Toad: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The toad has many different meanings throughout culture and traditions. 

It symbolizes fertility. Further, it can produce a huge amount of offspring during its lifetime. Though often threatened or in danger, it survives against all odds because it is so extremely fertile. 

It is also a symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth, and transformation in many cultures.

We learn as children about the lifecycle of the frog and the toad, he undergoes many phases throughout his life and can transform massively during different junctures. 

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The popular children’s book The Wind and the Willows also symbolized toad as a bratty man who cannot control his emotions, and willfully gets what he wants.

However, even the toad can be redeemed and it is a sign that even those who we see as annoying or childish have good features and should not be dismissed or avoided. 

The toad is always on the move. He symbolizes restlessness and constantly changing and evolving, just as it does in nature.

It has no trouble switching from water to land and can inhabit many inhospitable places. 

They are survivors and though they can move slowly and steadfast, they can also cover great distances and move with a fast pace, surprising those who doubt their abilities. 

The toad is a symbol of change and physical transformation, it may be a synonym for ugly or gross, but look beyond the physical form and it will surprise you.

What you may see as ugly, is actually well designed and hardy enough to withstand all kinds of harsh weather, and the toad is built to survive. 

The toad is also a master deceiver. He can camouflage himself in almost any location and will scope out dangers ahead of him.

The toad is also able to project his voice, you may hear his loud croak and still not know where he is.

You may view this deception as a wary trait but the toad knows how to survive and can keep itself safe from those that would bring it harm. 

Tales of witchcraft and magic often used toads as a potent ingredient to witches brews and curses. Or, as familiars to those who practice the dark arts.

Many often referred to toads as beings used in sacrifices or as sources of dark magic themselves. 

Toad Spirit Animal

If you have the toad as a spirit animal, they can represent several things. 

The toad as your spirit animal can represent large families, close community, and strong familial bonds.

It can produce a huge amount of offspring and they are a powerful sign of fertility and familial love.

Trust in the toad spirit animal to guide you if you dream of a large and supportive family.

With the toad as your spirit animal, you may want more children than others, so bear this in mind if your partner does not see the joy you hold in this goal yet.

Stay true, the toad spirit animals will guide you through tough negotiations. 

This fertility symbolism along with a lot of other symbols are the same for both frogs and toads! The main difference between frogs and toads is physical.

Frogs have longer legs, toads tend to have much rougher skin unlike the smooth frog, and toads are more adept to handle both wet and dry conditions whereas frogs need to remain closer to water.

Because there are many similarities between the two, a lot of their spiritual meanings overlap. 

A toad spirit animal may appear when you need guidance and intuition.

As they are a symbol of transformation and change, it may appear when you are feeling stuck or you have lost your sense of direction in life.

Do you feel like you are swimming around in the same small pond? Take a leaf out of the toad’s book and take that leap of faith. It can surprise you in how well you fare on dry land too. 

Toad personalities are often those who are on a spiritual journey and can be insular, despite wanting large families and close companions.

The toad knows that to give the most to other people, it must first become the best version of itself, and only then can it bring the most joy to others.

With the toad as your spirit animal, it could be guiding you to do some self-reflection in that pond of yours and figure out how you can improve on the inside before blaming others for bad situations. 

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Toad Totem Animal

If you have the toad as your totem animal, you may be searching for someone to boost yourself up and provide you with validation.

But the toad totem will come to you when you know that it is yourself that needs to grow first. Looking for others to see your true potential will only bring you heartache.

The toad totem is telling you that in order to find true growth, you must first accept everything you are, faults and all. 

As the toad totem symbolizes change, those who attract it are ready for internal change and progression. If you put the work in, you can grow and transform just as the it does. 

Toads shift from land and water, their amphibious nature means they can adapt to new situations and are developed enough to not be overcome by difficulty.

Trust in the toad totem and you will be surprised at what you are capable of. Those with the toad totem are more powerful than they appear on the surface. 

Power Animal

Those with the toad as their power animal don’t fear change, in fact, they embrace change because they know that it is necessary for growth.

Only when you accept change can you put your best foot forward and give back to the universe fully. 

The toad power animal is helpful and friendly, it can show you the way if you are willing to see beyond appearances and follow its hops.

Those who connect with toad power animals may benefit from deep connections with others and seeking out those who have transformed their own lives will make the toad user able to change more internally themselves. 

The toad is always looking for a change, and this can be a bad thing. The toad power animal may come to those that are bored and may think too rashly about diving into another pond. 

Toads hate things that are stagnant, they want constant change and lots of it, this can be a good thing but be careful of who you could be hurting in the process.

Yes, you should follow your heart, but proceed with caution- not everyone embraces change as well as the toad does. 

With the toad as your power animal, it could be a sign that you are evasive and enjoy your autonomy, you do not like to be tied down, even by plans and structure.

