White Butterfly: Spiritual and Dream Meanings, Symbolism, and More

Have you ever dreamt of a white butterfly and wondered what it might mean? The presence of a white butterfly in a dream carries huge symbolic significance for many people.

While different interpretations exist, seeing a white butterfly is always a beautifully positive omen.

Learn all the must-know facts about the white butterfly. This useful guide shares the various spiritual and dream meanings behind the white butterfly.

We look at the symbolism of white butterflies, their representation, and what the white butterfly means to different cultures. Scroll down to discover how to interpret your white butterfly dream.

Don’t forget to read our final thoughts too.

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White Butterfly Facts

The white butterfly has existed for over 200 million years. That’s way beyond human existence.

Thought to have originated from Eastern Europe, some of its given names include Angola, White Lady, cabbage butterfly, the large white, cabbage white, and cabbage moth.

What Is The Meaning And Symbolism Of The White Butterfly?

The white butterfly has mystified the human race for centuries. Throughout the ages, this mystical creature has been heralded for having a positive, spiritual, and ethereal association.

As such, you can frequently found in folk stories and myths. Cultures incorporate its symbolism and use it today with tattoo art.

Whether you suddenly, and unexpectedly see a white butterfly, or dream of one, this beautiful animal carry a message you should never ignore.

Let’s take a look at the various meanings we link to the white butterfly:

Angels & Spirits

Many people believe that a white butterfly symbolizes a connection to the spirit world. When seeing a Great White, either in your daily life or your dreams it represent the spirit of a loved one trying to connect with you.

Also, people believe a guardian angel sent to protect you in turbulent times, and even a message from heaven.

Life Transformation & Change

All butterflies go through metamorphosis. This is the natural process of transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

A caterpillar remains in its cocoon for a period of time, in preparation for life-altering changes. The cocoon provides the metaphorical symbolism of being safe, in your comfort zone, unchanged.

While this has both a negative and positive effect, we know it is only temporary. Change is just around the corner. What is more, the life transformation that awaits will be beautiful.

One thing is certain, life is fundamentally the same for everyone. There are good and bad times, and a whole lot of ‘challenges’ to overcome along the way.

However, we should all take comfort in the fact that we are not alone.

Should life throw more than your fair share of difficulties, remember that the best, most meaningful, and happy life events nearly always come after the biggest (metaphorical) downpours.

The white lady is there to remind you, you aren’t alone, you are guided and the sun is on its way.

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Immortality & Rebirth

Like all butterflies, the cabbage white only lives for a short time. Its expected life span is a month at most.

Seeing a cabbage white can serve as a reminder of our brief time on earth and the need to treasure each day.

As the white butterfly comes out at the start of spring, it links to revival, rebirth and resurrection.

Meanwhile, Egyptians have long since thought that the white butterfly is a symbol of immortality. That while we are in our physical body for a limited amount of time, our souls are eternal, living on forever.

Joy & Success

The White Lady is one butterfly everyone feels good about witnessing. In all corners of the globe, and throughout human existence, this special flying insect is a symbol of positivity.

Whether your interpretation is linked to life changes, messages from those who passed, protection from angels, or imminent joy, its presence has got to be good.

Although each culture has its own symbolic interpretation, nearly every culture shares the view that the Large White brings luck.

If you are outside and find a cabbage white perched on your shoulder or your knee, it is considered to be extremely lucky.

However, if you have been in the same spot, sleeping or standing still for a portrait, the mystical white butterfly may just think you are a good place to sit!

The white lady represents a spiritual helping hand or some needed guidance from God. It is sent to inform you that you are not alone.

Whatever you have been working tirelessly to achieve in life, the white lady is there to show spiritual assistance.

Presumably, the more white butterflies that land on you symbolize lots of spiritual help, or that you have many challenges that are all being addressed.

So, if this happens to you, it is time to be happy and have faith that good things are coming your way.

Maybe a good week to try the lottery or be brave and talk to the person you’ve admired from afar (for far too long).

Do White Butterflies Symbolize Death?

White butterflies are a symbol of happiness, but they are also considered omens of death. If you are thinking, ‘Wait, what? Isn’t that a contradiction?’ just bear with us a moment.

Yes, these beautiful myth-forming creatures are known for depicting immense joy and support. But, death is a non-negotiable part of everyone’s life.

People understandably fear death. However, death is a part of the circle of life.

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The White Butterfly Spirit Animal / Spirit Guide

Having a white butterfly as your spirit animal (or animal spirit guide) is considered a blessing. Depicting love, positivity, success, forgiveness, healing, and purity, its presence is a welcome sight.

