White Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The white horse is a symbol of hope and good things to come. The horse in general symbolizes hope, courage, strength, and good things coming your way.

If you have seen white horses a lot in your life recently, or have been visited by one in your dreams, do not ignore their powerful signs. 

White Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

In this guide we’re going to explore the spiritual, religious, and cultural symbolism of the white horse, and help you interpret what seeing a white horse in your dreams signifies. Let’s begin.

White Horse Symbolism & Meaning

Amongst all of the spirit animals and guides, the horse is a strong proponent of future good tidings.

How your white horse is represented can greatly alter the meaning behind what it signifies. If the white horse is roaming free, untethered, and playful it will carry a different meaning than that which is bound by reigns or constricted. 

A white horse in particular carries the same symbolism of a horse, but has the added significance of being directly related to your spiritual life and ongoing spiritual journey.

It is a representation of purity and spiritual enlightenment, often depicted in one’s dreams as free from the bonds of mankind. 

White Horse Spirit Animal

The white horse is often used as a representation of good triumphing over evil. Many ancient warriors and depictions of gods are seen to be riding white horses, banishing back the darkness and bringing forth the light of spirituality. 

However, death itself is also represented as riding a white steed, so the omens of seeing a white horse as your spirit animal can differ greatly depending on your own personal beliefs. 

However you view a white horse, it is a strong omen for either good or ill tidings. Whatever way your white horse spirit animal appears to you, heed it and think about what it could relate to in your own life. 

Pure white horses are also the rarest kind of horse, so seeing one is a powerful sign you should not ignore. 

Whilst a white horse can represent both death and new life, this can be taken in numerous ways. White horses are said to represent a new beginning, drive, and spiritual rebirth, this often comes after a time of strife, struggle, or death, either metaphorical or physical. 

Think deeply about what the white horse could be trying to show you- are you on a path to new ventures? Are you willing to let your old self die in order to attain higher enlightenment and let your white horse spirit animal lead the way?

White Horse Totem Animal

Those who identify the free-spirited horse as their totem animal are passionate about their freedom of expression and ability to be themselves fully, untethered by others’ conventions or expectations.

A white horse in particular is a totem of banishing evil and darkness, committing to your spiritual journey, and believing strongly in one’s path and goals. 

A horse is a fast-moving and focused animal that charges at its prize, overcoming obstacles and self-doubt that may be in its path.

The white horse is pure in its motives and is a bringer of truths, such as the inevitability of life and death, and we can choose to see this as a blessing or a scary thing. 

White Horse Power Animal

As your power animal, the white horse stands for not settling, especially when concerning your spiritual goals or beliefs. It is a power animal that represents focus and a strong sense of belief in one’s morals and abilities. 

The white horse is a strong power animal for those who need reassurance that they are on the right spiritual path. Despite trial and tribulations, they can jump over their hurdles just like the magnificent horse. 

White Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The white horse is a truth-teller, representing raw facts and being a reminder of death, not necessarily as a bad omen, but also in terms of new life, and the death of the old self. 

As a spirit guide, the white horse can be a reminder to stay focussed on your goals and recommit to your spiritual path. They can also be seen as a symbol to be conscious of those that keep you on your spiritual path and thankful for those you can trust and those who have faith in you. 

White Horse Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans refer to horses as ‘God Dogs’, representing their importance in spiritual life.

Historically Native Americans have relied on horses for their livelihoods and appreciated them as wild animals, who take their own path. 

Unlike many western cultures, horses are not seen as subservient but rather the covenant between a rider and his horse is seen as a mutual bond of respect and they are of equal importance to each other. 

In terms of battle, the horse is a symbol of power, success, and authority, with a white horse representing winning and defeat over oppressive forces. 

The ancient species of horse that used to be connected to Native American heritage went extinct. Though, in the 15th Century, Spanish colonizers and invaders brought a different species of the horse over to North America, and over time that spiritual connection with horses was re-established. 

The horse became an important tool for the Native Americans to win wars, reestablish territory and they are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  

White Horse Celtic Symbolism

Celtic lore believes that horses and natural beings are intrinsically linked with humans, as seen in Celtic knot imagery and the idea that nature and humanity are intertwined. 

The white horse is seen as specifically linked to deities. As an incredibly rare species, the white horse was often seen to be ridden by gods and goddesses, namely the Welsh goddess Rhiannon who rides a pale horse, and symbolizes fertility, abundance, and prosperity. 

The Celtic divine also is intrinsically linked to water and traversing water with horses, seeing horses are messengers of spiritual importance. 

Although there is much debate as to the accuracy of what the true Celtic Zodiac was, as much has been lost to translation and time, the main consensus is that the horse zodiac represented willfulness and courage, which fits in with many modern associations with horses. 

The white horse is a symbol of freedom over oppression and of spiritual victory. 

As with many white animals, they are intrinsically linked to purity, chasteness, and virginity.

The horseshoe is a powerful symbol of good luck and protection whilst an upside down horseshoe is the sign of a cursed and unbalanced household. 

