Starfish: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

The Starfish is an amazing creature from the sea. Believed to be immortal in ancient cultures, this animal is able to renew itself from one limb. It is a strong and powerful creature.

The starfish has had an important place in the cultures of the world and are revered for their unique abilities.

From the Egyptians who associated the starfish to Isis to the Ancient Romans who used the starfish to symbolize Venus. They are mentioned all over the world. If you want to find out more about the starfish and what it could mean to you, keep reading!

Symbolism and Meaning of the Starfish

Because of the physical characteristics of starfish, we may be able to learn a lot from them. These creatures have no brain and rely solely on their senses to get through life. If you cut up a starfish, each limb will turn into its own creature. Much like a hydra and its heads.

The starfish is a beautiful representation of the stars, or how we see the stars, at least. Despite living in the waters of the oceans, they reflect the sky and its infinite cosmos.

Starfish are frequently associated with renewal, strength, strong will, and much more. Since they go through so much in their lives and face many dangers while having no brain. Many see the starfish as a very special creature, and who are we to say otherwise?

The Starfish as a Spirit Animal

The Starfish Spirit Animal may appear to you to bring you a message from the Universe about love. These creatures have stunning celestial energy. It can help you feel like you are not alone, no matter what you are going through in life.

Wherever you are in life, there are Higher Powers that are there with you. They are always watching over you.

When you feel like you have no more creativity left in you, the Starfish Spirit Animal will come to you to help. This Spirit Animal will help you find the answer to feeling creative again.

If you are struggling to deal with challenges in your life, the Starfish Spirit Animal may appear to you to help. This Spirit Animal can help you overcome your problems. It also can help you heal and retrain your mind to deal with future difficulties.

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When you come out at the end of your rough patch, you will be wiser. You also will have the ability to think about things differently. This will enable you to pick the right words and navigate the hardships of life as you move forward.

You may be visited by the Starfish Spirit Animal if you are feeling broken and irreparable. Despite this creature always encouraging leaving the past behind if you do not need it, as long as you have a balance you can get through anything and make yourself whole again.

Although you do need to let go of trauma and negativity, in the end, finding a balance will help you renew yourself and be reborn into a new person.

The Starfish may come to you if you feel like you feel lost within yourself. Perhaps you feel like you have lost touch with the instincts you cherish, or you have been ignoring your gut feelings.

The Starfish Spirit Animal will remind you that overthinking everything rarely helps, and there are times when you simply need to have faith and do it.

To summarize, the Starfish may appear as your Spirit Animal if you:

  • Need to know that you are not alone
  • Are in need to receive a message of love
  • Need to renew yourself and be reborn
  • Are in need help overcoming challenges
  • Need to have faith in yourself and stop overthinking
  • Are in need to feel creative again

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The Starfish as a Totem Animal

People born with the Starfish as their Totem Animals are very good at overcoming the obstacles that life throws at them.

No matter what comes their way, even if there is serious damage done, these people will always bounce back and reset over time. This ability to bounce back often comes from the deep faith they have, so they can do anything.

You are likely a strong-willed person, but you are also sensitive, irrepressible, and smart. You take pride in who you are and what you do, and sometimes you know that being alone is the best choice you can make for a time.

Not only that, but you like to reflect on your life and learn from your experiences, and are maybe too hard on yourself sometimes. Harmony and peace are something you strive for, and you are committed to any project you take on. Possibly even a little not too committed at times.

Chances are, if the Starfish is your Totem Animal, you have gone through many changes in religions and religious outlooks.

You are constantly growing, and sometimes the religion you once followed no longer suits you. Because of this, you are always looking to learn more and become more aware of the surrounding universe.

Because you are likely an empath and live life to the full, relationships can be very intense for you. You become fully immersed in them and love deeply, but this is not always reciprocated. Your sensitive personality means that you need someone who understands and appreciates you and does not make you feel like a burden.

Self-love is important in your life, and you need to be kind to yourself always. A big part of self-love for you is keeping your distance from the people who do not care about you or wish to use you.

To summarize, if the Starfish is your Totem Animal, you:

  • Are committed to projects
  • Reflect a lot
  • Are an Empath
  • Need to practice self-live
  • Love deeply
  • Change from one religion to another
  • Smart
  • Have a strong work-ethic
  • Proud
  • Strong-willed
  • Irrepressible
  • Passionate

The Starfish as a Power Animal

You may need to call upon the Starfish Power Animal if you feel like you need help organizing your mind and need to make sense of all the thoughts flying around. You may have too much on your mind, or are trying to complete too many projects at once.

This Power Animal will help you calm down, both mentally and physically, so you can regain control. Meditation is a great way of doing this, as it enables you to release unnecessary feelings and emotions, and clears your mind so that you can think straight.

You might also need to call upon the Starfish to help you gain wisdom for your experiences, as well as others. Everything you go through is something you can learn from, and the Starfish Power Animal will help you learn this.

By learning from what you go through, you will become better equipped to handle what life will inevitably throw at you in the future.

