Wallflower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The meaning of the word Wallflower is essentially somebody who doesn’t enjoy taking part in many social activities. This was basically brought to prominence in the book “Perks of being a Wallflower”. This was later adapted into a movie. Though where that word comes from is a little different.

A Wallflower is a plant that is popular as a plant that climbs. Most oftenly climbs the walls in which they grow around. They can grow in many different colors which make them so eye-catching. They bloom during the months of spring and can grow to be as tall as 18 inches.

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There are many different meanings of Wallflowers. This includes what they can bring to you in terms of spiritual meanings or what they can symbolize.

Lots of flowers can symbolize different things. So, if you’re a lover of plants, perhaps make your garden much more aesthetically pleasing. Then Wallflowers may be a very good choice for you. As stated they will brighten your garden astronomically.

It is always good to have an understanding of what specific flowers you’re growing in a spiritual and symbolic sense. This is because it can be a great conversation starter for you and any guest that you have at your summer parties. 

Wallflower Symbolism

In a symbolic sense a Wallflower can mean fidelity. Often, it is given to a person in a relationship by their partner to symbolize that very thing.

They have been an addition to many bouquets ever since the middle ages. As they are so bright and vibrant they really can be an incredibly lovely gift for someone to receive.  

The reason that people use the word to describe people who do not like to take part in social events is actually based on the way that they grow. Not only are they useful in that way but people give this as gifts to people who are retiring.

This is because they do not become enthralled with the rest of the garden, essentially taking a back seat to it. They grow upwards avoiding mixing with any other plants.

Very much like when you retire you no longer become engaged with what is going on in your workplace. Hence, why people give that way as a gift.

They have been around for an extremely long time as mentioned above. Different colors of Wall flowers can mean different things though. Love is represented by the color red while orange represents passion.

An indication of friendship is yellow. If you wish somebody success then the purple Wallflower is the perfect gift. Pink can mean both friendship and also love.

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Family Of The Wallflower

The Wallflower is popular to be part of the Brassicaceae family. This is the same family that Broccoli, Kale, Collards, Radishes, Cauliflower and Cabbage is from. 

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They will grow in many warm colors. This is why they also bloom normally in the spring time. Hence, they are ready to be enjoyed over the warming summer months.

Often they will bloom into colors of orange, yellow and red. These are very warm colors that will often remind a person of the summertime. 

Wallflower History

Originally, Wallflowers were useful as an ingredient to many medicines. Like lots of other plants of the Erysimum category. Mainly in South Europe. By the time that the common era approached This was an essential ingredient to many medicines. 

There are lots of differences in Western and Eastern medicine. But, the Wallflower is something that they both had in common.

In China, it has been in use to treat many ailments such as heart disease. Though today this isn’t the case as there are much safer herbs to use in medication. 

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Colors And Scents

As mentioned, Wallflowers are an incredibly sought after flower. The reason for this is because they can produce a lovely scent. One that is most popular is the Blood Red Wallflower. It will return annually and will be an incredibly easy flower for you to grow. 

Though it is seen as some of the Wallflowers that aren’t as easy to grow, it will produce the nicer smelling aromas. A Wallflower that blossoms into a lovely mixture of purple and red is one of those that produce an extremely lovely aroma. It is popular as the Red Jep.

Another example of a Wallflower that will produce a lovely scent is the multicolored Winter Orchid. This begins as a very warm orange and become a more purple color by the time it begins to die. 

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Another Wallflower that will produce a lovely aroma is the Apricot Twist. This is an incredibly light Orange as it grows vertically up your wall. Another great choice if you’re a fan of vibrant bright white flowers is the Rysi Moon Wallflower.

Where Are they Native

The wallflower originated in South Europe. Greece to be exact. But, you can also find them in many other areas around the Mediterranean.

Over time, Wallflower has even become a native flower of the United Kingdom. Other than in European areas, Wallflower is also located in the East of Asia and in the United States of America. 

So they are pretty native all around the world in today’s society. As many environments can provide the perfect atmosphere for them to grow in and blossom into their finished product. 

Blooming Season

As stated the Wallflower will bloom in the Spring months, mainly between April and June. It is best to plant them in the sunnier areas of your garden. Where there is also soil that is well drained. If you are lucky you may even be able to see them bloom in the fall months also.

