Unalome Tattoos and Jewelry, Symbols and Meanings

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

Unalome used as jewelry and tattoos is popular in the modern world. It is a meaningful symbol when used in earrings and elegant pendants. You can customize them with any fine materials you consider valuable. The Unalome design can express spiritual statements and their physical attractiveness. In many situations, a present bearing the Unalome sign can be a thoughtful gift, for example:

•As a good luck gesture to a traveler pursuing their life’s ambitions and hopes

•To a friend going through a difficult time in life.

•Reminder that life isn’t always a straight line to someone who needs motivation.

•As a source of spiritual nutrition and fulfillment for someone seeking it

•Offer support to a friend who is at a crossroads in life

•A recent graduate, to remind them to stay focused on their chosen path

•To remind loved ones that they are responsible for bringing happiness into their lives.

•Celebrating a special occasion, like an anniversary

•To congratulate someone on completing a challenging task or assignment

Unalome tattoos have become popular, especially among spiritual groups. People who have Unalome tattoos do so for the beauty and spiritual significance this symbol brings into their lives. Because the symbol’s meaning transcends religious views, it has universal relatability.

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Is there a difference between male and female Unalome tattoos?

Even though there is no actual proof, a consensus suggests a difference between male and female versions of Unalome tattoo designs. According to Buddhist culture, if the base (the spiral bottom) of the Unalome tattoo is facing right and outwards, it is male energy. On the other hand, it is female if the spiral bottom of the Unalome tattoo is facing left and inwards.


If you want to get an Unalome tattoo, decorative item, or piece of jewelry, you should understand the latest variations of this symbol and its meaning. Equally important is to know and understand that there’s a difference between the male Unalome symbol and the female Unalome symbols. The type of Unalome you wear will determine if you want to project masculine or feminine energy.

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Where does Unalome originate from?

Although it is unknown as to how the Unalome began, it is a symbol for the path to enlightenment and in Ancient India is where it originated as believed. Though there is a difference between these two, both in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures has cited it. Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest and largest religions. In the Hindu religion, the Unalome symbol represents the Third Eye of Lord Shiva.


The Buddhist Unalome symbol is related to Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), a prince in today’s Nepal. Destined to be either a great king or a spiritual leader. However, Siddhartha realized that he could do nothing to stop the pain, disease, and death he saw when he went outside the palace walls. So he left the palace, abandoning his royal duties and his family to seek a spiritual awakening. Siddhartha finally chose to stay in meditation until he realized the actual nature of the mind in the Bodhgaya.

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Is Unalome a real symbol?

The Unalome is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol that represents one’s path to enlightenment. The Unalome meaning and symbolism are in our existence on Earth. It also helps us see and understand our role in this life.

Where is the best Unalome tattoo placement?

Sak Yant, a form of sacred body art practiced in Thailand, is regarded as the source of Unalome tattoos. Tattoo artists use Unalomes in various ways. Unalome tattoos can be found on different body placements. Usually, they are tattooed on the sternum, the core of the lungs, or highly visible regions of the body such as the hands, fingers, throat, and face. When deciding the placement of your Unalome tattoo, make sure it is oriented in the appropriate direction, never pointing downward, preferably near one of your chakras. The feet are one of the worst places for an Unalome tattoo because Buddhism considers this part of the body offensive, humble, and dirty.

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Are Unalome tattoos disrespectful?

Often you can encounter a cultural problem between Buddhis and Hindu cultures and western cultures. This is because many westerners do not understand the symbolism and complex meaning of the Unalome in eastern religions. If you have a working knowledge of the Theravada school of Buddhist religion or understand the complex spiritual meaning behind the pattern, it is acceptable for you to get a tattoo. So if you want to own a Unalome tattoo, make sure it’s a deliberate decision and that it’s high above the waistline.

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