love Of All By Whitney Houston 

This inspirational classic suggests that the greatest love one could ever experience comes from within. This ode is dedicated to self-love and appreciation when we need extra motivation. 

It’s also full of optimism coupled with powerful vocals; definitely, something that captures every emotion perfectly at the same time…the perfect combination. 

30. You Are The Reason By Calum Scott 

This track is a great way to express appreciation towards somebody special in your life. Even though words may not be enough, showing gratitude through our actions and gestures can really come through.   

The song further suggests that we should never forget to give our best no matter what. 

31. I’m Blessed By Charlie Wilson 

‘I’m blessed’ is a great song to express gratitude and appreciation towards those special people in our lives who make it better with their presence alone.

The ode reminds us that having somebody special around you will always be worth more than any materialistic gifts! 

32. You Make My Dreams Come True By Hall & Oates 

This upbeat track speaks about the joys of having somebody around who can make any situation seem easier with their presence alone.

It also conveys how being surrounded by people like that makes us feel secure enough to face our troubles. It’s a great song to show gratitude to those who make a difference and matter in your life.

33. Your Song By Elton John 

This timeless classic is perfect as an ode dedicated to somebody special. The powerful vocal performance that makes up this iconic tune captures every emotion so effortlessly. 

34. I’m Your Angel By Celine Dion & R Kelly 

This beautiful duet by two music heavyweights suggests taking whatever opportunity is presented to us to spend more time with our loved ones – nothing matters besides each other’s company, anyway. The message is clear and lighthearted yet meaningful.   

35. You Are The Best Thing By Ray Lamontagne 

This track speaks about how being surrounded by people who offer their love and support no matter what is irreplaceable.

Its heartfelt lyrics and gentle melody capture every emotion perfectly, something worth listening to. 

36. You Make Me Feel Brand New By The Stylistics 

‘You make me feel brand new’ is the perfect choice when looking to express your songs about gratitude towards someone special in your life. Life gives us individuals who replenish us with good vibes and energy – something we should be grateful for!

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37.  Thank You Next By Ariana Grande  

This upbeat track speaks about how even during tough times, it’s essential to appreciate the presence of those that never give up on us, making this song the ideal thank-you gift.   

Its catchy melody and powerful lyrics remind us never to take anything or anyone for granted. 

38. Million Little Miracles By Elevation Worship 

This inspirational track speaks about how we should all take the time to appreciate even the smallest of things that we often overlook or take for granted. It is the perfect song when looking for some extra motivation since the ode is dedicated to self-love and appreciation.

You are not where you used to be – take a deep breath, think about the milestones you have achieved, and be grateful.  

39. Family Business By Kanye West 

Nothing beats family…friends come and go, but family is for life! This track speaks about the importance of family and how they are always there for us in times of need. If you have a family that will stand by you whenever you’re broken, you should be grateful and never be afraid to show love toward them. 

40. Song For My Father By Sarah Mclachlan 

This sweet and gentle tune speaks about the importance of having somebody around, and it is perfect for expressing songs about gratitude toward those special fathers in our lives. 

It portrays how fathers make us feel secure in facing our troubles without feeling alone. We should appreciate and be proud of having dads in our lives. 

41. Mashed Potato Time By Dee Dee Sharp 

This fun, upbeat tune perfectly captures the spirit of joy and gratitude. This track speaks about taking every opportunity we get to have a good time and make memories with loved ones. It suggests that we should all be thankful for being surrounded by supportive people. 

42. Thank God, I Found You By Mariah Carey Featuring 98 Degrees And Joe 

This timeless classic captures every emotion effortlessly with its upbeat melody and powerful vocal performances. It speaks about how appreciative we should all be for having somebody around who can always offer their love and support. 

43. Thankful By DJ Khaled Feat. Lil Wayne & Jeremih 

This up-tempo track is great for expressing songs about gratitude toward those special people who have impacted our lives.

The song speaks about how we should all be thankful and appreciative of the relationships that have been built and never take them for granted – a beautiful reminder indeed! 

44. Grateful By Rita Ora 

Being grateful is a virtue that we should all have. This catchy track speaks about the importance of being thankful for all that we have in our lives. It conveys how expressing our appreciation towards those special people in our lives is priceless! 

45. Gracias By Ozuna 

‘Gracias’ is Spanish for ‘thank you’. This track is perfect for expressing gratitude toward people in our lives.

The jam speaks about how appreciating even the tiniest details can make all the difference. Never take your loved ones for granted…call someone and say, “gracias, mi amigo”

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are There Any Romantic Songs Suitable For Expressing Gratitude? 

Yes, classics such as ‘My Funny Valentine’ by Chet Baker or ‘Your Song’ by Elton John speak volumes when remembering how much our loved ones mean to us. 

What Is An Appropriate Songs About Gratitude Towards A Higher Power? 

Tracks such as ‘Thank You Lord (For All You’ve Done)’ by Kirk Franklin and ‘What A Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong are perfect when we need to appreciate a higher power. 


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