Tiger: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Tigers are such majestic animals. They represent many different things, mainly because of their ferocious protective nature, powerful physique, and quiet intelligence. But what exactly are the individual symbolisms of the tiger? And how does this majestic animal factor into all of these unique cultures around the world?


Today, we are going to be taking a look at what the tiger symbolizes. We are going to be looking at the spiritual meaning, the dream meaning, the symbolism of the tiger, and many, many more factors. So by the end of our comprehensive guide, you will be an expert in all things to do with tigers and what they represent. You can also use the below information in your everyday life, and use the tiger as a positive influence.

So let’s take a look at the tiger and everything that associates with this fierce, intelligent animal.

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Tiger Symbolism & Meaning

The tiger is such a fascinating creature that it’s no wonder that there are so many symbols and meanings associated with them. Below are just some of the many fascinating meanings and symbolisms that are associated with this majestic beast.


One of the most common symbolism and meanings for tigers is strength. These big cats are actually the largest species of big cat, and can weigh up to an impressive 660 pounds. So with that much muscle under their striped fur, it’s hardly a surprise that strength is associated with them.


Unlike lions or other species of big cat, tigers are vastly solitary animals. They are highly territorial and will protect their territory fiercely. They will only come together briefly to mate before going their separate ways. So because of this, tigers are symbol of independence. They don’t have to rely on anyone or anything to get what they want, and mothers will fiercely protect their cubs.


Tigers often are cunning and cleverness. This is mostly down to the fact that tigers themselves are one of the most intelligent big cat species around the world. Interestingly, tigers have brains that are up to 16% larger than lions. So because of this, they are highly intelligent animals with a quiet cunning that will get them far.


It’s not hard to see why tigers links to majesty. These beautiful felines have a striking striped coat, recognizable from the contrast of the black stripes on their white and orange fur. This is a very regal animal with majesty in several different cultures. Many people use the tiger as a symbol of majesty and power.


Seeing as tigers are native to some areas of Asia, they are often steeped in historic Asian cultures. Some cultures see them as a sign of immortality. Often because such cultures sees them as shapeshifters.

The Symbolism Of White Tigers

There are of course many different species of tigers. One of which is the white tiger, which is a genetic mutation of the Bengal tiger. This white tiger is often a symbol for courage, virtue, as well as peace.


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Tiger Spirit Animal

Using the tiger as your spirit animal can tell you many things about yourself. This is a powerful, majestic animal that can often associate to positive and negative things. Having a tiger as a spirit animal can symbolize being in tune with your primal instincts, often giving in to your more raw emotions and reactions to the world around you.

Having a tiger as a spirit animal is a sign of independence, confidence, and having a great sense of belief in yourself. The tiger has a lot of willpower and personal strength, not to mention perseverance and great courage. 

If you choose the tiger as your spirit animal, it could be a sign that you tend to act fast to solve a situation, or that you tend to trust your instincts.

Tiger Totem Animal

Is the tiger your totem animal? Then this can represent a great deal about you and who you are as a person. Having the tiger as your totem animal shows that you are a curious person, with a very dynamic and sassy personality. You have a quiet intelligence, and tend to be wonderfully charitable to those around you.

Having the tiger for a totem animal can also show that you have excellent leadership skills and are often the person that people turn to in a crisis for help. People in society usually respect those who have the tiger as their totem animal.

Those who have the tiger as a totem animal are also highly confident. Conversely, the tiger totem animal can also be a symbol for how you should have more confidence in yourself, your appearance, and your abilities. If you have low self esteem, your tiger totem animal could be telling you that you need to appreciate your more authentic self and love yourself for who you are.


Tiger Power Animal

Choosing the tiger as a power animal is an excellent choice if you want to refresh your confidence. This could be in terms of your abilities or in who you are as a person. If you renew your confidence using your tiger power animal, you will attract many more positive changes to you.

The tiger power animal can help you self actualize positive changes in your life. Think about what you want to achieve, then stay confident and unwavering in your abilities to achieve this. The key will be in embracing your tiger power animal so that you can be confident enough to achieve the things you want.

Another interesting thing to consider is that the tiger power animal is a symbol of healing. This could be taken in the physical or even the emotional sense. Healing is important for all of us, and you can embrace your tiger power animal to help you to do this with quiet confidence.

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Tiger Dreams

Interestingly, there are many meanings behind seeing tigers in your dreams. The specific interpretations will depend on several factors. Such including the type of tiger that you saw, as well as a specific emotion associated with it. 

