Buttercup Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

As a child you may have held a Buttercup underneath someone’s chin, if it reflected it was meant to tell you if they liked butter or not. Whether that is true is a different story. However, what is true is that all different types of flowers symbolize many different emotions.

A lot of what we determine that flowers mean is normally based upon the colors in which they bloom to be. With a Buttercup that is most often going to be Yellow. People often give their loved ones flowers as a celebration or even in some cases when something bad has happened.

 A good thing to know is what the specific type of flower you’re giving someone can mean. As stated they will all mean different things. If you’re unsure on what certain flowers mean then you have come to the right place. This can add a certain flair to your gift giving. A Buttercup is known for its brightness.

Many always gives brighter flower in a time of celebration, because simply it will often lighten the mood. Or enhance the mood at least.

Today we’ll be learning about where the Buttercup originated from. We’ll also learn any type of message that you will be giving off when you send this specific flower to somebody. So if you are unsure on what it means don’t worry we got you. You’ll never have to worry about giving off the wrong type of message when you give someone a Buttercup flower.

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What Does The Buttercup Flower Mean

There are a few different meanings when you give someone a Buttercup flower as a gift. All of them are positive. They can convey a very lovely message to some people which they welcome when gifted to them. The meaning of a Buttercup flower are as follows: Childish, Neatness, Humility and Charm.


The reason that Buttercups links to childishness is due to the fact that they are so bright and appealing to children. As stated above we even used to play a little game with them to test if somebody liked butter or not. That is more mythological than anything, though it does stick to the fact that they are one of the most appealing flowers to younger people. They are small in size and incredibly delicate. 


Buttercups also are a symbol of neatness. The reason for this is because it has incredibly fine lines. Not exclusively because of this though, it also has very well organized petals.

Larger flowers can often create a little bit of mess just due to the overall size of them so if the person in your life that you want to gift some flowers to is a person that absolutely cannot stand any form of mess then a Buttercup flower is a perfect option for you to take as they will not have much clean up needed with them and they really are just a very beautiful little flower.


A Buttercup flower may not be one of the more over the top flowers that you can find but it is in many ways extremely subtle. The subtlety of them is what draws people to them, it is something so beautiful but also unbothered by being anything other than what it is.

This again is a reason as to why they are such great gifts to give and receive. They make a perfect gift to a loved one who’s beauty you also find subtle and within itself. 

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Another great meaning behind the Buttercup flower is the charm that it offers. As you can tell when looking at a Buttercup flower it is incredibly hard to miss the charming qualities in which it has.

Whether it is the bright color that a person finds charming about it or if it is the small size and beautiful petals that it possesses, one thing is for certain is that it is incredibly charming.

This makes it a great gift for you to give to somebody that you find charms you, or are in fact trying to charm yourself. Its radiance will be sure to impress anyone.

So Where Does It Get Its Name From

Well, that is quite an interesting one as there are a few different stories that explain where the Buttercup flower got its name from. Firstly, the Buttercup is of the genus, Ranunculus L. It is a combination of 93 different species. 

The first story where the Buttercup flower got its name from is an old legend that states a man named Ranunculus who had an incredible singing voice sang to women to try and impress them.

This led him to drop with exhaustion and unfortunately pass. Then, the small flower bloomed where he lay, which is why people named it after him. 

The second story talks of a completely different reason as to why the Buttercup flower got its name. People said that the cows that would eat or lie on the Buttercup would produce the sweetest milk. People then started to call the flower, the Buttercup.

In the third story it mentions an old miser who carried his sack of gold across a big field. Fairies spotted him as he did this, when they asked him to share his gold with them the old miser told them no.

To which the fairies grabbed a blade of grass and swiped at the sack leading all the gold coins to fall out onto the ground. When they hit the ground, the Buttercup flower sprung up wherever they landed. 

Finally, the fourth story explains a link between the flower and the Coyote eyes. Some people say that a Coyote took out its eyes and was playing with them by throwing them up into the air. When he did this one too many times, an Eagle swooped by catching them and flew away with them.

This obviously left the Coyote blind. Thus, the Coyote then plucked the small little Buttercup flower to give himself new eyes.

