Unicorn: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

You may find that the unicorn has been reoccurring throughout your life and wondering what this means. Then this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the unicorn. Its symbolism and the spiritual and dream meanings and much more. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to identify what role the unicorn plays in your life. 

Symbolism And Meaning

The unicorn is a mythical creature that has a lot of significance in its symbolism and meanings. Thanks to its deep levels of emotional intelligence and spirituality. The unicorn is known for its compassionate nature as well as its healing powers and nurturing personality. This makes it an incredibly powerful animal to draw inspiration from.

Whether you share the same traits as the unicorn or whether you are wanting to draw inspiration from the unicorn, you’ll find that your life is filled with relationships that provide plenty of love and compassion. 

Spirit Animal

The unicorn spirit animal helps you to open your eyes. It’ll help you see the world in a renewed way using the same naivety that children have. This will help you to see the wonders within the natural world and allow you to embrace your inner creativity. The unicorn is a mythical creature. But, as a spirit animal, this draws even more imagination. It allows you to dig deeper within yourself to learn how to enjoy life more.

This is especially important for those who focus too much on work or take life too seriously. Those who don’t take time out to enjoy themselves or to relax. The unicorn spirit animal is one with a compassionate nature. This means that you need to make sure that you’re treating yourself with the same love you bestow upon others. This will help you develop confidence in yourself and your own identity. You can become as unique as the unicorn. 

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Totem Animal

The unicorn totem animal is especially important to those who love to travel. Such is due to the fact that unicorn is an animal that can guide you through various realms. It will provide you with good luck as you venture to new places. It helps you to build on your intuition and creativity so that you know where you are going and why. This helps you to build your sense of purpose and bring more enlightenment into your life.

The unicorn totem animal provides plenty of unity and cooperation. It will help you to find fulfillment in your life. Such help those wanting to draw on the unicorn totem to build meaningful relationships that will last a long time. Maybe you’re wanting to invoke a deeper sense of self and reach a level of higher self and divine. Then, the unicorn’s energy is extremely powerful and can help you to achieve this.

You will find that the unicorn totem draws you into natural spaces. Spaces like deep forests and places that are quiet and more peaceful, away from heavy traffic and noise. You’ll learn how to enjoy being in your own company with your own thoughts. This makes the unicorn an animal with an incredibly amount of emotional insight and integrity. That means that you can build on your own intuition. 


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Power Animal

The unicorn power animal holds an abundance of energy. That can help you to come into closer contact with your own inner magic and intuition. It helps you to awaken your psychic self which means that you can heighten your emotional intelligence. You can work on renewing and focusing your energy on filling your life with meaningful relationships. Such provide you with the love and compassion you need to have an honest life filled with integrity.

The unicorn is an animal that prides itself on its innocence and honesty and those who draw on the unicorn power animal are seeking to eliminate any signs of negativity in their life in order to maintain a positive balance that is going to help increase your enlightenment and allow you to fulfil your life’s purpose. 



You may find that unicorns have been a recurring presence in your dreams and wondering what it all means. Always think about what the unicorn is doing in the dream and what your response is to the unicorn in order to try and come up with an accurate interpretation as to what it could mean. Due to the magical nature of the unicorn, dreaming about them can mean that you are being provided with a protective guide as you have an out of body experience.

This could indicate that you are dealing with a situation in reality where you feel like an outsider looking in and the unicorn may be trying to guide you down the right path on how to deal with this situation. The unicorn will only appear in dreams when it feels that the dreamer has an honest heart.

Therefore, if you dream that a unicorn is running away from you then it is representative that you have lost some of the honesty and innocence that you once had. This could imply that there has been a break of trust in your life and the unicorn is trying to indicate that something is wrong in your life and that you need to figure out what it is that you have to fix in order to lead a fulfilled life. 

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Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos have a specific meaning depending on the recipient and the unicorn has always been a popular subject for a tattoo due to its whimsy and magical connotations. One such high profile is the unicorn tattoo donned by Lady Gaga who got a unicorn tattoo in conjunction with her “Born This Way” album to highlight the unicorn’s symbolism of uniqueness and identity.

