Goat: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Goats are strange creatures and not really ones you think about when it comes to the spiritual meaning. Usually, the far more exciting animals like wolves or tigers are often the first to get the spotlight. But the nature of the goat and what they show you can really hit home. 

Goats typically symbolize sure-footedness, creativity, energy, desire, tranquility, faith, and aspiration. There are obviously a lot of religions and myths surrounding these animals, some more flattering than others. But, the goat is actually a very positive creature. Thus, if you have a goat totem, spirit animal, or power animal you are in excellent company. 

Goat: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

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Goat Spirit Animal Meaning

If you feel a connection to goats or can relate to the symbolism surrounding them, one of these fascinating animals might be your spirit animal.

As a spirit animal, a goat can symbolize a new beginning or great luck coming your way. They also measure up your sense of independence and highlight the level of ambition you might feel. The goat spirit animals symbolize how much you need to progress in life, as well as showcase your self-worth. They teach you to stay away from a monotonous and stagnant life for your own well-being. Whether that is spiritual or physical. 

Seeing goats a lot everyday can indicate the need to distance yourself from things not worthy of you. Also, distance yourself from things that are putting a stop to progress you need to make. 

When you delve into the greater meaning of the goat, you might find that they are showing you that you need to achieve greater heights or that things you have been working on will finally come to fruition. 

Goat Totem Animal Meaning

A totem animal is one that walks with your whole life. It is the one helping and guiding you by giving you the strength to get through life. Totem animals come from many cultures, Indian, Africa, South America, and North America to name a few. So, what does a goat totem mean?

If your totem animal is a goat it will teach you not to doubt your potential or yourself. You can achieve what you desire and the stubborn nature of the goat definitely helps you realize this. 

They will teach you that knowledge is power and anything is doable if you work hard enough. 

You are stronger than you think, and no hardship can truly break you or your spirit. No matter what you are going through, you can come out safely and much stronger for the experience. 

A wild goat, like an ibex, teaches us about the changing of the seasons, the fragility of life and death. They show you the fertility of animals, humans, and the soil. They are indicating that life changes and all things have a season. 

If you are patient as you work hard on your various projects, you are sure to reap when you sew. You only have to persevere and keep working hard. 

If you look at the mountain goat, you learn that you should strive to climb higher. Never doubt what you are capable of. You are so much better than a mundane life. You need to get out there and take that scary leap to start climbing the mountain. This will allow you to live a life that is worthy of you and makes you happy. 

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Goat Power Animal Meaning

If you call on a goat as your power animal, especially when you need independence and more in your life, this can mean you are looking to add new things into your universe. A goat can bring you confidence and spiritual development if you call on them. 

A person that feels as though they are in the wrong place might call on a goat power animal to help motivate you into getting projects up and running again. 

If you are in need of patience in your life, goats are great symbols of picking and choosing battles wisely. While they do fight hard when the situation calls for it, they tend to only take on what they are able to. So, channel the goat’s power to be patient and wait for the right time to make a move on something. 

The Meaning Of A Goat In Dreams

There are a lot of different interpretations of seeing a goat in your dreams. Each person may have a different or personal attachment to these animals. In broad terms seeing a goat can mean that there will be success and wealth in your future. This is especially if you start saving your money. In addition to that, a goat can mean that you will encounter obstacles or be provoked. But, because of the goat’s hard-headedness, you can expect to make your way through with no trouble. 

Did you know that seeing different colored coats can have different meanings? Not only that, but the number of goats, location, or even the condition of the goat can mean something different and unique. 

  • A Single White Goat: If you are lucky enough to see w white goat in your dream you are in luck, this colored goat is lucky, and you can expect to see good things happen in your life. 
  • A Single Black Goat: Black goats are bad luck, and quite badly so. They specifically indicate imminent illness within your family. But a black goat can also mean you will generally have bad luck, it can also mean that your family will suffer through a problematic period or that a lover might disappoint you. 
  • A Herd of White Goats: There are different interpretations of this dream, one of the most common is that there may be obstacles appearing in your life, and because of this you may struggle to finish what you have started. 
  • A Herd of Black and White Goats: On the flip side, if you see a herd of black and white goats in your dreams, you are going to see a lot of good luck in your future. 
  • A Thin Goat: A thin goat is a sign of poverty and can be a symbol of bad luck. Sadly, seeing a thin goat means you will have financial problems in the future. 
  • A Fat Goat: A fat goat can mean that you will be living in the lap of luxury, it means that your life will be joyful and that you will soon make a lot of money. 
  • A Tame Goat: A domestic goat can be an indicator of wellness and success in the near future, so you can rest at ease and wait for good things to come your way. 
  • A Wild Goat: Seeing a wild goat can be a symbol of freedom and equality, so you can expect to either achieve your freedom from some mold or see this dream as a symbol of your life going the right way. 
  • A Goat With Antlers: A goat with a large set of horns can be an indicator of a successful career in the next part of your life. 
  • Milking Goats: This dream can be a bad sign, it can once again indicate a family member growing ill or can be a symbol of you losing your good reputation. 
  • Drinking Goats Milk: If you are drinking goat’s milk in your dream you can expect to encounter some problems in the near future, while they should not be serious they will be inconvenient and may hinder your desire to achieve certain goals. 
  • Grazing Goats: If you see goats grazing in your dream, it can be a warning that you need to be extra careful when choosing an emotional partner. You should be especially aware of people that are immoral or dishonest. 
  • Goat Attack: if you are headbutted by a goat in your dream, it can be a sign to curb your gambling because you will lose a great deal of money in the near future if you are not careful. 
  • Goats on a Mountain: Similarly, a goat on a mountain is a symbol of richness and wealth that you can expect to see sometime in the near future. 
  • A Goat on a High Rock: If you see a goat standing on a high rock above everything else, you can expect to see wealth and abundance sometime in the near future. 
  • Killing a Goat: If you see yourself killing a goat in your dreams, it can indicate an indifference to everything around you. It can be a warning that you need to change your attitude so that you do not become extremely unhappy. 
  • A Goat with Cubs: If you see a goat looking after a lion cub, or, it can mean that you will receive help and care in the future. 