Remember that others may not share this wish and lots of other power animals thrive on planning and structure.

Be sure to communicate your wishes clearly, you may be here for a good time and not a long time. 

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Native American Symbolism

The Native American tales of toads show him to be a controller of the weather and a predictor of the future. The toad is often used as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and of good luck

Celtic Symbolism

Toads were sometimes viewed as evil spirits and connected to witchcraft and magick.

They were often seen to accompany those who dabbled in the dark art, this could be due to many hermits and women living in forests and marshes where toads were plentiful. 

They were seen as bad omens or as imps and familiars that could transform their shape. 

Toads were also sometimes symbols of water and healing. 


Toad dreams can mean that you are trying to escape a situation that no longer serves you.

Perhaps you feel like you are trying to conform to other people’s way of life and it is stifling your creativity and ability to grow and transform into the best person you can be. 

Don’t run away from your issues, instead, the toad is your sign to confront them. You must speak your mind in order to release yourself.

One does not grow or change without making it through adversity and resistance. 

The toad can be a sign to adapt to your surroundings, perhaps you are being too stubborn.

The toad is all about flexibility and transformation, if you are constantly fighting against change and self-discovery the toad visiting you is a sign to stop resisting change, and though it may be scary, you may find your final form gives you much more happiness!

Far Eastern Symbolic Meanings

The toad was viewed as a trickster in many ancient Chinese legends, a master of spells, and a magician. He was also seen as the keeper of mysterious secrets and the gift of immortality.

There are many legends about the traveler Liu Hai who had a traveling three-legged toad companion called Ch’an Chu. For Liu’s friendship and trust, Ch’an Chu shares with him the secret to everlasting life. 

A similar tale is told in a Japanese legend, where a wise old man sees the knowledge of his toad companion to tell him the secrets of the herbs and flowers in the forests and marshes. 

In many Far Eastern tales, the toad carries the secret for eternal life in a strange fungus that he carries upon his forehead.

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There is the strong suggestion that this could be linked to the hallucinogenic compounds that can be found on certain frogs and toads that are said to open up one’s doors of perception. 

As the toad is often seen with travelers in legend, he is seen as a protector for those on long journeys and to help those find their way through unfamiliar territory.

The toad is a Feng Shui symbol of good fortune and balance as well. 

Tattoo Meaning

The toad is thought of as a relatively ugly animal, yet it is still well thought of.

A toad tattoo can symbolize looking beyond superficiality and putting aside the outer appearance to find out what people are really like under the surface. 

Those with toad tattoos can have them to symbolize change, transformation, and inner development. 

The toad can be a sign of self-respect and peace, as well as adaptability to challenges. 

Those with toad tattoos can be brave, and able to leave situations that no longer serve them with ease.

They can also be a sign of witchcraft, Wiccan beliefs, or a tattoo of a familiar or mystical spirit guide. 

Spiritual Meaning

The toad may be less attentive as a spirit animal, he likes change, he likes transformation and he likes personal autonomy. 

Whilst the toad loves big groups and large families, they also are a spiritual symbol of constant development and can outgrow situations and people quickly.

Be wary, you don’t want to make rash decisions and hurt those closest to you, as though the toad may like solitude, he also relies on others too for validation and community support. 

Having toads in your garden is a good sign in terms of natural balance and order.

They are very beneficial to the surrounding nature as they prey on aphids, insects, and slugs and keep your plant life free from destruction.

In addition, they can eat up to ten thousand insects and aphids in a single summer. They are also a sign that you don’t need to use pesticides or harmful chemicals, as they keep a natural balance in your garden.

They are a sign of a healthy and thriving garden and will naturally be attracted to spaces that are already flourishing with life. 

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Toad in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Many toads shed their skin and this is often used as the main reason why they symbolize change and rebirth.

The toad goes through many distinct cycles in his life, from spawn to tadpole to toad.

Though there is no strong mention of the toad in the zodiac, he is universally seen as a symbol of change, transition, and mystical secrecy. 

Symbolic Meanings

  • Alien
  • Mystical creatures
  • Witches and mysticism
  • Deep spiritual secrets
  • Change and transformation
  • Keepers of the secrets of eternal life
  • Tricksters and imps
  • Natural balance
  • Prosperity and luck
  • The transition between life and death
  • Control over the weather
  • Fertility and new life
  • Positive attitude
  • Letting go of negative energy

Final Thoughts

The toad is a powerful symbol for transformation, change, and self-growth. He also has strong links to Wiccan magick and mysticism and can be a tricky one to deal with.

The toad is often your sign that you require change. Are you bored in your life and seeking more adventure?

The toad may be your sign to speak your mind and shed your skin, it is too small for you now and you have outgrown it. 

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