White Owl: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meanings, Symbolism, And More

The mystical white owl has captivated humans from the beginning of time. This fascinating creature also goes by the name of polar owl, snowy owl, and Arctic owl. It has deep links with spirituality, and have an almost supernatural-like presence.

white owl

Should you dream of a white owl, and want to know what this means, read on. This guide explains all the spiritual and dream meanings of it. We share its symbolism, hidden meanings and more.

Most importantly, discover what the universe is trying to tell you, when you see a it unexpectedly in waking life and dreams.

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The White Owl Facts

This incredible bird is approximately 23-24-inches tall. The pure white Arctic birds breed and bring up their babies in North Canada and Alaska. The winter Arctic climate is way too brutal for these majestic birds, so during this time they travel South.

Snowy owls are diurnal creatures. This means that they hunt during daytime hours as well as at night. The white owl’s eyes do not move in their eyeball sockets. In order to follow their prey (rodents mostly), they have to swivel and rotate their heads.

What Does It Mean When You See a White Owl in Daily Life?

Although there are many different meanings the sight of a snowy owl associates with, overall it is a good luck omen.

Generally, people believe that seeing a white owl means that good fortune is near. Also, people believed it to mean you are intuitive, and will soon discover new beneficial revelations.

Furthermore, it is a symbol of wisdom and protection. In fact, Chinese culture thought that noticing the white owl near your house is the ultimate good luck omen.

Sightings of this wondrous bird are rare. Due to this fact, should people see one they should feel pleased and look out for new understandings or clarity of thought. Many strongly believes that this rare and positive sighting symbolizes better times ahead.

That said, the sight of a white owl is not always well-received. Certain dream interpretations depict this animal as a bearer of bad news. Continue reading as we further investigate all of white owl’s connotations, symbols, and meanings.

White Owl Symbolism and Meaning

The white owl is often the leading character in stories and tales that involve the supernatural. The snowy owl is always the owl of choice for such fictional stories.

white owl

Across different cultures, the white owl is respected and honored. The symbolism and meaning of white owls and seeing white owls is always positive. They signify transformation, hidden mysteries, evolving to a higher plane, and deeper knowledge.

Seeing a white owl in waking or dream life signify deeper meanings to your current life experiences.

Spiritual Symbolism

The white owl has deep links with spirituality. Thus, its spiritual symbolism is one of connection with the spirit world, and personal development towards your life goals.

This owl signifies willpower, strength, great understanding and knowledge. It represents great changes and transformations. Hence, it is hugely important to see one. 

Furthermore, the color white represents spirituality, transcendence, purity, and joy. This color can encompass all other colors, and therefore thought to carry great significance and worth.

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White Owl Symbolic Meanings Feature:

  • Big changes are imminent
  • Deep intuition
  • Secrets becoming known
  • Greater wisdom 
  • New understanding
  • Willpower and strength
  • Virtue

In some cultures, the white owl is believed to be symbolic of death.

White Owl Spirit Animal

Thought to be the animal of all-knowing wisdom and higher power, having this beautiful creature as your spirit animal is a great honor.

If you are shown the snowy owl  during meditation or through dreams, people believe you are geing bestowed a sacred gift from a higher realm. This gift is in the form of mysteries unraveled, deep wisdom, and insight provided by the spirit world. Expect positive changes afoot.

How Do You know if a White Owl is Your Spirit Animal?

Generally, it is thought that having multiple dreams of this creature, seeing them in meditation, or simply feeling a connection to them, means this is your spirit animal.

That said, people believe that your spirit animal may change at some point in your life. 

White Owl Totem Animal

If the white owl is your totem or power animal, you are blessed with greater understanding, intuition, and knowledge. Deceptions will become transparent for you, hidden mysteries will be revealed. The snowy owl is also there to guide you on your life’s path.

White Owl Spirit Animal Superstitions

Many superstitions of the white owl tell of bad omens. They were believed to indicate imminent death of a family member or someone close.

white owl

Romans thought that if a white owl hooted, whilst perching on a public building, it indicated the death of a prominent figure.

Aztec tradition associated the white owl with the Lord of Death. Celts and other traditions, viewed the snowy owl as a spirit animal, coming to take the soul of a dead person to the spirit realm or underworld.


The snowy owl is strongly linked to witchcraft. Many used to think that the white owl was a witch’s go-to spirit animal, and they would use it as their guide.

Due to it’s mysterious nature, many saw it as having supernatural powers. Throughout the ages, they were attributed as having a darker connection to such fictional forces. You will see many movies and books, whereby the white owl features with darker intentions or connections to witches and wizards.

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Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the Goddess Athena was shown as a white owl. Romans thought that by placing a its feather near to a person’s head when the slept, would force them to reveal their secrets.