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The Meaning Of Goats In Tattoos

There are a lot of different meanings behind goat tattoos, they are a full spectrum in terms of meaning. While they can be symbols of good and purity, they can also be associated with evil. Different cultures have a variety of meanings each different to the last. within that. A person’s point of view can mean that each individual will associate a different meaning to these animals. Not only that but their experiences, too.

A few of the meanings associated with goats are as follows: 

  • Curiosity: Goats are naturally curious creatures. 
  • Ambition: They are hard-headed and tend to get their way.
  • Curiosity: A goat can be a curious creature, loving to explore the world around them. 
  • Wealth: Many people see goats as lucky creatures that will bring them good fortune
  • Fertility: Goats are prolific breeders and are always in abundance, which is where this symbolism comes from. 
  • Spiritual Cleanliness: These animals were often used as sacrifices and as such are symbols of faith and worthiness. 
  • Intelligence: Goats are intelligent animals that learn from experience. 
  • Playfulness: Goats love to play and frolic, so it only seems right that they are symbolic of playfulness. 
  • Food and Shelter Provision: As herd animals, shepherds have been taken care of for many years, goats are fed and cared for, which is why they are symbolic of these things. 

As a general rule, these are the things goats are most associated with. But, there are variations of goats that can be seen in the tattooing world. For example, a goat skull tattoo can be a symbol for the connection to death and mortality. A goat is a relatively fearless creature that will fight hard. Thus, it is a great mix with the idea of mortality and showing that you do not fear it. 

There are also the satanic connotations associated with goats. The symbolism used in satanic imagery often depicts a goat and a pentagram. Such is a religious symbol of evil and opposition to Christianity. 

If you see a half-goat half-fish, it can be a symbol of the zodiac. This idea can symbolize the Greek Legend of Pan jumping into the Nile river and fighting a great sea monster. 

There are a great many interpretations of goats in the world of tattoos. But, none are inherently correct or incorrect. It is more about your own personal opinions and interpretation you assign to your tattoo. 

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The Meaning Of Goats In Astrology And The Zodiac

While there is Capricorn in our Zodiac who is a half-goat creature, we are going to look at the Chinese Zodiac which has a far more interesting relationship with this tin chopping barnyard creature. 

  • Perseverant –  Thai trait ties in with the stubborn nature of the goat; those born under this sign are said to be perseverant and will work hard to achieve their goals.
  • Quiet Observers –  People born under the goat sign are seen as quiet observers who take in their surroundings from a distance before getting involved or voicing an opinion. 
  • Motivated –  Those under this sign find motivation fairly easily, because of this they are able to work on long projects while maintaining their motivation to reach the end. 
  • Resilient  –  Those born under this sign have a tendency to be resilient and bounce back when things do not go perfectly right for them. 
  • Considerate –  As herd animals, goats are considerate of their family peers and tend to try to keep the peace, and are considerate of others’ feelings. 
  • Family Orientated –  Those under this sign have the tendency to have a deep love of children and family, this can be seen even in the real world of goats.
  • Tidy –  A person with the goat sign can typically be seen cleaning their home and tidying up, and as clean animals, you can see where this symbolism comes from.
  • Stubborn –  Goats are hard-headed and are often associated with being stubborn. This is also a typical trait of those born under this sign. 
  • Mild –  The nature of people under this sign tends to be mild and non-confrontational. While they appear to be gentle, they are actually resilient and strong people. 

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The Symbolic And Spiritual Meaning Of The Goat

Goats are indicative of many traits and qualities and are typically used in symbolism to show someone stubborn, or perhaps they are used as symbols of good luck. There is a lot that is associated with these animals, goats can symbolize the following: 

  • Adaptability – Goats are highly adaptable, they are able to survive in harsh environments and take everything in their stride. 
  • Determined – This symbolic meaning comes from the hardy nature of these animals, they survive in conditions that many cannot and find a way to make the most of their situations and survive through determination and innovation. 
  • Inspiration Goats are seen as inspirational because of their tenacious ability to overcome obstacles, they use their strength and intelligence to overcome things that seem impossible to those that cannot see what they do. 
  • Sacrifice – Back in the old days, goats were often used as sacrifices, this is especially true in Christianity. Goats have been seen as symbols of health and virginity and were always sacrificed for the greater good. 
  • Frugality – Goats survive even if their resources are low, they only eat what they need to in order to conserve food for a later time, this is where frugality as a symbol comes from when it comes to goats. 
  • Stubbornness – Goats are typically hard-headed and will only ever do what they want to do, and even then in their own time. 
  • Peace – Because of the aforementioned sacrificial history of the goat, and the fact that they are actually very peaceful and not aggressive, they are seen as peaceful creatures that do not fight unless they are provoked. 
  • Independence – Even though goats are herd animals, they enjoy solitude and doing whatever they please. They also prefer not to be disturbed by other animals and instead stick with their herds but less so than their cousins the sheep. 

Final Thoughts

That is all for this article, we hope that you have learned a great deal about goats and their spiritual meaning. They might not be the most exciting animals out there to have as your spirit animal, but the peace and confidence they can give you mean that you will always find yourself achieving more than you ever could. 

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