To summarize, you may call upon the Starfish Power Animal if you need help:

  • Calming down
  • Decluttering your mind
  • Organizing
  • Gaining wisdom from your experiences

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The Starfish in Religion and Culture

Culturally, the Starfish is strongly associated with renewal, inspiration, and strength. These creatures are popular among seafarers and are used as a symbol of protection against the power of the ocean.

The Starfish is also used to symbolize various religious and cultural figures in different parts of the world, including Ancient Greece, Native American cultures, Egypt, and Christianity.

Native American Symbolism of the Starfish

Native American cultures such as the Haida have starfish on their Totem Poles. This creature was chosen as a being for their Totem Poles because of its seemingly magical ability to grow its limbs back and regenerate itself.

To the Haida, this made the Starfish immortal and extremely strong and powerful.

The Sea God Kumugwe is another important deity to the Nuxalk and Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) people on the Pacific Northwest Coast.

This god’s wealth was thought to be shown in the form of starfish in the sea. This in turn suggests that the starfish was seen to be a very valuable and beautiful creature, as well as being immortal.

Christianity Symbolism of the Starfish

The Starfish is often used to represent the Virgin Mary from the Bible. This is because Mary bore the name ‘Sella Maris’, which means ‘star of the sea’.

Mary got this name as she would offer guidance to people who were troubled, and seafarers would seek her out to have a safe journey.

What do Starfish Mean in Dreams?

If you dream about a small starfish, it could symbolize that the time has come for you to make a decision on an important topic in your life. Although this decision might be hard and unpleasant, you need to make the choice that is best for you so that you can move forward in your life.

The starfish in your dreams can serve as a reminder that life is not black and white, and it never will be. There are gray areas and nothing is ever, and simple as ‘yes’ and ‘no’ or ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

This creature could come to you in your dreams to remind you that you need to try and be understanding of others and put yourself in their shoes to find a balance. Judging others too quickly will lead to your own downfall.

Dreaming about a large starfish is thought to represent good wishes and miracles. If you have a dream about a giant starfish, you are likely longing to be with the people you care about. You might want a specific person or group of people to come to you for something.

Having this dream is a sign that you need to spend more time with the special people in your life.

Additionally, this giant starfish dream can symbolize that you will soon be given an opportunity that will only happen once. You will need to make an informed decision on whether you accept this opportunity or not.

Having a dream about a starfish could also mean that you need to be in touch with your own intuition more. The universe speaks to you, and you need to listen to it when you are making decisions and even going about your daily life.

Meditation can help you hone your listening skills and help you understand exactly what it is that the world is trying to tell you.

If you dream about finding a starfish on a place like a beach, this is a good sign. You need to keep pursuing your dreams and never give up on them.

There will be times when you will have to fight for what you believe in and want, but as long as you do fight, you can achieve anything.

If you dream about finding a starfish, this is also a sign that you will soon find something that has been missing in your life. This might be someone from your past, or even someone new, but they will fill a void in you.

Seeing a swimming starfish in your dreams can be a sign that new things will soon be arriving and difficulties will pass. This can be related to relationship problems you are having with friends, family, or even significant others.

When you have this dream, you will know that soon, all will be well. A swimming starfish can also signify that there is going to be beauty in your future, as well as luck and good fortune, The plans and goals you have set will turn out well and stay on track as long as you continue to work hard.

If you dream about a lot of starfish, you can be sure that you will soon achieve new and great things. Your dreams of success will come to fruition as you will experience a moment where you realize what you need to do. Creativity and clarity will come to you, which will enable you to be successful and achieve the goal you set.

Dreaming about starfish among fish means that you have the ability and capacity to take part in and excel at different skills and activities. There may be a number of things you enjoy or are trying to do, or you may want to work on different projects at once.

You need to step back and evaluate your life and make decisions on when and where to do things.

This dream signifies that you might need to be more organized in your approach to completing activities. You might need to do one thing at a time to get it done to a high standard and have it done on time.

If you dream of a dead or dying starfish, you may need to prepare for the worst. This dream symbolizes that someone close to you will soon die.

You need to remember that you cannot change the outcome, so you should not constantly be thinking about it, even though it is difficult. Life will not always be perfect or fun, and death is a part of living, so it needs to be accepted.

Dreaming of a dying starfish can also mean that you have lost a connection or are no longer in contact with someone or something you need to be. You might have even lost contact with yourself or your heart. You need to step back and evaluate your life.

Taking some time to look at how you are doing, as well as what you are doing, can lead to many answers. It is possible that you have been selfish or unpleasant towards other people, and this dream is telling you to figure out what it is and fix it before it is too late.

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The Starfish in Tattoos, Astrology and Spiritual Meanings

The unique starfish can mean a number of things. Their symbolism in tattoos may be different from spiritual or astrological meanings. To understand what the starfish means to you, you need to know yourself and be able to see where and when this creature may apply to you.

The starfish is a beautiful symbol but is often one that is underrepresented and frequently never given a second thought. To find out what the amazing starfish can symbolize, keep reading and find out, so maybe you can get a starfish tattoo, too!