If you are shown a white lady as your animal spirit you should feel comforted to know you are being supported and guided. Its symbol of strength helps you overcome trauma or pain, so you can move forwards in life.

It also represents healing and forgiveness to help you let go of hurt or forgive others for wrongdoings. An amazing spirit animal to have.

White Butterfly Various Meanings

Finding them in your garden means good fortune is near.

In the home signifies domestic peace and tranquility, and new good experiences.

On your person – means you are receiving spiritual comfort and support. It can also be symbolic of spiritual enlightenment, joy, and forgiveness.

If a white butterfly follows you it is telling you to be aware of what and who is currently around you. Perhaps someone new entering your life.

Finding a white lady butterfly crossing your path is a spiritual message. You must stop and see what is going on around you. Be aware, stop and think. An opportunity may otherwise be missed.

After Someone Dies

If you see white butterflies in your waking life, it can be interpreted as your loved one letting you know they are okay and nearby.

It may also represent spirit guides or angels giving you much-needed support at a difficult period in your life. It symbolizes hope, and strength on such occasions.

Dreams of White Butterflies


Dreaming of a white butterfly is hugely positive. Whether it symbolizes luck, joy, healing, transformation, or protection, this is a great dream to have.

As different cultural meanings and general interpretations differ, the exact symbolism wholly depends on the individual.

Look at your current life situation and you will quickly garner what the white butterfly dream is trying to say.

These meanings are gauged from the following dreams.

If The Butterfly Is Dead Or Hurt

Don’t panic if you dream of this. It signifies the end of a chapter in your life. You have gained everything you can from that part of your life, and you need to turn the page and move forwards in life.

It is telling you that it is time to let go and start living your next phase.

The dead white butterfly dream can also be warning you that a sudden and unexpected change may occur.

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If The Butterfly Is Flying At Your Face

A butterfly is probably the most unassuming, gentle, and happiness-inducing of all creatures. You certainly don’t expect it to attack you.

Consequently, this dream interpretation is that you are stopping yourself from experiencing happy new changes, through fear or apathy.

The butterfly is there to say you need to take a leap of faith and embrace the new.

Lots Of Butterflies

The cabbage white is a symbol of love, positivity, guidance, and healing. To dream of one is great, and to dream of many is amazing.

Either you have many spirit guides assisting you, or you have several issues that are all being dealt with. This is a wonderful message of support.

Bitten By A White Lady Butterfly

Don’t panic, this is actually a good dream (surprisingly). Shamans uphold the belief that it merely means that a part of your life or a part of you is no longer needed.

It represents that part of you dying so you can evolve into the next stage. Shamans also see this dream to mean you are being called upon by spirit to bring healing to others. What an honor.

Eating A Cabbage White

Initial reactions to this dream will be alarming. The generally accepted interpretation is far less gruesome. The dream symbolizes you trying to adapt to new changes in your life.

If you enjoy eating the butterfly in your dream it means you are transitioning to new life phases with ease.

However, if it tastes horrible or makes you sick, you are struggling to adapt and need to reassess how you take on new changes. This will ensure a brighter future.

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Different Cultural Interpretations


In Japanese culture, it is thought that the white butterfly symbolizes the soul of those who have passed. It also represents love and faith.


Chinese culture recognizes the white butterfly to carry the soul of the departed. It is also a symbol of support and reassurance.

They believe the white butterfly means angels and spirits are helping you in life.


Ancient Greeks believed the white lady symbolizes immortality and represents the human soul.


In most parts of the US, a white butterfly dream symbolizes good luck. However, in some areas of America, dreaming of a white butterfly fluttering around a person’s head signifies their death.


Here, the cabbage white is indicative of a message being sent to you from spirit. It is deemed the spiritual connection between worlds. As such, this magical creature brings great value and importance.


Ireland’s meanings and symbolism take a dark turn. This is probably the only time the mention of a white butterfly might bring sorrow.

For hundreds of years, the white butterfly was thought to hold the souls of deceased children. This belief was so strong, that it became illegal to harm a white butterfly in any way.

Spiritual Connotations Of The White Butterfly

The white lady holds great spiritual significance. It is thought to represent angels or spirit who have come to support and guide you.

People often visualize the white butterfly during meditation, to enhance greater knowledge, spiritual communication, and feelings of calm.


The butterfly is thought to be hugely symbolic across the globe. Although its meaning varies slightly depending on whom you ask. Furthermore, each color of the butterfly represents different meanings.

The white butterfly is considered the most spiritual of all. White is the color of purity and transcendence.

The white lady is viewed to hold magical, sacred meanings that should never be ignored.

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