White Cat: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

So, it is true that cats are especially common symbolic animals throughout a wide variety of cultures. In fact, this has been the case since cats first came domesticated, or, since cats domesticated themselves. Additionally to this, the white cat has a lot of meaning especially for the spiritual person; if it crosses your path, then this will be time to let go of your outdated habits. Also, this will invoke some fresh change within your life.

Here, we are going to detail exactly what the white cat can mean when it comes to spirituality. Then, we will outline what exactly a white cat can symbolize too.

Symbolism & Meaning 

It is true that the color white is a color linked to cleansing and therefore with purity.

Fun fact, this is the very reason as to why doctors will wear white coats. A lot of religious faiths will use the color white to represent the purity of the human soul.

The white cat really holds all of this symbolism and it also manifests this too.

There are also some cultures that hold the belief that the white cat can really help to heal individuals. Especially those who are sick just by being present around them.

Additionally, the white cat has low-frequency energy vibrations in their purr. This is a natural healing mechanism.

This in turn will actually prompt some cultures to look after the sick and injured.

It is true that cats linked to the spiritual world a lot of times. Also, spirits do often inhabit these types of cats.

So, the white cat in particular is a manifestation of a spirit guide. It helps individuals on their spiritual journey.

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For instance, a white cat can come towards you and also tries to befriend you. Then, you could even take a moment to contemplate. Whether or not this is manifestation of a spirit guide which is present to offer you some guidance.

If you take on this white cat as a pet then this will ultimately work wonders for your spiritual practice. 

Additionally, white cats enhance spiritual practice. This will ultimately help you to receive energy and also guidance from the astral plane easier.

The white cat is an especially peaceful and an especially tolerant animal; this is something which really communicates with an instinctive understanding of the universe.

The white cat ultimately is a representation of the best way to be at peace with the world.

The white cat can teach us to let things go that don’t matter and this can help us to remain especially balanced and especially resistant to the problems of life.

It encourages us to be patient and to enjoy life in true moderation.

The white cat is especially a good omen – and when white cats visit the home, the owners of the home will be able to look forward to good fortune approaching them.

white cat

This could be monetary fortune or this could just be good luck or even love. However, if you anger a white cat then this can bring about the reverse of positivity.

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Spirit Animal

The white cat spirit animal is fanciful, and it is also magical and it is also independent.

The white cat symbolism will work in your life by appearing to you when you are in need of self confidence and when you are also in need of reassurance.

It does not matter whether or not you are a cat person – you should really be open to the message that the cat spirit animal is keen to tell you.

Unfortunately, cats can’t transfer their nine lives to you – but the message that a white cat will bring to you can ultimately help you to better yourself and your life.

When talking about a white cat through the lens of being a spirit animal, you will picture a creature that is especially independent or cunning or curious or even mysterious because this is exactly what a cat is.

But, having a white cat as your spirit animal can also bring forward your desire or freedom whilst talking about being flexible and adaptable too.

white cat

Totem Animal

To have a cat as your totem animal will really signify that you are self-assured and that you are also independent.

Having a cat as your totem animal will keep you aided with innate wisdom and you will be someone who really prefers you to observe quietly.

This will help to keep you in a much stronger position to achieve your goal, and you will rarely be looking for help from others.

Cats will be patient when it comes to waiting for the correct time to attack its prey.

You will reflect this in the way that you deal with problematic issues that arise with confidence, and with patience and with precise timing.

white cat

Having a white cat as your totem animal symbolize that you know what you need. Then, you will be able to voice your opinions when it is required that you do so.

For example, when you are selecting true friends you will deliberate on this a lot and you will very rarely give in to any kind of peer pressure.

In fact, you might even find that at times you will become reclusive.

Having a white cat as your totem animal will be a symbol of how you can often be unpredictable and this is because you have a very creative and a very intelligent mind.

Additionally, you will also be unpredictable because of the sense of mystery and the sense of darkness which can surround you. 

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Power Animal

As a power animal, the white cat is a symbol of wholeness and it is also a symbol of independence.

The white cat as a power animal is also a symbol of curiosity and of having many lives.

The white cat as a power animal is also a symbol of intelligence and love – but let’s not forget that as a power animal, the white cat can be a symbol of mystery and magic too.

