Pig Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism, and More

The pig is an incredible animal. We often forget how much we have in common with them. The human body has, strangely enough, a similar organ makeup to that of the pig. Moreover, pigs have a comparable level of intelligence to the animal which is man’s best friend, the dog.

Pigs have been with us for centuries. But many cultures doesn’t simply see it as a source of food but have a deeper and far more significant meaning.


This article will outline the spiritual meaning, the dream meaning, the symbolism behind the pig. This will help you understand how valuable pigs are and what looking into their symbolic meaning can do for you.

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Pig?

Let’s begin by first of all looking at the spiritual meaning of a pig. It is important to remember that pigs have different spiritual meanings for different cultures. So, we will look at each different meaning in turn and analyze what they might mean for you.

For example, the Chinese highly value the pig. You may know that the Chinese will often have years which they ascribe to certain animals. For example, Year of the Monkey or Year of the Pig. This is because of the Chinese zodiac which helps to govern, it is believed, what will occur in the world.

There have been several Years of the Pig including 1935, 1959, 1996, and 2019. The next Year of the Pig will be 2031. Chinese believed that these years are years of prosperity because the pig is associated with wealth and luck.

Indeed, in Chinese culture, many pig statues are often placed around houses. Such statues encourage feng shui and encourage both money and positive energy into the house. This demonstrates how deeply and profoundly the Chinese believe in the pig being a positive representation.

It is of course not only the Chinese who see the pig as being a positive symbol. There are many other cultures that feel similar to the Chinese in regard to the pig being a positive symbol.

For Native Americans, for example, pigs were seen as reverent sacrificial animals. Such sacrifice would ensure that the rains would come during a particularly dry period. Further, they ensure that there would be a bounty for all members of the community.

As mentioned, different cultures see pigs as not only sources of food but also symbols of prosperity. Thus, this demonstrates that the prize in owning a pig was a great one. Further, this means that to have a pig is an indication of wealth and status.

Similar to the Native Americans, many even older and now extinct civilizations had a special place for the pig. Such both in their system of belief and symbolism. The Ancient Egyptians associated the pig with the goddess Isis. She is the goddess of fertility and a goddess associated with rebirth and renewal.

Indeed, Ancient Egyptians see pig as a representation of wealth, fertile lands and a fertile family. For them, the pig symbolizes not only happiness in monetary terms but also prosperity of your family.

Yet pigs haven’t always been viewed in a symbolically positive light. For example, many Islamic cultures viewed pigs in a negative light. For them, pigs are dirty, greedy, and avaricious animals. More so animals which are more interested in lying in their own filth than doing anything productive.

This is why many Muslims, as do many Jewish people, abstain from consuming pork. They believe that it comes from an unclean animal and is therefore unclean itself.

However, these symbolic visions of pigs are ultimately in the minority. Most cultures view pigs in a positive light and as a symbol of both wealth and fertility. As such, pigs should always be judged by the majority opinion and the majority symbolic opinion is a positive one.

Now we’ve examined what the majority of cultures see as the symbolic relevance of the pig. So, let’s take time to examine what the pig as a totem represents.


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Totem Animal

Totems are fascinating things. Whilst most common in North America and Native Americans, different cultures have had totems in one form or another. Such to represent both change and strength.

It is therefore important that you understand that totems are open to interpretation. Some cultures may have slightly different ideas about what a totem means or how it relates to a particular animal. However, the following is the general consensus on the pig.

Pigs are generally considered to represent not only wealth, good fortune, and fertility but also intelligence and perseverance.

The pig, on a totem, represents all the best aspects of the human personality. That is, if a person has a pig totem, then they are likely to be rich financially. Not only that but also rich spiritually. They are wealthy not only in worldly goods but also in spiritual goods.


This is important to remember because sometimes people think that pigs only represent physical wealth; the material wealth that we see around us in the world today.

However, they don’t. They can represent spiritual wealth which translates into an individual having peace of mind and being able to be at one not only with themselves but with the wider universe – that they are able to live with everything that life has thrown at them and go on to do better than they did before.

Pig totems can also represent good fortune as well.

As has been mentioned above several times, there is a strong symbolic association between pigs and wealth, and as with the difference between spiritual wealth and physical wealth, there are distinctions in good fortune as well.

