Alyssum Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The alyssum flower is a favorite flower of gardeners across the world, because it is an especially cheerful flower due to the wide variety of colors that the flower comes in. The alyssum flower has an especially vibrant history, and the flower has a lot of interesting meaning and symbolism behind it too. 

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What Does The Alyssum Flower Mean?

The meaning of the alyssum flower is divine, it means ‘worth beyond beauty’ or it means ‘sweetness of soul’ as far as the Victorian language of flowers is concerned. The alyssum flower is also a plant which has a pretty impressive role within witchcraft. 

That’s right, especially dedicated practitioners will claim that the alyssum flower helps to deflect spells that are not friendly. Additionally to this, the alyssum flower will help you to cultivate your inner sense of calmness and you will also be able to avoid anger due to this.

Etymological Meaning Of The Alyssum Flower

The ‘scientific’ name of the alyssum flower is ‘lobularia maritima’, and it is true that all genus alyssum flowers are mainly Eurasian in origin. It is important to note that they also have racemes of white or yellow blooms. 

The etymological meaning of the alyssum flower is ‘worth beyond beauty’ or even ‘sweetness of soul’ in the language of the flower world.

The name ‘alyssum’ is derived from the Greek word ‘lyssa’ which translates to meaning anger or bitterness, therefore the etymological meaning of the alyssum flower is bitterness and anger.

The etymological meaning of the flower can be especially confusing because this is a huge contradiction to the appearance of the alyssum flower; a beautiful, dainty yet vibrant flower whose etymological meaning does not translate to match its appearance.

In addition to this, the etymological meaning of the alyssum flower can relate to the Greek word alusson. So, in ancient Greek ‘a’ means without and then ‘lussa’ means rabies; this is a nod to the fact that the plant was actually used as a rabies treatment.

Today, the etymological meaning comes down to being ‘without madness’, so the alyssum flower does explain some of its uses within witchcraft through this. In addition to this, this also underlines the sweetness that the alyssum flower carries within the language of flowers.

The Symbolism Of The Alyssum Flower

The alyssum flower is an especially aromatic bloom and for this reason, the flower emits an especially tranquil and an especially spiritual aura. This is meant to symbolize emotional balance and harmony within the home and the workplace.

The alyssum flower is most recognized for being a symbol of beauty, but it is also meant to be a protector from dangerous situations too.

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Alyssum Flower Color Meaning

Like all flowers, the color of the alyssum flower does have an influence on the overall meaning of the flower. For instance, the white alyssum flower is visually gorgeous and it represents innocence and also purity. The white alyssum flower is also a representation of elegance and also patience.

The violet alyssum flower has a honey-like aroma and this alyssum flower germinates especially quickly, and it spreads really fast. For this very reason the violet alyssum flower represents how we are constantly evolving and growing everyday, and how we are constantly learning every day.

The pink alyssum flower is especially sweet and also charming, and it is true that the fresh pink and white mix of these flowers is what really sets apart these alyssum flowers from the others.

However, this variation of alyssum flower can’t withstand extreme heat, so this is more of a springtime flower. The pink represents youthful joy and the hue also represents the love of life itself. 

The navy blue alyssum flower is usually seen in deeper aqua or even darker purple shades. This variation of alyssum flower can actually withstand some pretty extreme weather conditions; the color represents resilience and perseverance and also patience.

This flower withstands a whole host of weather conditions and is a lower maintenance alyssum flower.

In addition to the different colored alyssum flowers, there are also different sizes of alyssum flowers. There is the ‘tiny Tim’ variant, which is the dwarf alyssum flower variant. This means that this flower does not grow more than 3 inches in height.

This is an especially beautiful white bloom, and this variety can actually bloom for the entirety of summer, and it only takes a week to be able to germinate too. 

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Meaningful Botanical Characteristics Of The Alyssum Flower

The alyssum flower is especially small and the clusters of the flowers will be especially dense. This offers sweetness and also innocence, and the Victorians would have highly approved of this. The alyssum flower is an especially old plant and its original medical purposes have now been antiquated.

It is true that the alyssum flower genus does have between 100 and 200 different species – how crazy?! The alyssum flower is part of the Brassicaceae family, and this family also has mustards and cruciferous vegetables as part of this family.

The most common alyssum plant variation is the Lobularia maritima, and this is pretty much synonymous with alyssum maritimum, however the Latin name is especially outdated now. In addition to this, the aurinia saxatilis is also named alyssum but the two should not be confused.

They might be pretty similar in the way that they look, but taxonomically they do differ. 

The alyssum flower is considered to be an annual shrub, and it can be recognized by its branching stems with its small green leaves. The alyssum flowers come out in the early summer, and it is also visible in a wide variety of colors. The alyssum flower comes in reds, pinks, whites, purples and blues.

Special Occasions For The Alyssum Flowers

The alyssum flower can be adored and appreciated in day-to-day life, or it can be the perfect accompanying floral for a special occasion. The alyssum flower is perfect for decorating your garden, as it is non-toxic to your pets and the flowers are relatively low maintenance too. 