White Cat Dreams

If you dream of a white cat then you will find that these dreams are a symbol of your characteristic traits such as your femininity or such as your good heartedness; or the white cat could be a symbol of impending misfortune.

If you dream of a white cat biting or attacking you then this will be a reflection of your own apprehension about meeting your goals.

This dream will also suggest how you are really trying to grab everything without giving anything in return. 

If you dream of a white cat biting your foot and then you subsequently fall over, then this is a signal that a lady is influencing you to lose balance within your everyday life.

Or, if the white cat in your dreams bites your hand or your finger then you might be losing or letting go of your feminine aspects.

If in your dream you see two cats fighting with each other then this means that two feminine figures in your life are actually clashing.

Or, if in your dream the white cat is fighting with a dog, then this symbolize some unpleasant feelings that your female family members upheld as far as your social circle is concerned.

If you dream of a white cat chasing or eating a mouse then this is a symbol of good fortune.

In fact, this will signal how you are especially likely to be able to achieve your goals within a short space of time.

Alternatively, if you are dreaming of a talking white cat then this will be an indication of how you need to come to terms with your inner femininity or your inner conscience.

White Cat Tattoo Meaning

Cats are an especially popular tattoo option to consider getting and this is because cats are super unique to all of the animals on earth.

This is true where their looks and their personalities are concerned.

You might want to get your own pet cat tattooed on your skin or you might want to get a particular species of cat tattooed on you because this has meaning for you.

When it comes to the white cat tattoo, this is a symbol of grace and femininity. If you strive to be an especially graceful individual then the cat tattoo will be perfect for you.

Alternatively, a cat could symbolize a cunning side to a person; it totally depends on the way that you want your white cat tattoo to look.

This is something that is especially subjective and personal to you because after all, this is going to be on your skin.

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White Cat Spiritual Meaning

When it comes to religion and cultures, there are a lot of different symbolic means surrounding cats in general and not just white cats.

So, in the Bible and therefore Christianity cats were actually believed to have associations with Satan, and witches and they were seen as being pure evil.

This is why cats would be hanged along with their masters who had been convicted of heresy.

The early Native Americans would actually contest this. They believed that among a group of girls, the first one to see a cat washing its face would then get married first.

Alternatively, in Celtic culture people would see cats as being guardians of the Underworld because they are especially skilled at preserving its secrets to itself. In fact, according to Celtic lore, black cats were widely feared and they would be sacrificed due to this fear.

In Egyptian culture, there is a cat-faced lunar goddess called Bastet who was the goddess of ancient Egyptians.

This goddess is a symbol of the sacredness of the cat. In order to serve this goddess meals, then cats would often be mummified with mice during those ancient times.

Alternatively, in some parts of southern China it is believed that cats can see ghosts and also spirits.

Usually, cats would be kept at home to ward off harmful spirits – but in Japan cats were a representation of prosperity and happiness. 

In the culture of Islam, it is true that Muslim lore recalls that a cat once saved Mohammad from a deadly snake attack and since then the animal has been honored within the faith.

In Buddhism, a cat’s body is viewed as a temporary resting place where souls of spiritual people will be able to rest.

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White Cat In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

So, when it comes to thinking about cats in an astrological and zodiac light – the closest link that we can make is to Leo because this is the symbol of a lion, part of the big cat family.

Leos will be the most appropriate zodiac link that we can make and it is important to note that Leos will love to be pampered and they will enjoy being loved.

White Cat Symbolic Meanings 

  • Purity
  • Cleansing
  • Spirits and spirituality
  • Calm
  • Tolerance
  • Good omen
  • Freedom
  • Adventurous spirit
  • Curiosity
  • Flexibility
  • Independence
  • Wisdom
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Unpredictability 

In Conclusion

In general, cats are a symbol of freedom and of curiosity along with affection and guardianship.

Cats are generally considered to be symbols of good or bad luck depending on the color of their fur. But, a white cat is meant to be a symbol of good fortune or of purity or of happiness.

White cats are a symbol of purity and of cleansing, and they are also viewed as a good omen – as long as you do not anger them.

White cats are a symbol of tolerance and of calmness, and they are also a representation of spirits and of spirituality.

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