Because tigers are known to be highly primal animals, seeing one in your dreams could represent that you are more in tune with your raw feelings or that something has affected you deeply in your day to day life. 

Seeing a tiger unexpectedly in your dreams could also be an indication that a great change is coming, and that you will need to prepare yourself. This could also represent that you are uncertain about some aspects of your life, and don’t feel entirely in control of the situation. Maybe you have been going through great changes in your life that have left things a little uncertain of late.

If you saw a tiger in your dreams and associated more positive feelings towards this, then this could be a sign of vitality and great health. These are qualities that are often associated with the tiger, and can show that you are currently in a happy place. This could mean that you are in a good spot in your life and should continue as you mean to go on.

Did you appear to be running away from the tiger in your dream with feelings of fear or dread? Then this could be an indication that you are trying to run away from something in your waking life that you are worried about. It will be best to think about what the problem could be so that you can embrace your inner tiger and tackle it confidently.

Tiger Tattoo Meaning

The tiger is such a majestic feline that there are often many meanings associated with it, especially in the world of tattoos. Why not take a look at some of the below most common meanings associated with tiger tattoos and see if this fascinating animal is for you?


Tigers are naturally highly strong animals. So because of this, they are often associated with strength. You can also use the stance of the tiger in your chosen tattoo to emphasize this strength and how it matches your core values. You could think of this in terms of both a physical strength, or even a spiritual strength.


This partly ties into strength as well of course, but the tiger is often seen as a symbol of power. These are large, majestic animals that have a lot of physical strength. They are the largest big cat around the world, and have a lot of power behind those muscles. They are also steeped in a lot of Asian culture and other cultures as a symbol of power.


As we have already discussed in more detail above, the tiger is often associated with independence. These are fierce animals who don’t need to rely on others to survive. They are confident in their abilities, and don’t need others to hold their paw to achieve what they want. So because of this, tiger tattoos are often used to reflect this valued independence.

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Tiger Spiritual Meaning

The tiger has many spiritual meanings that you can use to inspire you in your day to day life. This is a highly majestic animal that can inspire you with confidence, strength, and power.

One factor to consider is that the tiger is considered to be the king of the jungle. They are a highly powerful animal that will be ferociously protective of their territory. Mothers are also highly protective of their cubs, and will stop at nothing to protect them. You can translate this into a spiritual meaning, showing how the tiger can represent your protective nature. In fact, some women often refer to their stretch marks from birth as tiger stripes.

Tigers are also an excellent symbolism of strength. These powerful animals have an unrivaled strength that makes them the apex predator that they are. This gives the tiger a similar spiritual meaning in terms of strength. You can interpret this in many ways. Some people interpret the spiritual meaning of the tiger’s strength in the more literal sense.

It can also be interpreted as a mental strength. If you have had to endure many trials and tribulations, you can use the tiger to represent your inner strength at having gotten through these situations.

Another popular spiritual meaning behind the tiger is of course independence and confidence. You can use the tiger to represent your confidence in your own abilities, as well as your great independence and how you don’t have to rely on others to survive.

Tiger In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

While the tiger isn’t necessarily associated with the Western zodiac, it is highly prominent in the Chinese zodiac. The tiger appears as the third year of the 12 year zodiac cycle. Those who are born into the year of the tiger are often associated with a certain elemental symbol depending on which of the five elements were in place at the time of their birth. These include fire, earth, metal, wood, and water.

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Tiger Native American Symbolism

In Native American culture, the tiger is seen to represent idealistic qualities such as physical grace, great leadership skills, and strength.

Far Eastern Tiger Symbolism Meanings

Seeing as tigers are mostly spread in the far East, it’s hardly surprising that they would have had such an impact on this culture. In fact, in ancient China, the tiger was thought to symbolize protection, virtue, as well as being the destroyer of all things evil.

The tiger is even thought to rival the Chinese dragon in terms of symbolism and how important it is to Chinese culture. The tiger is often thought to represent feminine energy, being the yin to the dragon’s yang.

Tiger Symbolism Meanings

  • Strength
  • Independence
  • Cunning
  • Majesty
  • Immortality
  • Confidence
  • Power
  • Courage

In Summary

So there you have it! You now know all there is to know about the symbolic meanings of tigers and so much more. You now know that tigers represent confidence, strength, independence, majesty, power, and many more great qualities that you can embrace into your everyday life.

Why not take these fantastic spiritual meanings and symbolisms to inspire the quiet confidence of the tiger in your everyday life? You will soon reap the rewards of being more confident in yourself and your abilities.

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