The unicorn tattoo meaning can symbolize a lot depending on what kind of style you are choosing including gentleness, magic, purity, and good luck among many other meanings. A white unicorn will specifically indicate purity. On the other hand, a black unicorn often indicates impatience or greed. So, it’s important to bear this in mind if you are wanting to get a unicorn tattoo that has deep meaning.

Other people choose to get a unicorn tattoo that includes a knight which adds an extra meaning of bravery and valor which is ideal for those wanting to pay tribute to someone they may have lost to an illness or perhaps a tribute to themselves for getting through a difficult time. 


Unicorn Spiritual Meaning

The unicorn’s spiritual meaning is routed in Celtic mythology and has been an important magical symbol from 400BC. The unicorn was seen as a symbol of innocence and purity and the belief was that a unicorn would be able to see if someone’s heart was honest and true by simply looking at them.

The Celts mythology is filled with a lot of magical folklore and they deeply believed in the magical world with some stories including other creatures such as elves, fairies, and goblins as well as unicorns. The unicorn was a highly prominent figure in Celtic folklore and this has continued ever since. Although the unicorn is mythical, its magic and power still holds true today and many people draw from its power in the hope that their heart could be deemed worthy. 

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Unicorn In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

The unicorn is within the Celtic zodiac and is the sign for those born between 8th July and 4th August. Those born under the unicorn sign have a natural ability to heal and nurture those around them. They are incredibly loyal and have a magical energy about them.

Those who draw their sign from the unicorn have a confidence and presence that commands the attention wherever they go but it never ventures in haughty territory thanks to their elegant nature. The unicorn has a level of whimsy about it while also still remaining deeply intelligent and spiritual in its emotions making it a highly powerful animal that is consistently loyal and true to those around them. 

Unicorn Symbolic Meanings

The unicorn may be a mythical creature but it holds a lot of symbolic meanings through various cultures, folklores, and mythologies through the years. Those drawing from the unicorn’s energies will find that the unicorn is particularly strong in its balance between masculine and feminine energy, healing, love, and nurturing nature. This makes the unicorn not only an incredibly magical creature but one that can inspire a lot of positive changes in your life.


The first thing that unicorns can inspire is plenty of balance thanks to its mix of masculine and feminine energies. The unicorn draws its masculine energy from its horn while it association with the moon ensures that it contains an abundance of feminine energy which allows it be to highly instinctive and allows the unicorn to look deep into a person’s soul. Those drawing on the unicorn’s balance will find that they have deeper insight which helps to heighten their emotional intelligence as well as ensuring that they are finding further enlightenment. 


The unicorn is known for having magic healing powers contained within its horn which was even an accepted premise by the church. Those who have gone through a deeply traumatic time in their lives may want to tap into the unicorn’s healing powers which can help to heal the trauma and bring lightness into your life. Whatever you are struggling with, the unicorn can help to inspire you to see that the bad times are going to end and that good times are going to come in the near future.

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The unicorn is often seen as a symbol of love thanks to its beauty and grace. They are incredibly compassionate and it is this love that the unicorns have become known for. Unicorns try to promote love and affection for others thanks to their selfless nature which stems from their healing powers. The love that they have for others means that they can tell if someone has integrity and is honest in their values. Those who share the love and compassion of the unicorn prides themselves on the meaningful relationships that they have made with the people in their lives/


The unicorn has a deeply nurturing nature which comes from its ability to take care of those around it. You may find that you should draw on the unicorn’s nurturing qualities in order to take care of someone in your life who is struggling or perhaps you need to take time out for yourself in order to take care of yourself. It is just as important to ensure that you nurture yourself as nurturing others around you and the environment that you live in. 


The unicorn may be a mythical creature but this shouldn’t stop you from invoking the many qualities and attributes that the unicorn is said to possess. By taking on the many powers of the unicorn, you’ll be able to feel more confident in yourself while allowing your emotional intelligence to increase and heighten your own enlightenment in order to bring peace and love into your life.

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