The alyssum flowers could also be beautiful as part of a bouquet of flowers to give someone on their birthday or on an anniversary. 

Alyssum Flower Cultural Significance

The alyssum flower is not native to any one place. This is because the alyssum flower is a large genus. The alyssum flower can be found all over Europe, along with Asia and Africa. But, the alyssum flower is a prolific species in and around the Mediterranean too.

The lobularia maritima is native to the Canary Islands, the Madeira and also Cape Verde. This is also located naturally in parts of France. The easy-going temperament of the flower does make it especially cosmopolitan in today’s society.

In addition to this, the alyssum flowers first bloom at around June time and it will continue to produce blossoms until the forest. Or, depending on the climate that you reside in, the flowers could come on earlier or they could come on later.

Alyssum Flower Facts

The alyssum flower was used as an antidote for illnesses such as rabies, and the alyssum flower would help to soothe enraged spirits – but it is no longer used in this way.

It is important to note that alyssum flowers bloom the best when they are exposed to at the very least six hours of direct sunlight. The alyssum flower tolerates very little shade. In warmer areas, plants really thrive when they are shielded from afternoon light, and whilst alyssum seedlings might be able to cope with milder colds, these plants will often be obliterated by colder temperatures.

The alyssum flower can start off from being a seed or from being a plant, both of these are especially accessible. If you want your alyssum flower to begin from a seed then you need to spread the seeds gently on top of the soil and then you can softly push them down.

You can do this so that the alyssum flower seeds have great touch with the ground, but then they also remain exposed to light. You also need to make sure that you keep the soil wet and this is essential until germination occurs, and then you can water the alyssum when needed.

The alyssum flower needs to be sown outdoors when the soil feels especially warm to touch. It is important to note that you can begin the alyssum seed inside for approximately eight weeks before the last frost date in your area.

You should not move the alyssum flower seeds until after any danger of frost has surpassed. When the alyssum flower has been established it is especially cold resistant, but more delicate transplants will not be cold tolerant.

In addition to this, deadheading the sweet alyssum will make sure that the plants will continue to thrive and flower, or in other words they will immediately get new buds. If you have a particularly big drift of plants then you will find that shearing your alyssum flowers in half opposed to deadheading then may be a much more convenient choice.

There are certain types of alyssum flower which will self-seed well, but the plants will tend to return to the relatively unruly species which pruning will really help tame.

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Alyssum Flower Uses

The alyssum flower is usually found on beaches or even on dunes, this is where they naturally reside. In addition to this, the alyssum flower is a cold season flower so it is planted early on in the spring and then it will be cultivated in the frost free locations during the autumn and the winter.

It is true that sweet alyssum flowers bloom pretty quickly, so this is a flower which can be gifted anytime!

The alyssum flower is the perfect flower for weddings, funerals, parties, valentines days or even anniversaries.

The alyssum flower is commonly used as an ornamental plant but it does actually serve a pretty minor role in the kitchen. In addition to this, the alyssum flower is an especially great addition to your natural pest toolkit too.

The alyssum flower is also non-toxic to your pets so this makes it a great flower to have in your garden space, as this will not pose any threat to your beloved pets.

You will also find that if you plant these in your garden that butterflies and bees will be drawn to your garden. This is due to the sweet smell of the alyssum flower, and the insects will absolutely lap this up.

What Is The Symbolism Of An Alyssum Flower Tattoo

The alyssum flower tattoo can be achieved through distinctive linework, or color can also be incorporated to define the color symbolism which suits you. If you are a lover of dainty and delicate floral artwork, and you want to get something inked on your body, then the alyssum flower is the perfect choice.

This tattoo will compliment the skin in a gentle and elegant way. The alyssum flower is especially elegant and intricate and this will make a beautiful tattoo design.

In Conclusion

The alyssum flower has a lot of interesting attributes which makes it stand apart from other flowers, and the meaning and symbolism behind this flower is intricate and unique.

The alyssum flowers are especially stunning, and this is clear from their appearance and also their scent. The alyssum flower gives a feeling of complete elegance to any location, and this is an especially perfect flower for beginner gardeners to plant.

The alyssum flower is an especially versatile plant, and this is not just because it carries multiple etymological meanings and also multiple symbolic meanings… It is also available in a vast range of colors which is really fun.

Traditionally, the flower would have been referred to as the ‘sweet alyssum’ and this really underlines everything that you need to know about the flower. It is a flower that represents true sweetness and true calm through the language of flowers.

The alyssum has a great reputation as a flower of being especially gentle and especially restrained. They are likely to have stemmed first from the ancients; the flower then made its way to the Victorian era and then into modern Wicca.

The alyssum is the perfect flower for appreciating day-to-day. It is the perfect flower to grow in your garden even if you are a beginner. This is because the alyssum flower is especially low-maintenance and it can withstand a lot of weather conditions with relatively little maintenance. 

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