Alstroemeria Flower Meaning,Spiritual Symbolism,Color Meaning & More

The alstroemeria flower, or also known as the alstroemeria lily is one of the most widely loved and appreciated flowers in the world. This makes it the perfect flower to receive as a gift in a bouquet, or this makes it the perfect flower to plant in your garden. 


The alstroemeria flower is an especially dramatic bloom and it is a delight to have within the home. Additionally to this, it has an especially powerful meaning behind it too. This flower will be able to help you fully express your love for those who are important to you in your life.

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What Does The Alstroemeria Flower Mean?

It is important to note that alstroemeria has a wide range of meanings and this all depends on the color of the flower.

However, the flowers will always connect to a meaning of friendship, or love, or strength or even devotion. It is true that it is often a representation of mutuality where support is concerned.

Additionally to this, the alstroemeria represent the ability to be able to help each other in day-to-day existence. It is a symbol of supporting each other through our lives and for this reason, it is the perfect flower to give to a friend or family member, or a loved one that you truly support them. 

The alstroemeria flower is traditionally a flower that represents friendship and a sense of togetherness.

However, more recently it has become a much more romantic flower and this is what makes them an especially popular choice for bridal bouquets and also for wedding flowers too.

It is true that the meaning behind it is actually derived from the six petals of the flower.

Each petal of the flower represents a very different characteristic. They are as follows: the first petal represents understanding. The second petal represents humor. The third petal represents patience. The fourth petal represents empathy. The fifth petal represents commitment and the sixth petal represents respect.

In addition to this, the twisted leaves that the flower has represents bonding along with overcoming difficulties with a sense of togetherness. So, not navigating through your struggles alone – allowing others to help you through them. 

Etymological Meaning

It is true that there are a lot of flowers which have especially deep and intricate meanings that influence the symbolism of the flower. However, as far as the alstroemeria is concerned its name stems from the explorer who found it.

The alstroemeria flower gets its name from Baron Claus von Alstromer who is the individual who found this flower.


This flower grows natively in Peru, and has only very recently spread to other parts of the world. It is important to note that there is actually a meaning for the flower within the classic Victorian tradition; this meaning is typically of grace, purity, majesty and also honor.

But, it is important to remember that modern flower lovers will still assign the petals with lots of meaning.

Additionally, in accordance with this the Victorian language of flowers also dictates that receiving an alstroemeria flower will tell you that you are beloved.

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The alstroemeria flower’s sweet-scent and transient beauty makes the flower the perfect choice to express condolence during a period of sorrow and depression. 

The alstroemeria flower is a symbol of the true strength of friendship. The bond that it gives two people is like nothing else. In fact, you can go so far as to say that it does not matter what color the flower is. This is the primary meaning: the strength of friendship.

In fact, there are some metaphysical believers who will keep flowers around. So as to attract new friends in their lives.

Flower Color Meaning

Like any flower, a much deeper meaning links to the color of the flower as well as the general symbolism that the flower holds. If anything, the color of the flower really adds to the meaning and the symbolism of the flower itself. 

The alstroemeria flower in particular comes in a wide range of colors. They are especially bright and especially vibrant which are absolutely perfect for expressing your true love and adoration for someone. 

The alstroemeria flower can signify romantic love as well as friendship love and there are colors that match this accordingly.

The white alstroemeria is a symbol of love along with strength, support and purity. This flower in particular makes the perfect wedding flower for this very reason.

The yellow alstroemeria is bold and fun, so this represents happiness and also energy. This flower is perfect for those times where you are keen to show a friend how happy they make you, and how much joy they have brought to your life.

The pink alstroemeria is a representation of romance and also playfulness which is why this is the perfect flower to give when friendships turn to love. Alternatively, the red alstroemeria is a representation of passion and this is a great way to tell someone you love them.

It is the true symbol of romance.

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Meaningful Botanical Characteristics Of The Alstroemeria Flower

It is true that people also know the alstroemeria as the parrot lily. This is because it is native to South America. However, Southern America as well as Mexico now grows this flower, too.

The alstroemeria flower is especially easy to grow from tubers and a lot of these flowers will stay evergreen for landscaping interest. 


It is important to note that almost every variety of alstroemeria is perennial. This means that the flower will return year after year without the need to replant.

This will save you a lot of time and a lot of money because you can keep your flower beds full with these blooms, and then you can give them as gifts.

In fact, the alstroemeria is like most lilies because the plant material and also the flowers themselves are too poisonous for humans to consume orally or to brew in tea. 

