A Guide On The Perfect Healing Gemstones For Virgos

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

Virgos are very patient and loving individuals, but are also often faced with their own problems and issues. While Virgos are also great problem-solvers. Sometimes they can be held back from doing so due to things like overthinking or having doubts.

This can be a big issue when it comes to getting things done as Virgos are the kind of people who like things wrapped up neatly with a bow.

Their high levels of perfectionism means that they can only accept the best. But, this can hold them back in lots of different ways. 

This means that Virgo often find themselves in need of a healing gemstone. Something to help clear their heads and look inwards to make firmer decisions without doubts, influences, or overthinking affecting the outcome. 

If this sounds like problems you often face, then you are definitely in need of a gemstone – but which one?

Here are some of the best gemstones for Virgos that can help them overcome their emotional worries and problems with a little guidance and support. Take a look, find the gemstone that most speaks to you, and give it a try! 

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About Virgos

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac, placing it right in the middle of the cycle. It applies to those born under the Virgo constellation between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd. 

Virgo has one of the most iconic symbols of the zodiac being the maiden. This maiden is also known as Astraea, a virgin goddess in Greek mythology who symbolized justice, innocence, purity and precision.

Astraea is the perfect embodiment of all the main attributes of a Virgo. Someone who is kind and thoughtful, yet likes things done to a very high standard. 

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Their gentle hearts and friendly nature makes Virgos a person everyone knows they can rely on in times of need. They are the kind of person who never turns someone in need away. And will happily sit down and listen to their woes without flinching.

They make for fantastic friends and amazing partners. Especially because their loyal nature also makes them apt to commitment and long relationships. 

This commitment is also reflected in the Virgo’s element – earth. They are reliable and solid individuals who can be trusted and depended upon. Whether it is for emotional support or to get a certain job done to a high standard. 

Virgos are also great problem solvers and critical thinkers. This goes hand in hand with their abilities for listening. Allowing them to also give out doses of healthy advice to those who need it.

They make for great agony aunts, as they balance both emotion and logic equally when it comes to solving issues. 

While some star signs may lean more towards logic or another makes decisions based on emotions. Virgos are sensible to both and take the head and heart into consideration when making important choices. 

This skill reflects in the ruling planet of Virgo – Mercury. Mercury is a logical planet that is great when it comes to understanding others, executing plans, and coming up with ideas.

However, this can lead to over-analyzing and then this in turn blurs the overall picture, focusing too much on the details when a Virgo should be more concerned about the overall issue. 

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

However, Virgos are not without fault. They are prone to overthinking or letting doubts get in the way of their decision-making. Plus, Virgos are often a shoulder for people to cry on so they find themselves carrying a lot of emotional baggage that is not always even theirs! 

While it’s great that Virgos are always willing to help others. They should also remember that they need to put themselves first at times. Some people may be using their Virgo friend as an emotional output when proper therapy and medical support would be more effective.

It’s easy for Virgos to be abuse and taken advantage of due to their kindness. So it’s time for them to look inside themselves and sort their own head out first! 

A Guide On The Perfect Healing Gemstones For Virgos

Birthstones And Crystals

Most Virgo signs are in need of a healing gemstone to help find clarity when it comes to facing problems. Because over analyzing and having doubts is a common thread,

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

they will most likely benefit from a stone that helps with reflection and neutralizing negative energy so they can think more clearly. 

Virgos also have a lot of emotional baggage weighing them down after listening and trying to solve other people’s problems.

So, they could also benefit from uplifting gemstones that help improve their mood and shed negative energy to help them feel a little more carefree. 

While Virgos are very grounded in reality, they thrive in moods that are optimistic and gentle which reflects their kind personality well.

Gemstones that will improve the surrounding environment are very much beloved by Virgos, even if they are an earth element. 

Basically, Virgos need a stone that helps them think clearly and feel free from emotional weight. They can get a lot of use out of just one healing stone, so it’s important Virgos have plenty on hand while others are being cleansed.

