Dahlia Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The dahlia flower is an incredibly gorgeous looking one. They are actually considered to be one of the longest living flowers once they have been cut, so placing them around your house you will be sure that it won’t die anytime soon.

Brides and many gardeners incredibly sought after the flower. 

When thinking of a flower to give somebody you should always know what they mean, so you don’t convey the wrong message. They will come in many different colors, Peach, Red, Lavender, White, Yellow, Orange and pink. All have a different meaning based on the color of them.

They can also symbolize different things too. When thinking of Dahlia flowers it is easy to assume that based on the myth of the “Black Dahlia” that they will always have a negative meaning behind them but that truly isn’t the case.

If you are thinking of giving somebody a Dahlia flower as a gift but are unsure on what they can mean and don’t want to get the wrong color or in fact the wrong flower then rest assured.

 We have gathered all of the relevant information that you will be looking for to ensure that the flower you have chosen will give the message that you are trying to.

They really can mean lots of different things so as stated it is important that you get it right. They will also come in a lot of different shapes which again can be important for the person you are giving it to.

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History And Culture Of The Dahlia Flower

The Dahlia flower is a member of the Asteraceae family and they are normally in parts of South America, such as Mexico. The specific name of it has left many people wondering where it actually comes from.

One example of that people might have named it after a botanist, Anders Dahl who was from Sweden. This was from the Royal Gardens director in Madrid his name was Antonio Jose Cavanilles.

Though earlier recountings state that they actually named after Carl Linnaeus who was also a botanist from Sweden. However, people have widely discredited this due to the fact that he had died before the Dahlia ever received his name. So it is most likely Anders Dahl who we can suspect named the beautiful flower over Carl Linnaeus.  

 Another name for this flower is the Valley Flower. This is due to the fact that Dahl is very similar in terms of how the word sounds to the word for valley in swedish.

People also have referred to it as Queen of the Autumn Garden. This is actually due to the fact that unlike many other garden plants they have an incredibly long life span. 

 The Dahlia is actually the national flower of Mexico and in terms of state side it is the flower of Seattle and San Francisco considers it their official flower also. As well as this there are some important medical benefits of the Dahlia flower also.

Forever known as an incredibly advanced civilization the Aztecs would actually use this particular flower to treat Epilepsy. People has also known it as a treatment for diabetes before they discovered insulin.

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Meaning Behind The Dahlia

Due to how diverse the flower is, what it actually means is a difficult thing to determine as they will have lots of different meanings. Apart from what the flower actually looks like it has many different significant meanings to lots of different cultures.

Normally, the Dahlia associated with positive things. Most commonly with inner strength. Which is said to be because the plant is able to withstand harsh conditions. They are also known as remaining graceful throughout your life.

They are also a great gift for someone that you consider as standing out from the crowd. This is due to the fact that they are incredibly beautiful. They are great to give to people that you think are incredibly strong willed. 

 They are also a great gift for a person who is going through something life changing. Dahlias are great at showing support or wishing someone good luck.

They will also be a representative of somebody who is accepting a positive change in their life, for example like having a baby. Also, they are an example of commitment which is why they are often very present wedding arrangements. 

 They also present the idea of always being kind, it really is an incredibly positive flower that can fill you with all sorts of positive vibes.

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Symbolism Of The Dahlia

If you are a person who is born in August then you can consider this your birth flower. Though traditionally speaking it is seen as the birth flower for people who are born in November. Depending on the color of the Dahlia is what will define what it means. 

Though the majority of the meanings behind Dahlias are in general quite positive, there are still a few negative meanings behind them. The more vibrant colored Dahlias will often signify elegance, strength, change, dignity and creativity.

If somebody in your life encapsulates these things then you can consider them as a lovely gift to give to them and they will be very well welcomed because of the messages that they bring.

Some of the more negative things that these flowers can represent are betrayal, dishonesty and instability.  You wouldn’t really give these as a gift to symbolize these meanings, because they just really wouldn’t be well received. 

 In the Victorian period, The Dahlia flower was used to symbolize a strong standing bond. They would also be a symbol of lifelong commitment, which is why they are so present at weddings.