Special Occasions For The Alstroemeria Flowers

The alstroemeria flower is perfect for any kind of friendship occasion with a lifelong friend, and you can do this by handing over a giant bouquet of the most vibrantly colored alstroemeria flowers. Your friend will deeply appreciate this gesture.

Additionally to this, the alstroemeria flower can also be gifted in a bouquet to a family member as well as friends. There is no limit to the individual who will truly enjoy and appreciate this flower.

Flower Cultural Significance

A question that is often asked about the alstroemeria flower is in regards to where it comes from. The alstroemeria flower is natively grown in Peru, but this was also natively found in the mountains of Chile and also Brazil.

You might be wondering how this flower made its journey into the western world. So, a Swedish explorer actually discovered it in the eighteenth century. This explorer brought this alstroemeria flower to Europe.

This explorer was Baron Von Alstroemer. Since this discovery has been made, they have undoubtedly been one of the most popular flowers that are given as gifts.

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Flower Facts

The alstroemeria lily has a wide variety of names and these names include the Peruvian lily, the lily of the Incas and also the Parrot lily.

In addition to this, the alstroemeria flower’s leaves on the stem actually grow upside down. What is an even more fun addition to this fact? There is absolutely no definitive explanation or logic as to why this is.

As well as this, the alstroemeria seeds can take a few weeks to germinate, or they can even take an entire year to germinate. The main stems of the alstroemeria flower can also take up to three feet in length.

Flower Uses

The alstroemeria flower does not have special assigned uses. You might notice that alstroemeria flowers are commonly used as part of flower bouquets which make them perfect for gifting to those who you love and want to show your appreciation of.

Additionally to this, the alstroemeria is the perfect way to wish someone you love luck as they will see how much you adore them through selecting this flower.

It is also true that people used alstroemeria flower in weddings too. This is because of the meaning that the alstroemeria flower holds.

It will express gratitude to your significant other and also to your family and soon-to-be in-laws, and also your guests. It can be your way of thanking everyone for coming to the wedding in a subtle way. 

The guests at the wedding might not know the meaning of this flower, but they will be able to appreciate its beauty. This flower will bring your guests joy and this is the way that the flower does its job.

The alstroemeria flower is usually included within large pedestal arrangements and is a huge favorite during summer weddings. This is when the alstroemeria flower is at its strongest and this is when the alstroemeria flower can be used much more dynamically and much more imaginatively.

Unfortunately, it is not a rarity for individuals to be allergic to this flower so it might be worth avoiding hand-tied arrangements for your big day. This will remove unnecessary stress from your wedding day.


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What Is The Symbolism Of An Alstroemeria Flower Tattoo

Like all floral tattoos, the alstroemeria flower is especially dainty and especially delicate and can be done using a line drawing or can be done with color. This flower looks especially elegant on the skin and is a reflection of your true gratitude for the people you love in your life.

The alstroemeria flower is a representation of devotion and of mutual support – this could be between two family members or two friends.

So, an individual who decides to get the alstroemeria inked on their body will do this as a tribute to that person or they might get a matching alstroemeria tattoo with someone who is especially supportive and who holds great meaning within their lives.

The alstroemeria flower is also a symbol of following and then subsequently achieving your dreams. This is in a material and also a spiritual sense.

The alstroemeria tattoo will be a constant reminder to push through the struggles of everyday life so that you can get to a point where you reach and achieve your dreams.

In Conclusion

People typically knows alstroemeria flower for its meaning of devotion and also mutual support. This can be between family members or friends. Additionally to this, the alstroemeria flower shows friendship on a broad scale from acquaintanceship right the way to being lifelong friends.

The alstroemeria flower is an encouragement to follow your dreams and then achieve your aspirations, and you do this by understanding the trials of everyday life.

Seemingly humorous to a lot of people, the etymology of this flower comes from the man who discovered it. The man who found this flower was a Swedish explorer and that is where the name alstroemeria comes from.

The alstroemeria flower is the perfect gift for a friend, or even for a family member, who has shown you support that you want to recognize.

This is the kind of support that will have guided you through a darker period or a particular struggle within your life. Your friend or your loved one will value this completely.

Ultimately, the message that the alstroemeria flower wants to leave us with is to keep your loved ones close. Always show them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. However, do not be afraid to branch out and to build new relationships.

We are all deserving of a healthy social support network and the alstroemeria flower reflects this. The alstroemeria flower is also a reminder to go after your dreams and to always aim high.

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