White Horse Christianity Symbolism

The white horse is a recurring symbol that is referenced many times in the bible, often standing for very different things. 

The oldest reference to a white horse is the pale horse of death that is mentioned when referring to the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Also referred to as a skeletal horse, this pale or pallor horse represents the bringer of the end-times and the steed of death before the rapture.

In some representations, it is a grey or colorless horse that carries the embodiment of Death, whilst a pure white horse carries the embodiment of Christ – or the anti-christ – to bear witness to the world and judge people according to their deeds. 

Conversely, the white horse is also represented as the steed of great saints such as St. George and St. James. 

In Revelations, the white horse is a symbol of righteous war, but also devastation, as is common with early biblical texts that represent righteous punishment and an exacting of holy revenge upon the unworthy or unfaithful. 

White Horse Dreams

The white horse is a powerful dream symbol. It can represent the need for freedom, or to show you a new path that you need to take in your life. 

If you dream of a talking white horse, heed its words as it is often a traveler from between worlds, and between life and death. 

The white horse is a powerful omen that must be listened to, and dreams about white horses are as rare as the animals themselves. 

White Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

A horse may be a symbol of sexual energies, but a white horse is usually associated with purity and virtue, either of a pure heart or steadfast mind.

This does not necessarily need to mean virginity or withholding oneself, but of purity of heart- following one’s sexual truth and not just following the flesh but also the journey of the heart.

If you are visited in a dream by someone you love and a white horse, it may be a sign your intentions are pure and true love has visited you. 

If you dream of a white horse biting you, it is a call to action and a sign you have been putting off a decision, you must act now and not put off the inevitable. 

The white horse is a symbol of journeys and movement. Are you in the midst of a life journey, or in need of spiritual change?

Follow the white horse’s guidance and it will lead you onto the path towards embracing your true higher self and your spiritual enlightenment. 

Far Eastern White Horse Symbolic Meanings

According to the Buddhist texts, Prince Sidhartha rode on a pure white horse when he left his comforting life in the palace to discover what the realities of peasants lived with were.

He was taken on a spiritual journey of discovery, realizing that he lived a life of luxury that was not afforded to the common man.

When he was on his journey, he discovered that the world was filled with pain and suffering that he had not had to experience. 

This transformed him, and he sought to live a life that was for the betterment of others, finding spiritual enlightenment along the way. The white horse, therefore, is resonant as a symbol of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. 

The white horse is also viewed as a symbol of peace and prosperity, and the coming of a new age of freedom. 

White Horse Tattoo Meaning

The horse tattoo represents freedom and wildness, one with nature and spiritual expression. It can be used to symbolize a lust of life and a determination to get the most out of one’s life and situation, no matter what struggles come your way. 

A white horse in particular stands for truth, courage, and spiritual acceptance. They can also symbolize uniqueness and beauty as well as chasteness, virtue, and purity of heart. 

White Horse Spiritual Meaning

The white horse’s spiritual meaning will depend on what religion you follow and your personal beliefs, but as a symbol in general it is a spiritual messenger of truths, the protector of the virtuous, and a sign you are on a righteous path in your life or love.

The white horse is a symbol of drive, ambition, and journeys ahead, so try to evaluate what this spiritual meaning could mean in your life. 

White Horse in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The horse is the seventh sign in the Chinese zodiac, residing after the year of the snake and before the year of the ram, or sheep. 

The horse represents wildness, freedom, passion, and goal setting. 

The Pegasus constellation in the northern sky is a representation of the Greek god horse who was transformed into stars and placed in the night sky. 

Greek Myth & Symbolic Meanings

The Greek gods bred white mythical horses for their army, which were their special breed of immortal horses. 

The Greek myth of Pegasus is that of a white-winged horse who carried the demigod Hercules and was born when the cursed Medusa was beheaded. Pegasus was later transformed by Zeus into stars and sent to live in the sky.

White Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

In Greek history, the Trojans were tricked into bringing a wooden horse into their city gates, and their city was decimated by Greek soldiers. 

White Horse Symbolic Meanings

  • Courage to stand up for what you believe in 
  • Relentless will
  • Spirit to overcome all odds
  • Jumping hurdles that are in your path
  • Spiritual righteousness
  • Victory over oppression and obstacles
  • The inevitability of death and the promise of new life
  • New beginnings
  • Travel 
  • Peace
  • Time and space travel, traversing the planes of existence
  • Independence of thought
  • The alignment of the mind, body, and the spirit
  • Spiritual unity and enlightenment
  • Willfulness and steadfastness

Final Thoughts

As with all spiritual animals and signs, there are so many ways you can view an appearance by a white horse, be it in your dreams or the flesh.

If you see a white horse, it is almost always viewed as a positive message symbolizing a long spiritual journey ahead, or confirmation you are on a righteous path.

Heed its sign, and undertake that spiritual journey, or complete that treacherous task you have been putting off, you are strong and courageous and your valor will show through. Stay the course, the universe is cheering you on!

Gloria White

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