120 Inspirational Journal Prompts For Creativity To Grow And Prosper

Last Updated on September 4, 2023

Creativity is recognized as one of the most important aspects of who we are as human beings. Journal prompts for creativity can help you tap into and nurture this essential part of your identity, fostering innovation and inspiration in your life.

The Ancient Greeks put enormous value on creativity and from this civilization came some of the greatest artistic works ever.

In today’s society governments tend to place more value on math, science, engineering and technology with school curricula leaning heavily in this direction.

This means that there is less funding and support in general for the arts, yet the creative spirit within us needs to be expressed.

We love to take in a musical or a play, enjoy strolling through art galleries, gather to watch dance, and flock to hear our favorite orchestras and bands.

The fact is that each of us has creativity within us. Even if we will never be on stage or have our artistic efforts displayed in a gallery, we all have a creative seed and growing that seed can enrich our lives.

In this article I look at creative journal prompts. These prompts will help you reflect on the creative spirit you possess and help you to find ways of expressing that creativity.

Come along with me as I discuss how journaling about creativity can bring greater satisfaction to your life.

Journal Prompts For Creativity And Passion

Many of us have jobs that require us to sit in front of a computer for hours every day. It can be easy to lose touch with the creative part of ourselves.

It can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling to awaken the creative part of our being.

Do not feel that just because you weren’t good in art in high school, that you never learned to play an instrument when you were young, or that you feel like you have two left feet hold you back from exploring your creative side.

Children have a natural inclination to express themselves creatively. They are uninhibited about moving freely, singing out loud, and drawing pictures to express what they love.

Sadly, as we get older many of us build a wall around the creative part of ourselves and we develop a fear of expressing ourselves creatively.

The fear of looking foolish or being judged negatively by others makes us squelch those creative juices.

The prompts that follow can help you unlock the door to your creativity. They are gentle prompts to look at your life, what makes you happy, what stresses you out, and what you would like to improve.

These prompts help you to assess where you’re at in your life and where you would like to be.

Through journaling you can come to understand what you are passionate about and how you can tap into your creativity to be more fulfilled in your life.

Go for it!

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30 Journaling Prompts For Creativity & Passion

1. “What are some areas of your life in which you are too harsh with yourself? Write down some loving statements to show appreciation of where you currently are in your life.”

2. “Describe a time you got what you wanted, but it did not turn out how you expected.”

3. “Make a list of 100 things you could do to take better care of yourself. Pick one item to do today. Tip: Number the list as you go or before you get started.”

4. “When during the week do you typicaly feel best? Do you have a favourite day or part of the week? Describe how you feel. Why do you think you feel this way?”

5. “What is your favourite way to start the day? What makes you feel energised and peaceful?”

6. “When do you feel like you rush too much in your life? Could you slow down and enjoy the process more?”

7. “Write the letter you always wished you would receive. It could be from a lover, partner, parent, friend, colleague, or any other person.”

8. “What’s one thing you are avoiding?”

9. “What thing do you currently want for your life? It can be an experience, change, or material item.”

10. “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do differently in your life?”

11. “If you could speak your truth, what would you say?”

12. “Imagine someone hired a private detective to follow you for the day. What would they find?”

13. “Where was the favourite place you’ve ever lived or visited? (Even for a moment.) Describe why you liked it.”

14. “Write a letter to your future self. Include at least one piece of advice.”

"Write a letter to your future self. Include at least one piece of advice."-Journal Prompts For Creativity

15. “Describe a time you felt lucky or fortunate.”

16. “Describe something you gave up on that you still wonder about (a relationship, a job, a passion, a hobby, or other). Why did you give up? What would happen if you tried again? What would happen if you let go of wondering?”

17. “Make a list of 100 things you could do to be more passionate in your life. Pick one item to do today. Tip: Number the list as you go or before you get started.”

18. “Write about a time you cried.”

19. “Describe an unexpected moment that changed your life for the better.”

20. “What behaviour do you want to change in yourself?”

21. “Write about something that gives you great pleasure in life.”

22. “Write a letter to someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while.”

23. “Write a letter to a close friend. Tell them the ways you care about them.”

24. “Complete this phrase, ‘Something that comes effortlessly to me is …’ (There can be more than one thing.)”

25. “Do you have a place you’d like to move or travel to? Why do you want to go? What do you hope to do once you get there? If you don’t have a place, why not?”

26. “Write a letter to a younger version of yourself. Include at least one piece of advice.”

27. “Make a list of 100 things you like about yourself. Tip: Number the list as you go or before you get started.”

28. “If you could do anything, what would you do?”

29. “Write about a time you laughed.”

30. “Describe your ideal day, from waking up to going to sleep.”

