Amaryllis Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The amaryllis is a vibrant and beautiful flower, and when they bloom it truly is a spectacle to behold. This flower originates from tropical lands such as the Caribbean, or such as South Africa or even some islands in the South Seas.

It is true that people can find the amaryllis all over the world, except for super cold climates. The amaryllis flower grows from bulbs and each plant can produce two up to five flowers. They will stay in bloom for approximately six weeks.

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What Does The Amaryllis Flower Mean?

The amaryllis flower is especially large and they really command attention because they tower over nearby flowers.

It is true that the European gardeners in the 1800s were the first to discover the flower. These flowers seemed especially grand to the Victorians – so this meant that the amaryllis flower associates with pride. 

It is important to mention that calling someone ‘full of pride’ was usually a compliment in the Victorian times. Moreover, they thought prideful women are very beautiful.

In addition to this, the amaryllis flower can actually have different meanings depending on the area that the flower grows in. The Greeks associated this flower with success. Such is usually an award to prize winners of tournaments for this very reason. 

Victorian England saw separate features of this flower. First is tall. Second is sturdy. Due to this, they associated it with strength, and also pride and determination too.

It is true that this symbolism still rings true to this day, and ultimately the logic behind this does make sense. The amaryllis flower does stand especially tall and strong in comparison to the other winter flowers.

Etymological Meaning

Let’s begin with the Greeks… So, the Greeks called these flowers ‘amarullis’ which ultimately means splendor or sparkling. This is a word that seems to have come from a character that is in a popular poem by Virgil.

The poem is as follows: the beautiful nymph Amaryllis had an especially dramatic way of really declaring her love for a gardener called Alteo. Amaryllis pierced her heart with a golden arrow while at his door every day for one whole month.

This is the very reason why amaryllis flowers are a deep red hue. 

It’s important to note that the Amaryllis’ bloodshed did not impressed the gardener and he subsequently ignored her…

The Romans – who often would have spoken Greek during informal occasions – did borrow the Greek word and they subsequently translated this into the Latin amaryllis. So, modern English has been especially lazy and they have just picked up where Latin has left off.

Alternatively, the etymology of the word hippeastrum genus is Greek for ‘knight’s star’. So, it is especially common to recognize the amaryllis as meaning shiny or shining.

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The Symbolism

So, there are taxonomists and also botanists who debate over the exact species that amaryllises are – but the symbolism has not altered for a long time. So, as we mentioned before, the hue of the amaryllis symbolize the blood of the beautiful nymph Amaryllis.

For the Victorian gentlemen, an amaryllis does mean a strong and self-assured and beautiful woman.

The shape of the amaryllis, so the star-shaped or the trumpet-shaped amaryllis is a symbol of pride.

The amaryllis flower can also symbolize hope – the amaryllis flower is a flower that represents strength and also determination, but most importantly it is a symbol of hope. There are a lot of different varieties of the amaryllis flower and they can all have a different meaning.

Color Meaning

As we have mentioned before, the amaryllis is very rarely anything other than red. The color red has strong connotations – but in this case there is the traditional symbolism to refer to.

The red of the amaryllis flower represents the nymph Amaryllis’ blood after piercing herself with an arrow in a bid to demonstrate her love. Alas, the gardener did not think all that much of this and rejected her.

In addition to this, the red amaryllis denotes passion and love, requited love or unrequited love and also beauty. In addition to this, in China red is a lucky color too.

Alternatively, an orange amaryllis means good health and happiness too – and yellow means happiness along with luck and good times ahead.

The purple amaryllis flower signifies not only royalty, but it also signifies the spirituality of life. The pink amaryllis signifies more than just femininity, it also represents the solidity of friendship.

The white amaryllis on the other hand does symbolize femininity along with children and innocence. People used white amaryllis that are more lily-like in appearance for mourning a loved one. 

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics

So, it is true that the amaryllis is unlike any other flower, in that there is no tradition of the amaryllis giving any kind of medical cures. There are no medical cures linked to the amaryllis flower, or any products which are made with amaryllis bulbs or plants.

It is true that amaryllis flowers are used in order to make essential oils for perfumes and also aromatherapy products; the scent of the amaryllis flower is thought to be especially relaxing but it is also meant to be energizing too.

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Special Occasions For The Amaryllis Flowers

It is true that the amaryllis flower is the perfect festive season flower. We most often see it during the Christmas period.

This is due to the flower most commonly being a deep red in color, and this is what makes the flower perfect for giving as a festive gift. In addition to this, the amaryllis flower is especially great to come across in the festive season.

It is important to mention that the amaryllis flower is not as widely recognized as the poinsettia flower, but nevertheless the amaryllis flower still symbolizes the festive season. Even when it is not Christmas, the amaryllis flower is still a beautiful gift.

