The Goldfish: Spiritual and Dream Meanings, Symbolism, And More

Ever look at your goldfish swimming about in his bowl and wonder why it stands as the ultimate symbol for good luck and great fortune?


The unassuming goldfish brings a wealth of hidden depth (that reaches further than the bottom of the fishbowl).

It’s associated symbolism links among many cultures and dates back for centuries.

You have probably heard of an old tale whereby a magic goldfish granted the wishes of people. Chinese culture revere the goldfish for being a bringer of good luck and riches.

As such, goldfish bowls often become makeshift Feng Shui bowls.

But why are goldfish considered to be so lucky? What does it mean if you dream of goldfish, and what do they symbolize?

This article explains the meaning of goldfish for various cultures, and their longstanding symbolic history.

We reveal the spiritual interpretations for this fish, the goldfish spirit animal, and totem meaning.

We delve into what your goldfish dream actually means, and what you should gauge from such visions.

Finally, check out added useful information in our conclusion on the matter. 

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What Does The Gold Fish Symbolize?


Above all else, the goldfish symbolizes great fortune and luck.

For many years, the goldfish was the symbol for Christ in Christian culture. 


Buddhist legend said that the Buddha received a gift of 2 goldfish.

They were said to symbolize the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers. The symbolic value being wealth, happiness, and fearless living.


The Feng Shui word for fish sounds exactly the same as the word for abundance. It is largely due to the Chinese that the goldfish became a global symbol for good luck.

The breeding of this fish originally began in China. These goldfish are the color of gold – which to Chinese people translate as actual gold.

Additionally, the gentle, dance-like movements of swimming goldfish attract positive energies.

However, certain Feng Shui rules must be followed in order to create prosperity and abundance. These are:

  • A goldfish tank must consistently hold 8 goldfish.
  • Two goldfish can be kept to ensure a peaceful and happy home life.
  • Black goldfish thwart negative spirits.


Japanese goldfish are generally red or black. The red ones bring wealth and black ones thwart negativity.

Japanese culture also regard the goldfish as a symbol of great fortune and abundance, which was adopted from China. Japanese consider the goldfish as a fertility symbol too. 

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Goldfish Symbolism And Meanings

Friendship And Harmony

The goldfish is a happy and peaceful fish, and so most cultures see it as a symbol of harmony.

In China, people believe that having 2 goldfish creates a happy and loving environment.


Wealth and prosperity became a part of the goldfish’s symbolic value in Europe, many centuries ago.

Upon getting married, these fish became a popular gift to symbolize future wealth and prosperity for the newlyweds.


In many countries such as Iran, Russia, and Pakistan, the goldfish stands as a symbol for life.

Bad Luck Repellent

Placing a black goldfish in your fish tank thwarts negativity and bad luck.


Many cultures see the goldfish as a symbol of great luck and happy, positive changes.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Goldfish

The overall perception is that the goldfish has huge spiritual importance. It represents being spiritually attuned to life.


The goldfish symbolizes people being spiritual energies within a physical body. It shows we are a combination of spiritual and physical energy. 

In terms of Christianity, the fish signifies the ability to manifest your dreams and goals, to multiply and feel abundant in life.

The Goldfish Spirit Animal

Discovering the goldfish as your spirit animal is a joyful experience. The spirit animal appears before you to inform you that good fortune awaits.

Aside from foretelling of wealth and prosperity, it may be a message for you to be more trusting in your relationships.

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The Goldfish Totem

People who have the goldfish totem are characteristically fun-loving, peaceful people. They are generally social creatures, great communicators, and obsessively honest.

Better yet, their personality is brave and determined, and emit an air of positivity.

You may find the most successful people have the goldfish totem, and accomplish just about anything their heart’s desire.

Dream Meanings Of The Goldfish

Should you wonder what your goldfish dream symbolize, read on. Here are some of the most common goldfish dreams and their meanings.

Purchasing Goldfish

This is not one of the better goldfish dreams, to say the least. If you dream of purchasing a goldfish, it symbolizes the potential loss of cash and a bad financial decision.

In addition, if you are considering making an investment of any kind and have this dream, you may wish to reconsider, or at least double-check the fine print.

If You Catch A Goldfish In Your Dream

Dreaming about catching a goldfish is a good luck dream. It symbolizes a good trip away (usually with a positive work connection).

It means you are likely to meet some new work connections who will be of great benefit for your career.

Dreams Of Holding A Goldfish

Should you be in a romantic relationship, and you happen to have this dream, you may want to think about wedding venues.

This dream symbolizes potential marriage proposals. Another meaning for this dream is imminent good luck and fortune coming your way.

Dreams of Being A Goldfish

Unfortunately, this is a bad dream. However, forewarned is forearmed.

The symbolic interpretation of this dream is to watch out for potential danger or threats.