Journal Prompts For Filling The Jars

Journaling is a safe and satisfying way to explore your creativity and bring this part of yourself to light.

We all have various aspects that make up who we are. Due to our jobs and the reality of our personal lives and responsibilities, some of those parts of ourselves can get diminished.

Often it is our creative side that doesn’t get developed and expanded, but it can yield greater happiness and fulfillment in all parts of our life.

Take a look at these journal prompts that can help you to fill the jars that make you who you are, and the various aspects of your life.

What are some things you would like to do in the next five years of your life that will make you happy or fulfilled? Write a list, draw pictures, or make a vision board page in your journal. Pick one or two things you could do within the next day that would help make this happen.

I love this prompt!

I can become caught up in the day-to-day demands of my life and lose sight of where I want my life to go.

When I take time to reflect on where I want to be in five years and write about those ideas, it helps to bring clarity.

I like to both write a list and make a vision board, and then write about concrete steps I can take the next day and that week in order to start reaching my five-year goals!

This creative activity really helps me to get where I want to be and it can help you, too!

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20 Journal Prompts For Filling The Jars

31. “You are the world’s most well-known authority on one subject — what is it? How did you become so knowledgeable on that particular subject?”

32. “Write about an object you can see near you and the story behind it.”

33. “What member of your family are you most like? What common traits do the two of you share, and how are you different? What would happen if you switched places for a week?”

34. “Browse through the recent photos you’ve taken. Write for five minutes or more on one photo and why it makes this particular moment so special to you. What do these memories mean?”

35. “Write a very short story designed to make a child you know laugh hysterically. Include both real-life and imaginary items and people.”

36. “List three qualities that are important to you. Do these qualities align with the life that you are living right now?”

37. “Three beings live in the deepest parts of your mind: a good being, an evil one and a balanced one. What type of interactions and shenanigans do these beings get up to?”

38. “Choose a character from one of your favorite books and write about them. What is it like to be in their shoes on this particular day, doing the things that they do every day?”

39. “Create a poem from something that’s happening right now, such as watching TV or listening to music.”

40. “What might be the result of an encounter between your current self and your older, wiser self?”

41. “Write a story from your point of view about something that happened today. Then, write the same story from the point of view of someone else who was there.”

42. “What is your favorite time of day? What makes it special?”

"What is your favorite time of day? What makes it special?"

43. “What are some things you would like to do in the next five years of your life that will make you happy or fulfilled? Write a list, draw pictures, or make a vision board page in your journal. Pick one or two things you could do within the next day that would help make this happen.”

44. “What was the last book you read? What was the title? Who was your favorite character and why?”

45. “Choose a word that you want to explore for five minutes or more. Write about what this word means to you, where it comes from, if there are any other meanings associated with it — anything you can think of!”

46. “What do you imagine the world will look like ten years from now? What do you think will be the same, and what will be different?”

47. “Create a list of things that make you happy — either write the words or draw pictures.”

48. “Go through all of the pictures on your phone until you find one with a stranger in the background. Now write about their day leading up to the moment the photo was taken.”

49. “What celebrity would you love to spend the day with? Who is it, what would you do or talk about?”

50. “You are stranded on a deserted island with plenty of food and water, but only one other person — who would it be? What would you do with this other person to pass the time or better your situation?”

Inspiring Journal Prompts To Know

Looking for inspiration? These journal prompts are little gems that will get those creative juices flowing!

The prompts in this list are brief and reflect a fun, creative vibe. When you want something lighthearted to think and write about, turn to this list of inspiring prompts.

Here are some great examples of these fun prompts:

5 Silly ways to pass the time during a snowstorm.

Describe your ideal picnic lunch.

How would you decorate your tiny home?

Design your own tree including what would grow on it.

These unique journal prompts will get you thinking in new, creative ways and put a smile on your face.

Check out the whole list of prompts and see what appeals to you!

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24 Inspiring Journal Prompts To Know

51. “3 Different directions you can go at a cross in the woods on a sunny day.”

52. “What are the best ways to eat chocolate?”

53. “A little bit about yourself as a cat.”

54. “All the fruits in your fruit salad:”

55. “Bunnies can communicate with you telepathically. What are they saying?”

56. “10 Things you could use as snowshoes in a pinch.”

57. “10 Sparkling silver objects:”

58. “How many layers to your ice cream sandwich? Describe or draw each one.”

59. “5 Silly ways to pass the time during a snowstorm.”

60. “Describe your ideal picnic lunch.”

"Describe your ideal picnic lunch."-Journal Prompts For Creativity

61. “How would you decorate your tiny home?”

62. “Design your own tree including what would grow on it.”

63. “List 10 new places to visit in the next 3 years.”