They are seen to commemorate a new beginning in your life, whether that be a religious change or perhaps you want to give them to somebody who has taken up a new hobby. Due to the petals of the Dahlia fit so perfectly into the head of the flower they will also be seen as a signal of diversity. 

Colors And Their Specific Meanings

The colors will have specific meaning just like many other flowers that will bloom into different colors. 

Red Dahlia

The red Dahlia will is like many other flowers that have bloomed into the color red will be a sign of power and strength. This is a great gift for somebody that you feel deals with life’s difficulties by powering through them.

If a friend perhaps is starting a new job that they are nervous about starting then this can be a great idea to remind them of how strong they really are. They are also great for people who are recovering from a sickness of some kind to help them keep pushing through.

Even perhaps somebody who has just given birth to a new born baby. This will provide them with strength that they will need.

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White Dahlia 

The white Dahlia flower will represent pureness. If somebody in your life is somebody who always tries to look on the bright side of life then this can be a great gift for them. Somebody who distributes a sense of innocence this flower will also fit them perfectly.

Another meaning for the white Dahlia is that of staying focused. If somebody you know in your life is somebody that distributes a strong sense of focus and will power then this can be another perfect reminder for them.

This is seen as a great gift for grandparents as they will show that you are thinking of them and caring for them too. They will also be a great gift for a person who has just given birth to celebrate new life.

Purple And Pink

The purple and pink Dahlia flowers are representative of Kindness, as well as many other things. These can be a great gift for someone who you feel is an incredibly kind person. Or even a person that you feel needs a bit of kindness in their life.

They also represent feminine beauty. This is because of how beautiful the flowers themselves are. Maybe this can be the type of gift that you give to your partner.

They will also represent grace. Grace is a difficult thing to have in life so it is always best to celebrate it when you find it in a person. You can do that perfectly by gifting a person one of these particular colored flowers. 

 They are also perfect as an anniversary gift.  Purple Dahlias will also represent dignity, so if you have a person in your life that is someone that you feel a level of admiration for then this will be perfect. They are also very beautiful.

Green And Blue

The blue and green Dahlias are an incredibly beautiful flower that are truly radiant. They will represent a fresh start in someone’s life. This can be a perfect gift if a friend or loved one has recently got a new job that they are exuberant about.

It will also be a perfect present for somebody who has welcomed a new born baby into their life. Hence why these specific flowers will also represent significant change in a person’s life. Maybe a close friend of yours is moving into a new apartment.

These can be a great gift for them to brighten up their new place to show appreciation.

Black Dahlia

Though it is known as the Black Dahlia it is actually more of a burgundy color. These will represent a more negative feeling in comparison to the brighter colored flowers.

They will be representative of sadness, betrayal or some sense of evil. These are not the type to be gifted to people because of the negative connotations that are around them. 

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Dream Meaning Of Dahlias

A Dahlia flower appearing in your dream can be an example of many positive things. They will often be a symbol of something good. Though the dream does have lots of different interpretations. It can be an indication of gracefulness or even change in a positive life.

If you dream of a Dahlia then it could be because you have an important change in your life coming up. Whether that be in your personal life, like finding a new relationship or perhaps even bringing a newborn baby into the world.

Or it could represent a change in your work life which will mean that perhaps you have a new job coming your way. It can also mean that you will gain a financial influx.

 Though it is important to note that if you see a Dahlia that is wilting or dying, then this might be a bad omen, in that somebody that you consider a close friend or a family member is going to soon pass. If you see this then it will have a negative connotation. 

In Conclusion

Dahlia flowers are native to South America and are the national flower of Mexico. It is seen as the official flower of Seattle and San Francisco. They often mean more positive things than negative.

Red will represent passion and love and can make a great gift for a person that you feel strongly about. The white Dahlia represents pureness and can also be a lovely gift to give a person that you think is more innocent.

Purple and Pink Dahlias will offer a more positive undertone of kindness. These again will be a brilliant gift to give a person that you think is kind. 

 Dreaming of Dahlias is also normally a very good omen. They are seen to bring something new to your life, whether that be in your work life with achieving a new job role or a new job entirely or perhaps a new relationship or even bringing life into the world.

However, if you dream of a dying or wilting Dahlia then that is in fact a negative connotation and is said that there will be death around you to a loved one or a close friend.

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