Seeing A Goldfish Jump

If you dream of seeing goldfish jumping out of the water, it represents true happiness in the making.

Should you be working tirelessly to get that promotion, or working towards improving any area of your life, this dream signifies victory and happiness through your efforts.

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Feeding Goldfish

Having a dream whereby you are feeding a goldfish from your hand is a good sign. It generally represents good relationships.

The message is that it is okay to go ahead and trust a person in your life, and they will not let you down.

Seeing A School Of Goldfish

Dreams of seeing schools of goldfish swimming indicates the need to stop working independently and be a part of a team.

By collaborating with others, that project will be a huge success, and you will nurture your relationships.

Goldfish At Play

If you see goldfish happily playing together in your dream, it symbolizes celebrations in the near future and a time to be happy.

Perhaps there is news of a wedding or birth on the horizon. Whatever the celebration, you can be certain in the near future to be joyous.

A Dead Goldfish

This dream is as bad as it sounds. Spotting a dead goldfish in your dream represents big obstacles, life difficulties and struggles afoot. 

Reviving A Dead or Dying Goldfish

Unsurprisingly, if you manage to revive the goldfish or bring it back to health, it is good news.

The meaning is that although you can expect some serious problems, you will resolve them and life’s balance will once again be restored.

Goldfish Swimming In Rivers

Should you dream of seeing goldfish swimming in rivers of clear water, it is interpreted to mean your endeavors and plans will go according to plan.

It indicates everything will run seamlessly without any issues occurring. 

However, to dream of seeing the fish swimming through dirty or muddy waters, it represents ruined plans and failure ahead.

A Big Goldfish

Interpretations for this dream vary. However, one factor remains the same, and that it the fact that it represents big changes in your life.

The general rule is that the larger the goldfish, the more significant or impactful the change.

The change this dream symbolizes can be either good or bad, and it is imperative to remember life is not set in stone.

The dream serves only as a message for you to stay focused, be aware and ready for the winds of change.

It tells you to prepare yourself however necessary, and stay focused on your path.

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Many Goldfish

To see lots of random goldfish swimming about is a fantastic dream. The message in this dream is that you are living a happier and more successful life.

Should you be considering starting a new project or changing your life in any way, but feel apprehensive, this dream is confirming your success.

It tells you not to worry, or hesitate. This dream interpretation is to say whatever endeavor you take on will be fruitful. 

Goldfish Meat

If the goldfish meat you see is fresh, you can expect the unexpected. And the unexpected will be great.

Some news (either financial or emotional) will arrive, giving you a reason to celebrate. Yay!

Dreams Of Eating Goldfish

While goldfish meat dreams are a good omen, actually consuming it is considered bad news. The dream interpretation of eating goldfish is being wary of those around you.

People you might trust will let you down or deceive you in some way. There may be deceit or hidden agendas at work.

In work, the dream means that colleagues will betray you and take credit for your successes. Watch out!

The Goldfish In A Bag Dream

There are many interpretations for this dream (apparently it is a common one).

Unless you have just returned from the fair in a time machine, this dream may indicate any of the following:

Wrong Direction

It can be a message to say you need to evaluate your life’s direction.

You may be on the wrong track in any or all areas of life. It can also indicate being wronged by family members.

High Hopes

It can also represent that you have great aspirations or life goals. People consider this dream to mean you have both feet firmly on the ground, despite being told your goals may be unrealistic.

It tells you to follow your dreams, and you will find success.


Another meaning of the goldfish in a bag dream is that you are uncertain about how you are trying to achieve your success.

You need to think of new ways to ensure you achieve your work goals. Don’t be disheartened, as the dream confirms prosperity is within reach.

You just need to make a few adaptions to your current situation.


It can serve as a message to be more focused on life. You may be spreading yourself too thinly, or have too many balls in the air.

It is time to prioritize the most important things and drop the rest. Failure to do this may result in everything going downhill, fast.

Emotionally Drained

Other dream interpretations include the feeling of being emotionally exhausted. Perhaps someone is putting you down, or making you feel insecure or worthless.

The meaning here is that there is a significant problem in one or more of your relationships that needs immediate attention.

Do not be afraid to face your fears. It is the only hope of moving forward to your true life goals and happiness.


Whatever goldfish dreams you have, it should be considered as an important message for you to understand.

The goldfish’s ancient ties with religion and strong hold on symbolic significance is too prevalent to ignore.

When you awaken from your dream, write it down immediately. Try to think about all the details and what is happening in your waking life.

By doing this, you will be able to better understand the true meaning of your goldfish dream. 

The goldfish dream is usually more of a good omen than a for teller of bad times. Unless you see the dead goldfish or are eating one, you should not be concerned.

The most believed interpretation for seeing the goldfish is that huge success, happiness, and fortune are yours for the taking. Hooray!

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