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When a Wallflower blooms, it will begin to grow upright along the wall that it is planted near. Over time, it can even change colors ranging from brighter to darker colors.

When they have bloomed fully they will create an aroma that can fill your garden. Making it a much more welcoming place for people. 

As stated they can be an incredibly aesthetically pleasing plant that will be sure to brighten your garden up majorly.

They are also in many cases very easy to grow and will return yearly when it is springtime again. Brighter colors will remind everyone of the summer time and really become a welcomed addition to your floral arrangements. 

Image by Etienne GONTIER from Pixabay

Wallflower Benefits

Obviously they can bring a lovely scent to your garden. They can also brighten up the area in which they grow. In fact, they have lots of other benefits than just that. Historically, they were useful in medicine and in some herbal remedies will still play a part to this very day.

As stated above it can be useful to treat heart disease. It has also been in use as a natural dietary stimulant for menstrual problems. However, it is important that you do not use Wallflower in a large form as it can be poisonous.

You should never use this to treat yourself on your own. Remember, you should always have either a Doctor or a Herbalist with you to ensure that you have not used too much. 

It is not on the list of toxic plants. But it is important to be wary if you have small children or pets that play in your garden.

Pets, especially dogs will dig around your flowers and sometimes eat them. So, if you know that your pet loves to do that, growing Wallflowers may not be the best idea for you. Unless, you can keep them protected against them. 

Legends Of Wallflowers

An interesting legend of Wallflowers, if legends take your interest, is that a lord of a castle had a daughter who fell in love. Her father disapproved of the love that she had found.

The man in which she fell in love would snuck into the grounds of the castle. He then sang a song to her. People say that it was below her window. He convinced her to run away with him.

She began to climb down the wall from her bedroom. Unfortunately, she fell and died. People say that Wallflowers then grew around where she lay along the castle walls.

Another, people also say that knights used to carry Wallflower in their helmets. This would bring thoughts of their wives and lovers. In the Victorian times Wallflowers were useful to indicate faithfulness to their partners

Dream Meanings Of Wallflowers

Other than what we already know of Wallflowers generally being positive that may not be the case if you see one in your dreams. Surprisingly it is often quite a negative thing if you see a Wallflower in your dreams.

They say that it represents a happiness that will quickly come to a halt. It will apparently signify the death of a newborn. Or even a new job that will not last very long. 

It has also been stated that dreaming of Wallflowers can indicate that you have a strong love for another culture’s arts. 

This is a highly surprising twist considering many of the positive things that Wallflowers can have an association with such as their uses in medicine and also how they were used to show faithfulness to a person. 

Wallflower Meanings

If we describe someone as a Wallflower then you will know as it is stated above that that can mean that they do not enjoy taking part in social activities and prefer to stand against the wall rather than taking the centre of a social gathering.

This whole ideology is based upon the way that a Wallflower grows. As stated previously it will not grow like other plants that will blossom upright on their own. It instead will cling to the wall of your property or the property in which they are grown on staying out of the mix of other plants. 

This was brought to prominence in the book “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. This has become a part of regular use in today’s society when describing someone who we consider as an introvert. It is not an insult but just more of a way of describing a personality trait. 

A couple of signs that you can consider researching to determine if you are a Wallflower is that the time you spend on your own is much more appreciated that you spend in groups of people.  Another trait may be that you always end up day dreaming drifting off into a world of your own.

These are just a few of the things that are relevant to people that can be described as Wallflowers. Again this often isn’t a negative trait it just means that the time you are on your own is much more fulfilling to you. Spending time in big groups can often leave you unsatisfied.


In Conclusion

There are many different meanings that Wallflowers can possess, determining it by color will be the most used, such as red meaning love and orange meaning passion.

They have been around for an incredibly long time and have been useful as gifts to display a form of faithfulness between partners.

They also have been in use in many different cultures as a form of medicine, or at least as an ingredient for some medicines. Most commonly to treat heart disease.

As a matter of fact, they originated in South Europe and have spread all the way across to the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

These flowers will also produce a lovely aroma for you to smell when they have grown in your garden. They will also grow vertically instead of getting involved and tangled with the other flowers that you have on display in your garden.

Moreover, they will bloom in the months of spring but some will be able to bloom annually. The use of the word Wallflower is also to describe somebody that is more introverted than extroverted.

This was brought to more prominence by the book “Perks of Being a Wallflower” where the main character is described as a Wallflower.


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