The Hornet: Spiritual And Dream Meanings, Symbolism, And More

The hornet is the most feared of all wasps. Not only is the hornet the largest, but a sting from this member of the wasp family is excruciating.


That said, the hornet is a misunderstood creature. Unlike other wasps, it does not tend to ruthlessly attack without reason. People view the hornet as a bad omen, due to their size and painful sting encounters. However, these unique insects are crucial for maintaining balance in our ecosystem. 

Although viewed negatively for its aggressive tendencies, the hornet is pretty remarkable. It is incredibly hardworking, will usually only sting when threatened, and show courage and determination. 

So, what does it mean if you dream of a hornet? The go-to opinion for many is that the dream is a bad sign. Whilst this may sometimes be true, the hornet can represent many good things too. 

This guide gives you all the information about hornet symbolism and what the creature means to different cultures. Learn the spiritual and dream meanings of the feared and respected insect. We delve into the hornet spirit animal and hornet totem meanings, and how to interpret the message behind your hornet encounter.

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Hornet Symbolism

Hornets, like all members of the wasp family, offer great symbolic value. Although aggressive in nature, a hornet symbolizes fertility and birth. The hornet’s hexagon shaped honeycomb is symbolic of a heart. The sun and warmth, with loving energies emitted from both.

The hornet is a symbol for growth, reproduction, resilience, teamwork, and achievements. Just like other wasps, it symbolizes a time for action. However, it can also be associated with danger, symbolizing obstacles or threats.

Symbolic interpretations differ between cultures and traditions. Let’s take a closer look at the symbolic meanings of this fascinating creature.


In Hinduism, the hornet is a symbol of greatness. The hornet has sacred value for Hindu religion, as it is deeply linked to Kama, the God of Love. The hornet honeycomb represents the heart chakra. Could there be a more beautiful symbol? 


The Bible frequently references hornets and wasps as creatures sent to punish or send away bad people. The belief being they are sent by God to ward off evilness.


Native American Mythology

Some Native American tribes believed the wasp created the Earth, and was a symbol of being highly productive.

The hornet symbolizes the following:

Spiritual Meanings of the Hornet

 The hornet carries a greatly significant spiritual meaning. The colors found on this creature are yellow and black. Together, these colors are eye-catching, so just the fact that you see a hornet means you need to pay close and immediate attention to something in your life. 

Yellow represents positivity, energy, protection, and power. People associate black with negativity. However, in truth, it conveys mystery, power, and knowledge. Therefore, the colors of the hornet bring a spiritual message of protection, warning, optimism and strength.

Spiritually, the hornet is a message to let you know you have the strength and courage to overcome life’s challenges. Some believe the spiritual meaning of a hornet is an omen for good luck.

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Hornet Spirit Animal

The hornet spirit animal is sent to guide you when your life feels out of control. Should you lack organization and plans, the hornet spirit animal will appear to nudge you back on track.

It is also the spirit animal for fertility. As such, the hornet often appears when people want to start a family. 

The Hornet Totem Animal

A totem is what shamans believe is a person’s main spirit guide. The hornet totem keeps you on the straight and narrow. It appears when life is in disarray, or you are prioritizing unhelpful things in life.

The hornet totem is extremely useful for reminding you to be brave and face your challenges or fears. Its presence represents support and reassurance, so you can face up to problems, take action, and succeed. It lets you know how resilient you are and success in on the horizon.

Dream Meanings of the Hornet

Dreams can offer many interpretations. Their hidden meanings depend on many factors, such as the happenings in your waking life, your worries, hopes, and fears.

Dream interpretations for the hornet can be good and bad. Let’s take a look at the most common hornet dreams and what message they are trying to convey.


Dreams Of Hornets

One or more dreams involving hornets carry a message of unresolved anger. The interpretation is that you are harboring resentment or anger that you are trying to ignore. The dream is a message to tell you to face up to your anger or concerns, before they get out of hand.

Many interpret this dream to represent some kind of misfortune. There could be imminent difficulties in any area of your life. If you have this dream, be careful around people whose friendships you value, and hold your tongue at work. 

This dream can sometimes mean unexpected danger or future illness.

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Stung By A Hornet

Dreams whereby you get stung by a hornet are not a good sign. This dream represents people around you may cause you upset. Someone might let you down, you might have enemies, or you may even be the subject of mean gossip.

Although it isn’t favorable to have such a dream, it is still positive in so much as raising your awareness of possible conflicts, or insincere friends.

Swarm of Wasps

This dream means you are feeling completely overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities. Maybe you have taken on too much, and now everything is out of control. Perhaps family require extra support, and you are struggling to keep all the balls in the air.