Tattoos of starfish generally symbolize perception, resourcefulness, strength, sensitivity, mystery, longevity, and renewing. However, the meaning of these tattoos can be unique to each individual and could be symbolic of memories or personal experiences.

One of the most important and fascinating things about the starfish is that it can regrow limbs. This makes it a significant creature for those who have experienced hardships or even been in accidents.

These animals are strong and often go through a lot in their lives, which many people likely identify with.

Tribal starfish tattoos, like those of the Maori, represent the ocean and protection. Many people who live on islands, or island cultures, find aquatic creatures to be very significant.

This comes as no surprise, as their lives typically revolve around the water, but the starfish is said to protect the wearer from dangers.

Starfish tattoos can also be symbolic of the Virgin Mary, a sanctuary in the midst of chaos, and salvation. Those with starfish tattoos may have got through very difficult experiences in their life and chose to get this tattoo to symbolize their strength.

These creatures are tough and are not afraid to sacrifice a limb for their survival, which is ultimately a sign of strength and will.


In Primal Astrology, the Starfish is a beautiful sign. Those from under the sign of the Starfish are hardworking people who are also sensitive and proud. These people are often focused on the future and their goals, but are also reflective of their past and learn from their mistakes and experiences.

Their strong will, high levels of intelligence, and excellent perception mean that the time they like to spend alone is spent in their thoughts and building new expectations for themselves daily.

Those born under the Starfish sign are afraid of making themselves or being made to, look foolish or silly. They make mistakes they do a lot more seriously than a lot of other signs and can be very harsh toward themselves for the smallest thing.

These people like to be able to analyze every situation they come across and think about it in a very logical way to find a solution.

As few people typically follow logic, being born under the starfish sign can be very frustrating, as it may seem like the world is perceived differently. This feeling can make the Starfish feel like they do not fit in with the people around them.

Despite their logical way of thinking, people born under the Starfish sign are romantics at heart. They might change when they are in relationships, though, and appear to be more weak or timid. This is not who they really are, however, and can be frustrating.

They prefer to play it safe rather than take risks. Before making big decisions, they need to have all the information and plan ahead carefully. People born under this sign hate failure and will do anything to avoid it.

This actually makes them very resilient, as they will work hard to do the right thing and make the right decisions throughout their lives.

Those born under this Starfish sign frequently struggle between reality and ideals. Too often, they feel like they need to choose to live in their reality or their perfect world, but the trick to happiness is to find a balance.

It is important to accept reality for what it is, but also know that you can change things for the better if you work for it. Stability is essential, and once a stable life has been achieved, the only truly meaningful thing is finding happiness.

While goals and aspirations are important, they should not be more important than finding happiness. People under this sign need to learn to live in the present rather than dwelling on the past and daydreaming of the future.

To live their best life, those born under the Starfish sign need to learn how to slow down and enjoy the world around them.

Living in the moment is critical, and while preparing and looking to the future is also essential, you cannot always prioritize it over your own current happiness, or else you will never be happy.

Finding the balance between the past, present and future will be the life purpose of those with the Starfish sign.

When it comes to careers, the Starfish need a job where they are made to feel alive and actually be of use. Their strengths need to be put to work, and being bored is not an option. They might need to try a number of different job types and careers before they find their passion, and that is okay.

Once they find what they love, however, there is no letting go. Even if they have to move to a different area, city, or country, finding the right place for them is worth the sacrifice.

Working hard and being resilient are strong characteristics of the Starfish. This can happen to their own detriment, as they might overwork themselves a lot to achieve their goals and have a stable future.

Ensuring that they are in the right career will mean that these people will not waste time working hard on something they hate or are not passionate about. Even when they get upset, they need to be able to continue on their work, or else things will only get worse.

There are a few careers that would be well suited to those born under the starfish sign. These careers include being doctors, carpenters, or even engineers. However, every Sea Star will be different and will be passionate about different things, and it is up to them to find out what that is.

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The starfish is symbolic of divine love, renewal, regeneration, and self-sustainability. They are creatures of the sea, and as such represent the sea and all that is in it. Looking at the starfish, you may feel peaceful, or a sense of mystery.

These unusual creatures are strong-willed and powerful, with the ability to re-grow their entire bodies from just one limb. Because of this, strength, regeneration, and tenacity are three characteristics at the forefront of the meaning of the Starfish.

An Overview of the Starfish Symbolism and Meanings

The main Starfish symbolism is as follows:

  • Ancient
  • Perception
  • Balance
  • Patience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Divine Love
  • Longevity
  • Empathy
  • Renewing
  • Psychic instincts
  • Strength
  • Inspiration
  • Mystery
  • Brilliance
  • Sensitivity
  • Vigilance
  • Regeneration
  • Tenacity

Final Thoughts

The Starfish is a unique and intelligent creature and has many traits that we can learn from. It is always possible to rebuild, we just need to have the strength to do it.

There is always a balance we should hope to achieve in life, and although this might be different for every person, it is incredibly important.

If you feel a connection to the Starfish, find out more about it. Life will continue to put you through difficulties, and the Starfish may be able to help you get through them. You never know when you may be in need of help from Starfish.

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