Two stones that help with these issues amazingly well are the two main birthstones for Virgos. As the dates for the Virgo zodiac sign stretches between August 23rd and September 22nd,

this means that the main birthstone for Virgo is the blue sapphire and also peridot for those born on the tail end of August. 

However, Virgo do not need to solely rely on these two gemstone. There are plenty of others on offer that can help a Virgo out, so let’s take a look at some of the most well known and used gemstones by Virgos. 


Sapphires are the gemstone of the ocean – bright, blue, and sparkling. They are the birthstone of many Virgos as it perfectly encapsulates all the energies of Mercury that Virgos bond with so well. 

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Image by Hans from Pixabay

Just like how Mercury is the planet of truth and knowledge. Sapphires are stones of truth that promote clear images and communication that can help solve problems quickly and easily.

This can be a huge advantage for Virgos who often get muddles up with too much information. Blue sapphires can help organize the information,

open their minds and allow them to see the bigger picture. Then, a Virgo can easily have a clear vision of the answer that they need. 

This gemstone is a must-have for all Virgos as it not only helps with problem-solving, but with communication and introspection. Sapphires can help a Virgo look deep inside themselves to sort their own emotions, plus help them communicate their wants and needs more clearly to those who can help. 

Virgos are so used to helping others that they forget that it is okay for them to ask for help in return – and due to their kindness and support,

they are sure to find plenty of hands willing to help them in return for the service they have received. 

Radiant and stunningly beautiful, a blue sapphire captures all the goodness a Virgo possesses while helping out with their flaws.


The other birthstone for Virgos, peridot is the gemstone that brings good vibes and positive energies. This is just what Virgos need when under emotional strain, especially when it might not even be their own baggage. 

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Peridot is a green gemstone that is light and often very clear, symbolizing themes of optimism and happiness.

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It is also closely associates with luck, helping things flow naturally towards finer outcomes. Peridot really does feel like a breath of fresh air in gem-form as it brings new perspectives to those who wear it. 

This relation of creativity can help a Virgo see things from a new angle, finding new solutions to problems that had been weighing heavily on them.

It also allows Virgos to trust more in their own abilities as peridot can prove just how capable Virgos are when it comes to problem-solving and critical thinking – they just sometimes need a push in the right direction. 

So, for Virgos in need of a gemstone to help them feel lighter yet remain grounded in reality, the peridot is the ideal gemstone to help solve their problems. 


Virgos can often be mistaken for quiet individuals. Their kindness makes them appear very sweet and virtuous but Virgos also know how to shake things up.

Image by Amy Moore from Pixabay

This is perfectly represents through their association with carnelian – a bright, passionate gemstone that burns a hot orange and red color. 

While other gemstone on this list help with clarity and introspection that Virgo often crave, carnelian is the perfect gemstone for Virgo who just want to shake off the negative energy and start over with a new and improved mood. 

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Sometimes the best way to deal with issues and problems is to just accept that nothing can be done or changed and then move on.

This is especially true if a Virgo finds out that someone doesn’t like them or they’ve had a bad day when it’s been one inconvenience after another.

When it comes to issues like poor weather or a change in plans. Sometimes these things cannot be changed or avoided – so all you have to do is shrug your shoulders and move on. 

For Virgos, who just love to solve problems, then this can be an issue but even they can’t stop it raining so you can continue with your plans to go to the beach. Instead, channel the positive optimism of carnelian and adapt to the change in circumstances. 

This way, Virgos can enjoy a happy-go-lucky attitude and make the best out of a bad situation. Carnelian is a great gemstone for this kind of positive energy – it radiates happiness and fun, and so can Virgos once they learn to let go of the little things. 


For Virgo who love a sense of magic and the mystical, sardonyx is the gemstone for you. 

Image by Plamen Ivanov from Pixabay

This gemstone is light and beautiful, with straight lines or various colors that make a perfect pattern. It is a type of agate that radiates suggestions of reliability, strength and protection. It will also help you put up barriers against negative energy as you reach out and support those in need. 