It is true that the amaryllis flower does symbolize different things to different people and to different cultures all over the globe, so this is also why the flower makes the perfect gift all year round. 

Cultural Significance

The amaryllis flower is a part of a Greek legend which is especially romantic. The legend surrounds a maiden called Amaryllis and also a shepherd called Alteo. 

The Greek legend is especially entertaining, and is about Alteo – a strong shepherd who has a deep love of flowers and also of beautiful plants. However, Alteo did not have any kind of interest in any of the maidens within the village.

So, as a means of winning his love Amaryllis spoke to the Oracle of Delphi and then she followed the advice that she received from the oracle.

So, Amaryllis then walks to Alteo’s house every day for as long as thirty days, and she would pierce her heart with a golden arrow and she would spill her blood along Alteo’s path every day.

When she pierced her heart for the final time, Amaryllis did notice some beautiful red flowers springing up in the spots that her blood had spilled. She then scooped up these flowers and she delivered them to Alteo; he could not believe the beauty of the flowers.

And, he was also struck by the beauty of Amaryllis herself. Then they fell for each other and Alteo named the flowers after her. 

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Amaryllis Flower Facts

So, the amaryllis flower has a few interesting facts that are worth taking note of. It is true that not all the flowers that are known as amaryllis are considered to be true. That’s right, the other flowers are in the genus hippeastrum.

Other common names that are given to the amaryllises are naked ladies and also belladonna lillies. The amaryllis flowers are distantly related to lilies so that explains this nickname and also the shape of the lilies.

An amaryllis bulb will be able to live for up to 75 years, and some of the species of amaryllis will be able to grow up to six inches in diameter. The amaryllis flowers will usually be sold as alternatives to poinsettias around the festive season.

The amaryllis flowers will also attract carpenter bees – and these are vital to the amaryllis flowers because they need bees for pollination.

Amaryllis Flower Uses

The amaryllis flower is mostly used for gifting during the winter season, and this is something that your friends and your family will absolutely love. It is true that the amaryllis flower is distantly related to lilies and their appearance resembles that of a lily.

This is what makes the flower so appealing when it comes to gifting this to people and loved ones. 

It is true that when it comes to the amaryllis, the bigger the bulb then the bigger that the bloom will be! That’s right, as far as the amaryllis flower is concerned size really does matter!

If you are a keen gardener then you really need to look for larger amaryllis bulbs because they will give you more stalks and also flowers. In addition to this, it is important to mention that amaryllis bulbs can actually live for up to 75 years, you will be able to enjoy this flower for a long time.

What Is The Symbolism Of An Amaryllis Flower Tattoo

Getting a tattoo of an amaryllis flower, especially in its well-recognized red hue would be especially attractive and attention grabbing. This tattoo would be a symbol of strength, and also of hope.

This would be the perfect tattoo to get as a tribute to someone who you love dearly, and if there is a person who reminds you of the amaryllis flower then this would be the perfect tribute to them..

The amaryllis tattoo can be delicate through intricate linework, or it could be a colored work in the classic amaryllis hue. It all depends as to what your personal style and preference is when it comes to tattoos – but either way this tattoo would be especially beautiful.

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In Conclusion

Although the amaryllis flower is especially beautiful, it is not as popular as poinsettia flowers or even sprigs of mistletoe during the festive season. The amaryllis flower is not usually seen in homes and gardens, but this is something that is changing.

People are now admiring the amaryllis flower and this flower is a popular gift during the festive season because they are most commonly found in a deep red hue.

However, amaryllis flowers are much more of a festive treat than anything else – but there is no limit on how often they can be gifted to people. The amaryllis flower can also be pink, orange, white, yellow or even purple so this makes the amaryllis flower a great gift for any time of the year.

The history of the amaryllis flower is especially interesting too, so this is another engaging feature of the flower too. Ultimately, the amaryllis is the ultimate and also one of the most underrated festive flowers.

The amaryllis makes the perfect gift all year round. But, this festive flower is an especially great gift for the Christmas season. The amaryllis flower is most commonly seen in the red hue and this is especially festive.

The amaryllis flower will allow you to really add a little something extra to your table decoration, or to your lounge area during the winter season. Thus, you and the guests who visit your house will absolutely love them.

Also, unlike poinsettia flowers these are non-toxic to your pets so if you are a dog or cat owner then you can enjoy the amaryllis flower in your home.

The meanings and symbolism behind the amaryllis flower is what makes this flower a great gift choice – the flower symbolizes pride and strength and determination and also hope.

This keeps in with the festive season, and this is a great flower to communicate to your friends how much you love them.

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