It does not always mean that you will become instantly rich. Rather the pig can represent good fortune in your daily life that is not automatically connected to financial gain.

Good fortune can be represented by finding true love; being blessed with children (the pig is also of course also associated with fertility) and having improvements in your health or general living conditions.

This is why it is important to recognize the importance of the pig in our lives; it can represent so many things in a totem and act as a positive force on our lives and ensure that we are at one with understanding how the pig can represent so many different things to some many different people.

Speaking of how the representation of the pig can mean different things to different people, it is now worth looking at what the pig represents in our dreams.

Whilst it might seem difficult to always interpret dreams, they often have an obvious meaning which can easily be connected to whatever you are dreaming about.

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Dream Significance of Pig

Let’s now look at what the dream significance of the pig is. As with the spiritual and totemic meaning of the pig, in dreams, pigs usually have positive meanings.

When analyzing pigs in your dreams it is worth considering one thing first – have you seen a pig recently?

This may sound like a strange question but often if you are dreaming of something, in particular, it is because you have seen that object, person, or animal recently and your brain is simply processing the information you have seen during your day or your week.

If you haven’t seen a pig recently then it is more likely to have particular significance and relevance to your life and to your future. It is also worth considering what the pig was doing in your dream; was it acting in a particular way? Was it doing something that you would not normally expect a pig to do?

This again can be significant because whatever the pig is doing can have relevance to the meaning of your dream.

For example, if the pig in your dream was searching for something, say truffles or another type of foodstuff then this can have relevance to your dream. It might mean that you need to search for something – that perhaps you should change your job or that there is something out there that you need to find.

Of course, it isn’t possible to go through all the specific instances in which a pig might mean something in a dream because there is such a variety of different actions that a pig might be doing which might mean different things to different people.

However, we can go through the general meaning of a pig in a dream or of pigs in the plural. As with the spiritual and totemic value of a pig, the pig is often the representation of wealth both financial and spiritual.

The pig also often serves as a means of representing our need for health and wealth – they can be a positive sign but also represent some of our deepest fears.

This is why when you are dreaming of a pig it can be both a positive thing and potentially a means of you exercising any worries you might have about your financial state or about the fertility of your family.

It could also have negative connotations – if you are dreaming of a pig, you might take the more stereotypical and negative representation of a pig as being dirty and lazy.

This might therefore represent your worry that you aren’t doing enough work or that you aren’t as hygienic as you might like to be. If this is the case, you need to work out why you are feeling negative about yourself and seek to improve it somehow – either perhaps by changing your routine or your diet.

Of course, the interpretation as to what a pig is so wide and complex that it is difficult to fix on a definitive meaning of a pig in your dreams.

Everyone dreams differently and has different dreamscapes so there is no perfect answer as to what a pig might mean in your dreams, but these are the broadest answers which are more likely than not to be correct.

Now that we’ve dealt with the spiritual, dream and totemic meaning of a pig let’s turn to what a pig means as a Power Animal.

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Power Animal

First, let’s make clear what a Power Animal is.

A Power Animal is a spiritual or spirit guide that can, it is believed, allow you to connect with your inner self and take on some of the aspects of that animal in a positive way. As such Power Animals are important to recognizing your innermost feelings and how you connect to nature.

If you believe that your Power Animal is a pig then, as with other symbolic meanings, this is a generally positive thing.

The pig as a Power Animal is one that represents not only strength of character but strength of endurance.

Pigs are known to be hardy animals and able to withstand all kinds of pressures which is why if your Power Animal is a pig then you are fortunate in having an animal that represents your toughness and ability to keep going in all circumstances.

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Final Thoughts

Many people dismiss dream meanings and symbolism. This is partly because they don’t understand it but also because they have yet to truly experience the power of them.

When you have studied and delved into the significance of particular animals you will be certain to have changed your view on the power of dreams and symbolism.

Through looking into the symbolism of different animals like the pig, you can begin to make sense of how our world is ordered, how the world relates to you, and how you can be properly connected to the world.

Because the world can seem a confusing and difficult place at times but if you understand what different animals represent and how they relate to both our spiritual and emotional selves then you will be certain to have a happier life.

This is why it is important to know what a pig represents – it represents many different things including wealth, fertility, and perseverance, all positive attributes that we should all embrace and ensure are a part of our lives.

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Gloria White