White Tiger: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The white tiger is rather a rare animal and is quite unusual in many respects.

Despite this, it’s a very beautifully striking animal that symbolizes so many things. The white tiger is often seen in popular culture. 

white tiger

If you’ve never seen a white tiger before in real life, its majesty might have been depicted to you in movies, television shows, or video games.

As a result, it might appear to you in certain circumstances like your dreams – so it’s important you know of its meaning and overall symbolism. 

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The white tiger is a variant or breakaway from the Bengal and Siberian tiger, almost as a duality or hybrid of them.

Its white color is due to its absence of pigmentation, so it does not have the more usual or more seen orange color that people are accustomed to.

As such, it has an aura of elegance with the beautiful fur and is often revered or worshiped. 

Culturally, the tiger is seen as royalty. It is often treated mightily and as if it has a position of extreme power.

Due to these views, it is frequently attributed as a totem and spirit animal. The white tiger holds this position, to an extent, higher than the average tiger.

East Asia reveres the white tiger as a symbol of individuality, strength, power, and freedom.

It is also often seen as magic with the power of clairvoyance. Generally, it has the symbolism of fearlessness, instinct, and bravery.

Spirit Animal 

Typically, if someone is experiencing a white tiger – this is a positive sign of guardianship.

The white tiger is a strong being with magical overtones. So as a spirit animal, it there for you to guide you and protect you. Perhaps in times of great uncertainty. 

The white tiger is often seen alone which can symbolize your need to take things on your own for a while. Perhaps you’ve been relying too much on or too heavily on other people which is affecting a positive direction in your life. 

Maybe you need to remove the negative influences in your life and cut ties to get yourself to a place that you need to be. 

White tigers are often unpredictable and this nature can be indicating that you’re in a time of your life that needs clarification. As a strength symbol, it is there to boost your power and help you through it. 

White tigers always consider their next move carefully. As hunters who live in many dangerous areas, they will use its intelligence to stay alive. This can indicate to you that you need to carefully consider what to do next in a contentious time. 

Try not to rush your decisions and act rashly. It is a calm and collected animal mostly, that must control its emotions if it wishes to preserve its safety. 

However, white tigers when provoked can attack ruthlessly and should never be taken for granted or taken advantage of. The white tigers can be indicating your aggressive nature which may need to be drawn back. 

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Totem Animal 

The white tiger as a birth totem will symbolize uniqueness, as someone who can offer more even though they are different. You’re incredibly smart with a charitable nature and curiosity. 

The white tigers are brilliant at communication, although they don’t often need to. They are leaders and can fend for themselves. People in positions of power will have a white tiger totem.

It allows you to feel good about yourself, providing strong confidence in the face of adversity. Its power of self-actualization will boost your inner self-confidence and give you that energy to go out into the world around you.

White tigers become mentors for others who feel this way and can guide them through the ways that they need to go to achieve their goals.

White tigers will always be focused on what they want, regardless of how long it will take. 

Power Animal

Drawing on the power of the white tiger will provide you with power and confidence when facing tough and challenging times. It powers up a sense of strength and fire in your stomach, ready to fight for what you want. 

To summon it is to summon confidence, power, guidance, and determination.

If you’re going through times when you need some extra help to get what you’re looking for, like a relationship, a job interview, or buying a house – the white tiger spirit can help you out. 

white tiger


There are so many different variations of the white tiger dreams. We’re going to break them down into smaller sections for you, so you can explore the dreams a little more. 

The Friendly White Tiger 

If you’ve experienced a white tiger in your dreams that appeared calm and friendly, as if it were a smaller cat, then it may be indicating that you’re finding peace or calmness in your life.

The tranquility that the furry feline is showing you is symbolizing your power over your potential aggression. It’s not saying that you’ll forever be able to though, as white tigers can unpredictably strike – so keep an eye on your own fury. 

It can also signify that you’ve reached a crossroads in your life, where it can go either way. One way will lead to anger and pain, whereas the other will lead to happiness.

It can guide you through the right path, but the choice is ultimately yours. 

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The Angry White Tiger 

If your dreams have an angry or hostile white tiger, it may be indicating someone or something bad is going to happen soon.

It is rare but looks beautiful – maybe you’re going to get bad news from your relationship partner. 

Prepare yourself for attack symbolically from it, but also from someone in your life.

If it is one of your good friends, you’ll need to consider a way to deal with the consequences – white tigers always consider their next move. 