These are of course legends but they are an interesting theory to how the Buttercup got their name. As stated Buttercups will make a lovely gift for someone and will be lovely and decorative due to their simple and beautiful nature.

They are often used to celebrate friendship and family. They really are quite a mesmerizing plant. It will normally grow in the wild but can still be grown inside the home without any real issues. 

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Color Meaning

Naturally, a Buttercup will come in two different colors however when they are manufactured by humans they can grow to be a different color. It is always important to know the specific color of the flower and the meaning which lays behind it if you are going to give them to someone as a gift. 


Green is often seen as the color of optimism or good fortune. This can make a great gift for someone who has recently received some form of bad news to remind them that the bad times won’t last forever. It can also symbolize health, youth and renewal.

Green is often associated with energy so it is always good to have it around your home. Green buttercup flowers will often grow in the wild but you can absolutely keep it in your home or even plant it in your garden.


Yellow will often symbolize happiness or joy. In terms of celebratory events like someone’s birthday or perhaps the birth of a new born baby then you really can’t go wrong with gifting someone a bouquet of Yellow Buttercup flowers.

It can also be the symbol of new beginnings or just to symbolize friendship. If somebody that you know is in desperate need of their days being enlightened then gifting them a Yellow Buttercup is the perfect solution to that problem.

Even if you want to fill your home with a more positive vibe then this can be the perfect flower to have around your home.

Orange, Red And Pink

When Buttercups appear in these colors then they are of human craftsmanship. As stated naturally they will be of a Green or a Yellow coloring, but due to how many people just loved the overall look of Buttercups, people thought it would be a good idea to have them in a completely different form.

Red is synonymous with the idea of passion and love. Pink is a romantic color that can also symbolize love or even just a gentle nature. Orange is an example of strong emotions and again, passion. These will make a great present for your partner who you want to express love towards.

Perfect for Valentine’s day if you want to think outside the box as they certainly can seem like a rather unique gift to a loved one if they don’t know the meaning of it.

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Buttercup Messages

Speaking of what this specific flower means there are also a few hidden details for you to enjoy about them. One of those is that life doesn’t have to be boring and difficult, there are lots of ways to make life a little more interesting for yourself.

The Buttercup tells the story of joy and happiness and how important it is to have that or at least try to find that in your life. 

 If you pick a bouquet of Buttercup flowers and fill your home with their presence then you will hopefully notice a little bit more sunshine in your life. Sunshine can provide you with an incredible amount of positivity.

If you know you are prone to a few down days like everyone is, then filling your home with these Flowers really can lighten the mood. Their dainty nature will remind you of the elegance and subtlety that life is full of.

Dreaming Of Buttercups

It is said that when you dream of Buttercups that you are often missing your childhood and you should take action to remind yourself of it, whether that be to go an visit your parents or perhaps call an old friend that will remind you of the joy you had together in your childhood, it is normal to miss parts of your childhood, especially as you get older and things become a little more difficult in day to day life. 

Another meaning behind dreaming of Buttercup flowers is that you are making a lot of fast paced decisions. If you know this to be true then it can be a sign that you perhaps need to slow down and think more about the decisions that you are making.

Moving through life too fast can really be a drain after a while so it may be important for you to take heed of this message.

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In Conclusion

Buttercups are a lovely little flower that possess a lot of charm, neatness, humility and will often remind you of your childhood. It gets its name from a few different stories, the most interesting being that a Coyote was playing with its eyes by throwing them into the air, when an Eagle swooped down and flew away with them.

When this happened the Coyote was blind. It is said that the Coyote plucked Buttercups to provide itself with vision. Another story was that Cows who ate Buttercups provided the sweetest of milk.

 Green Buttercups are said to provide you with luck and good fortune. Green is a color that is often associated with good fortune. Yellow Buttercups will provide you with lots of joy and happiness in your life so it is always a good idea to have them lying around your house to fill you with positive energy.

If you are dreaming of Buttercups it might mean that you need to slow down with your life and make decisions a lot slower or that you are missing your childhood and you should call an old friend.

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