White Owl Native American Symbolism

Native American tribes believed the white owl was a symbol of looming death. They also thought that they symbolize ghosts. They believed that ghosts created circles around the eyes of white owls, giving them the power of night vision. Also, hearing it hooting was deemed a bad omen, too.

Native Americans referred to the white owl as the ‘night eagle.’

White Owl Dreams

Seeing a white owl in a dream is hugely significant. It serves as a message that spirit are guiding you. The sight may occur when you are trying to discover something in life. It is generally considered to mean you will learn something important and that life changes are on the way. 

Let’s take a look at what some key dreams of white owls can indicate.

A White Owl Crossing Your Path

This is interpreted as being a message. Be aware of what’s happening around you. The owl is crossing your path in an effort to get you to pay attention to your current or imminent situations. 

Dreaming of Being Attacked by a White Owl

This serves as a warning dream. Possible dangers, illusionary situations or deceptions may be around you. It warns you to take note, be aware, and do not ignore your gut instincts.

A White Owl Landing on You

Dreaming that an owl has landed on you is not considered to be a favorable dream. Its interpretation is that you are the victim of gossip or slander. It warns you to be cautious about the people you talk to and what you say.

White Owls Fighting

This dream is said to mean that you have inner conflict that you need to resolve. It is also a message that you have the ability to resolve your inner conflict. It can indicate a change in your beliefs, and or opinion.

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Trying to Kill a White Owl

Snowy owls are incredible majestic animals that no one would ever want to harm. So, attempting to kill a white owl in your dream is a bad omen. It can mean you will encounter conflicts or problems with others.

It may also represent making a situation worse rather than resolving an issue. If you actually kill the owl it might symbolize being the subject of slander.

If someone else kills a white owl in your dream, it shows the need for self-protection and needing security in your life.

Dreams of a Dead Snowy Owl

This can represent possible concerns about your health.

A Dream of a Snowy Owl Circling Prey

This is considered a good dream because you are aware of the situation form every angle. It represents your quick reactions to events, as well as insight and knowledge.

Holding a White Owl in Your Dream

This is not thought to be a good dream. It suggests the need to be careful. Possible accidents could arise if you do not pay attention and execute proper care.

An Injured White Owl

This symbolizes your feelings may soon be hurt. It can also represent the end of a relationship or phase in your life.

A White Owl Talking to You

This is a good dream. It symbolizes success in your endeavors. It represents your strength, abilities, and self-improvement. 

White Owls: Astrology and Zodiac Signs

According to Native American astrology, those who are born between May 21st – June 21st, and November 22nd – December 21st are born under the sign of white owl. These people have strong characteristics such as great communication skills, high intelligence, and strong moral code.

The White Owl: Good or Bad Luck?

Bad luck associations:

In Ireland, white owls that are misfortunate enough to have red eyes are labeled a bad omen. 

In France, they are referred to as, ‘le-vieux-duc,’ which translates as ‘the old dike.’ This might not sound harsh, but the phrase is associated with the devil

Ancient Greeks saw the bird to be seriously bad luck, and bringers of death. This was purely due to their nocturnal habits.

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Good luck associations:

In modern Chinese and Japanese culture, a white owl flying close to the home is an immensely fortunate symbol.

Some people believe that a white owl spirit animal is a great honor. It is supposed to represent having ultimate psychic ability. The reason being, that they are thought to be able to see everything with great clarity. They are heralded for deep insight in both daily life and the spirit world.


Sightings of white owls bring a mixed bag of reactions. Depending on where the owl is, what it is doing, it could bring elation or dread.

However, one thing is certain: This owl’s association with the afterlife and  its mysterious presence holds firm. You should take time to consider your current situation to decide what a white owl vision or sighting may infer. Upon seeing a white owl, whether in dream or waking life, many agree it is to bring you a message.

The message may be that a recently passed loved one is near. It may be that change is coming and hidden secrets will soon become known. The message may even be to remind you to look deeper at situations or within yourself to overcome difficulties. 

It is important to take time and reflect over your life choices and views. A vision of a white owl is a good reminder to do this. Even if you do not believe in the spiritual connotations of a white owl, you should value the experience of witnessing such a fascinating creature.

The snowy owl in itself is a symbol of strength and willpower. The bird displays unwavering determination of will and perseverance throughout its life.

The white owl’s life is not an easy one, however, it never gives up. The sheer commitment to survival and providing for its young is remarkable, without any added symbolism attached. 

Taking a moment to consider the journey that this masterful, and mysterious bird takes is truly something to behold. When we see a white owl, and consider its courage and strength, it gives us the chance to look at the bigger picture, and evaluate our own life.

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