The White Tiger Cubs 

White tiger cubs symbolize inner peace and love. Any animal cub that you dream of will be indicative of tranquility and gentleness, but white tigers go further. 

They symbolize their protective nature over their most treasured possessions and loved ones. You’ll do anything to protect what you love the most. 

Maybe you’re a new parent or you’ve got something new you need to look after. It will not let harm come.

Killing The White Tiger 

Contrary to what some people might think when they experience this, killing the white tiger might be a good sign. It can signify you have or are going to extinguish the aggression or threats in your life. 

However, it can also indicate an end of your control or a significant loss in your life. 

Other White Tiger Dreams

Although uncommon, white tiger dreams happen to some. It is a symbol of strength and the ability to overcome adversity and personal challenges. 

If you’re dreaming about it, and you’ve decided to follow it, it can signify guidance to your goals showing personal growth and new strength. 

Due to their rare nature, seeing it can also indicate specialness in your life or a new occurrence is going to take place. 

white tiger

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Far Eastern White Tiger Symbolic Meanings 

We covered that Eastern Asia reveres the white tiger with its individuality, power, and courage. China, Japan, and Korea specifically sees it as one of the four guardians in the world. 

It is even more important and revered because the other three are mythological creatures, such as the dragon – and is the only animal that exists. Therefore, those that see it sometimes believe they have seen a manifestation of God.

It harnesses the energy of the sun and provides prosperity and dignity. Chinese mythology believes tigers changed its tail color to white as it reached the age of 500. As a result, the tiger was respected for its age. 

It would only ever appear if there was total harmony or peace throughout the lands, such as if the Emperor was a virtuous leader. The idea of this rarity has moved onto reality throughout the world.

Chinese art often depicted it with dragons – being a King and a leader that is worshiped in the lands. The Han Dynasty, in fact, worshiped it as the 14th month God.

In some areas of China, they believe it descended to earth and gave birth to men and women, so they see the it as an ancestral connection. It is also one of the four Chinese constellations.

In Vietnam and Bhutan, the white tiger is a symbol of much power and must be protected. Above all, Asian culture highly respects it.

In Bhutan specifically, there is an area known as Taktsang, translated as “The tiger’s nest”, which is one of the 13 holy temple monasteries in the area. 

It shouldn’t be able to exist, as it is literally clinging to the edge of a cliff. Yet, it survives – which some locals believe symbolizes the white tiger’s strength or god-like status.

White Tiger Tattoos 

White tiger tattoos can be very visually striking, and their meanings can differ – particularly depending on where on your body you decide it will go. 

Generally speaking, the white tiger will symbolize strength, agility, and protection. Visually, the white tiger is depicted as having very blue, beautiful eyes. 

What many believe is that the white tiger’s blue eyes are a window to the soul, or can act as a manifestation of the sea – guiding you on your way calmly, but to the unknown.

People who choose to have the white tiger tattoo on their chest might be representative of being close to their heart – showing faith, protection, and trust.

If someone opts to have a white tiger cub in this area, it can symbolize their undying love for their children – as a maternal show of care.

Another popular place to have a white tiger tattoo is on the back of the leg. A white tiger in this area can symbolize protection and a guardian to an area where you cannot see. 

On the upper arm, the main area of your strength – the white tiger is a showing of your physical power and potential to attack. For many people, the white tiger is there to act as a protector. 

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Spiritual Meaning Of The White Tiger 

White tigers are territorial but rule their lands. Both symbolically and literally.

They are spiritually seen as war animals, but also have the ability to see the future and your new life.

White tigers do not concern themselves with other predators, instead, they focus on their goals. 

The White Tiger In Astrology And Zodiac Signs 

The white tiger does not feature in our understanding of astrology, but it does appear in the Chinese Zodiac. The last year of the White Tiger was 2010.

The white tiger was one of four constellations in China and is often referred to as the white tiger of the west. 

Symbolic Meanings 

So, we’ve seen the overall beliefs and depictions of the white tiger, so let’s summarize its symbolic meanings: 

  • Individuality 
  • Strength 
  • Aggression 
  • Courage 
  • Duality 
  • Love 
  • Protection 
  • Uniqueness 
  • Territorial 
  • Intelligence 
  • Creativity 


The white tiger is among the rarest, strongest, and most beautiful animals in the world.

It is perhaps of no surprise that many cultures, particularly where they are territorial, revere the creature and hold it in such high regard, legend, and esteem.

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