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Sardonyx can be use by a Virgo to help them find their feed and remain grounded when hearing shocking or heavy news that weighs on them emotionally.

It helps them stand firm and clear-headed when navigating particularly difficult circumstances. 

This is because sardonyx, while mystical and patterned with ever-changing colors, still retains its stripes no matter what.

This kind of repetition and affirmation can be just what a Virgo needs when it feels as if everything is uncertain or crumbling around them. 

So, for Virgos in need of strength and support, sardonyx is a great gemstone that will connect personally with you. 


Amazonite is a great throat chakra stone that helps out with communication. 

Image by Lucia Breve from Pixabay

Virgos are usually the ones people go to for problems as they are great at critical thinking.

However, they can easily be weighing down by other people’s problems. But communicating that they need some time alone can be difficult for kind-hearted Virgos to say. 

It’s important to remember that while helping others is always a noble thing to do. It’s important that you remember to look after yourself too.

If you find yourself feeling stressed and upset constantly by other people’s issues. it’s okay to take a step back and work on recharging your own energy. 

Communicating this to others can be difficult for Virgos as they are often afraid of backlash or feelings of guilt. But although you may be a Virgo, you are not a therapist.

Sometimes people need professional help that you cannot give and it is totally fine to tell them so. It might be that you yourself need emotional support. But don’t want to burden other people with your grief – but friendships work both ways and they should be there for you just as you were there for them.

Amazonite can be use to help Virgos communicate. Thanks to this blue stone’s strong earth properties and its use as a balancing stone.

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Especially when used in a choker. Amazonite can help make things sound a little more gentle and less harsh, allowing Virgos to express what they feel for a change and seek the help they need.

Using And Cleansing Gemstones

Once a Virgo has picked out the healing gemstone they desire. It’s time to find the best way to use them. As Virgos love things done properly. Let’s talk about the ways you can get the most out of your healing crystals. 

Image by nvodicka from Pixabay

Firstly, we recommend that you get a lot of them. Virgos can go through healing crystals very quickly and the process to cleanse and recharge them can take some time. So always have a few back-ups available for when you need it. 

Also, gemstones work best when pressed directly onto your skin as it helps you soak up its healing energies more efficiently without a barrier in place to slow the process down.

So, using worry stones or holding crystals against you can help out in a deep meditative process that will cleanse your spirit of negative energy very quickly. 

Use worry stones or tumbled stones in meditation or in your altars so you can always have them close at hand. Perhaps pass a worry stone from palm to palm while you are thinking about issues or problems you want to solve as this can help keep your mind clear when it matters most. 

And finally, one of the most popular ways to use gemstones is to wear them as jewelry. Thai means you will always have a gemstone at hand and pressed against your skin.

The most effective are necklaces as they hang the gemstone close to your heart. But barriers in the form of metal can block these positive vibrations.

Try and leave a part of the back of the gemstone exposed. So you will always have a part of it pressed against your skin. 

Remember that it is important to cleanse and recharge your healing crystals in order to keep them fully functional. Crystals and gemstones can quickly fill up with negative energy and will need emptying before you can use them again. 

Cleanse your gemstones by running them underwater for a few minutes or smudge them with sage or another smudging herb.

As a Virgo, you may end up with gemstone that are earthier and require you to place them in soil to recharge. Other stones can be left in sunlight or moonlight to recharge. 


Virgos really are wonderful people as they welcome anyone with open arms and do what they can to ease their suffering.

In a way, Virgo signs are like the personified version of a healing gemstone themselves. But just like with all healing stones, Virgos also need the time to cleanse their hearts of negative energy and recharge.

This is why Virgo in particular use so many healing gemstone. They fill their hearts with the emotional weight of not just their own problems, but others as well. This requires them to use healing stones frequently in order to feel like their usual selves. 

Logical and kind-hearted, Virgos are definitely people to be admired but they too deserve their own personal time for reflection and healing, just like everyone else.

The Perfect Healing Gemstones For Virgos

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