Whatever, the issue this relates to, it is significant and must be dealt with swiftly. Take this dream as a warning to act, in order to prevent further problems occurring.

Dreams Of Hornet Stinging Others

This hornet dream represents jealousy around you. Sometimes, people believe it refers to obstacles in your life that you seem unable to control or resolve. 

Hornet Attack

If you find yourself under the attack of hornets, it is meant to represent the dreamer experiencing a great deal of anxiety or worries. It is a reminder for you to deal with your concerns, and return balance back into your life.

Seeing A Hornet Eating

If you dream this, it means that you have put a great deal of time and effort into something that someone else is now taking credit for. 

If You Kill A Hornet

Dreaming of killing a hornet offers an interesting interpretation. Its message is that the hornet is a big issue in your life. The act of killing it, represents you resolving this particular issue once and for all. The difficulty may be anything troublesome in your life.

Whether it is connected to romance, work, health, or something else, you should feel pleased that this unpleasant stage is over.

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Seeing A Hornet’s Nest

If you dream of seeing a hornet’s nest but leaving it alone, this is a good omen. The idiom, ‘don’t stir the hornet’s nest,’ exists for a reason. The message is that you are aware of certain danger or potential threat, and you are staying clear.

Hitting A Hornet’s Nest

This is not a good dream. It is interpreted to mean you are out of your depth. You may be trying to resolve something that cannot be dealt with single-handedly. It heeds you to get support before you literally get stung.

Bees And Hornets Fighting

This indicates arguments and conflicts. It sometimes refers to inner conflicts preventing you from making good decisions in life.

If you have this dream, try to remain calm and keep a cool head. Ask your close friends or family for support or advice. As for conflicts, if you sense any issues arising, take a deep breath and leave the room, rather than join in with petty squabbles.

Hornets Under Your Control

If you have a dream in which hornets are not attacking, but rather following your orders or wishes, consider it great.

The general interpretation for this dream is that you have a lovely, happy, and peaceful home life. It is a message to say your relationships are solid, and that everything in life is as it should be. Yay!

Hearing The Sound Of Hornets

This is quite a weird dream to have. When you awake and get over the shock of such a bizarre dream, you can begin to decipher its hidden meaning. This dream represents some kind of enemy. This enemy seems undefeatable.

If you dream of hearing this sound, try to work out who or what the enemy in your life is. Whatever it may be, the message is a warning for you to pay attention now. It is time to take action and deal with the situation before things get worse. Maybe ask for advice or help from a friend in the matter.

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Astrology Meanings

In astrology, people born under the primal zodiac sign of the hornet have several key characteristics. They are the confident and driven types, and usually stop at noting to achieve their goals.

These personality types may appear to be in total control, but they often suffer with hidden inner insecurities. They seek reassurance from others. 

The hornet personality is highly opinionated and stubborn. They tend not to back down or see other people’s perspective. These people are generally calm and positive. They do not engage in heated arguments unless, like hornets, they feel provoked. 

The hornet personality types are loving and protective of their family and friends. However, if you push the boundaries, you can expect reverberations in return. 

Other traits include seeking to be in a position of power and influence. Money holds great value, as does recognition and respect.

Hornet personalities make great bosses or leaders. That said, they also gain satisfaction through helping less fortunate people or engaging in charity work.

Are Visions Of Hornets A Good Or Bad Sign?

The interpretation of a hornet depends on your circumstances. They are mostly considered positive. If you are struggling to start a family, or feel like you lack in strength and willpower, the hornet is the symbol you would want to see.

These insects are bringers of new beginnings, pregnancy, sensuality, and strength. They also symbolize some good news or good luck.

On the other hand, they can symbolize potential dangers, or a need to be aware of those around you. It is always good to be prepared. The bad luck only appears when people choose to ignore the warnings a hornet brings.


The hornet is an insect with a nasty sting. In waking life, these are creatures to avoid. Spiritually, they serve as a message to get your life in order, face up to obstacles and take action. 

Many years ago, some people in parts of the world thought that a hornet in your house depicted the worst luck. They thought that good luck would return only upon killing the hornet.

However, others believed the opposite to be true. Their belief was that killing a hornet or wasp would bring a lifetime of misery and misfortune.

Upon witnessing the hornet in your dreams, it is vital you exercise due care and consideration. Take time to think about how the hornet appeared to you, and the message it may be trying to convey.

One thing you should never do is ignore any warnings the hornet delivers. It is brought to you for a reason. This may be your hornet totem attempting to guide you during times of trouble, or perhaps offering reassurance of better times ahead.

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