64. “5 Reasons to smile.”

65. “Describe the most beautiful home you’ve ever visited.”

66. “Your favorite books of all time:”

67. “5 Pretty things which are faux patent leather.”

68. “Your unicorn’s special magic.”

69. “5 Unusual places to discover magic glitter:”

70. “Shiney, hand-forged copper pots for _____.”

71. “The best place you ever dined.”

72. “The scroll indicates you have been bequeathed _____.”

73. “What flowers are in your bouquet?”

74. “Describe or draw the adorable cartoon mouse eating your favorite cheese.”

Journal Prompts To Ignite A New Spark

Have you been thinking about journaling for a while but you just haven’t taken that final step?

Have you been journaling for a while, but have been away from it for a period of time and have lost your drive?

Whichever category you belong to, you will find motivation in the list of journal prompts to “ignite a new spark.”

In order to appeal to everyone, the prompts represent a number of different topics.

I have gone to this list of prompts often, whenever I am in need of a boost in the journaling department.

I find that just reading the list gets me excited to journal and more often than not, my journaling re-ignites my commitment to a goal to improve my life.

I particularly like the prompt:

What do you need more of in your life? 

When I respond to this prompt I am excited to recommit to healthy habits. 

I go over my plan for eating better and exercising and tweak it to make it more effective!

Sometimes I need to go back to the basics and I find the following prompt super helpful:

What are your core values?

Answering this prompt gets me grounded in what I believe. I can then examine my life to see if I am living according to my core values. This inevitably causes me to change some things for the better.

Read through the list below and you may find just what you need to ignite a new spark in your journaling and in your life!

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46 Journal Prompts To Ignite New Spark

75. “What is one thing you would like to change about yourself? Why?”

76. “What did you want to become when you were a child?”

77. “Is there something about yourself you have never told anyone? Why?”

78. “What are your core values?”

79. “When was the last time you made a courageous decision?”

80. “When was the last time you apologized to someone?”

"When was the last time you apologized to someone?"

81. “Do you believe in free will?”

82. “What do you need more of in your life?”

83. “How would you define love?”

84. “What are your three biggest priorities at the moment?”

85. “If you could go back to school, what would you study?”

86. “If you could go back in time, which era would you pick to live the rest of your life?”

87. “If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?”

88. “What is something you keep avoiding, and why?”

89. “What is your best childhood memory?”

90. “If you had to move to another city, which one would it be? Why?”

91. “What was your most embarrassing moment?”

92. “What book or movie has most impacted your life?”

93. “How would your friends describe you?”

94. “What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?”

95. “Did you ever experience a failure that turned out to be a blessing?”

96. “Where do I get your best ideas from?”

97. “What is something from your past you still feel guilty about?”

98. “Are you taking care of yourself enough?”

99. “Where do you want to be in five years?”

"Where do you want to be in five years?"-Journal Prompts For Creativity

100. “Imagine you are the last person on Earth, and you are able to make one wish. What would you wish for?”

101. “What is currently holding you back from creating your best work?”

102. “What is the kindest thing you have ever done for someone?”

103. “What do you think is the least socially acceptable aspect of your personality?”

104. “What does a perfect day look like to you?”

105. “What is happiness to you?”

106. “What aspect of your personality are you most proud of?”

107. “Is there something you are afraid of? What is your deepest fear?”

108. “How do you want to be remembered after you die?”

109. “Do you believe in the concept of a life purpose? Why, or why not? If you have a life purpose, what is it?”

110. “What do you love to do for fun?”

111. “What is something you feel is missing from your life?”

112. “What is a habit you want to change?”

113. “What is a regret you have?”

114. “What would your dream home look like?”

115. “What does “time well spent” mean to you?”

116. “If you could master any skill, what would you choose?”

117. “What has been bothering you recently?”

118. “If I could have anything written on a massive billboard where you live, what would it be?”

119. “How would you describe life to an alien?”

120. “Who is someone you wish you had stayed in touch with?”

"Who is someone you wish you had stayed in touch with?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are “Journal Prompts For Creativity”?

“Journal Prompts for Creativity” are thought-provoking questions or prompts designed to stimulate creative thinking and inspiration. They encourage individuals to explore their creative potential through writing and reflection.

How Often Should I Use Journal Prompts For Creativity?

The frequency is up to you, but regularly incorporating journal prompts into your routine, such as daily or weekly, can help keep your creative juices flowing and provide a structured outlet for your thoughts and ideas.

How Frequently Should I Use Journal Prompts For Creativity?

The frequency of using these prompts is entirely up to you. Some people find value in daily journaling for consistent creativity, while others use them as needed when seeking inspiration or overcoming creative blocks.

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