Polar Bear Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism and more

Spiritual energy relates to the essence or core of a being. It’s the energy that encompasses the upper soul and the link to realms beyond the material. When you look for the spiritual meaning or symbolism of an animal you are trying to tap into what makes up the life force of that creature. Native Americans knew that all things possess spirit and everything has a soul, but for them, the Polar Bear had an ‘enhanced soul’.

polar bear

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Coping With Extreme Disruption To Your Environment

When you think about the life force of the Polar Bear you need to take into account that this is a threatened life force.

It is engaged in a battle to survive, thanks to the fact that its habitat and food sources are currently being depleted.

The ignorance and greed of humans has had a terrible impact on weather and the environment and the Polar Bear is paying a price it doesn’t deserve to pay. Keep this in mind.

Perhaps you can relate to it? Perhaps you have had a life-threatening situation thrust upon you. Not necessarily life or death, but certainly a threat to survival as you once knew it.

Perhaps ‘empty nest syndrome’, divorce, the loss of a loved one, the loss of your livelihood or perhaps loss of hope, dismantling of everything you believe in.

Look at what the Polar Bear is contending with. Climate change, the oil and gas industry digging its filthy claws into the Arctic. molesting the landscape with oil exploration.

Spilling oil into what was pristine. When Polar Bears come into contact with oil it messes up the insulating effect of the bear’s fur.

This then means they end up using more and more energy to stay warm, and there’s pitifully little surplus energy supplies when your food sources are being depleted.

Let’s not forget that humans like to brutalize seals and seals are the natural prey of Polar Bears. Back to that oil, the oil and gas tycoons are irresponsibly suppurating into the Arctic.

If Polar Bears ingest the oil, it poisons them. And then, of course, they can be exposed to toxic chemicals such as pesticides through their prey, which affects their biological functioning and ability to reproduce.

Yet, the Polar Bear persists. Against all odds, it fights to survive. It also adapts.

There have been increasing cases of Polar Bear females birthing Polar Bear-Grizzly Bear hybrids.

These ‘Grolar’ Bears are raised as Polar Bears and behave as Polar Bears. Interbreeding between bears is natural. Polar Bears evolved from Brown Bears about 150000 years ago.  

Solitude And Independence of Polar Bear

The Polar Bear tackles some of the most extreme living conditions on the planet, against tremendous adversity, alone.

These are not pack or group animals. Individual Polar Bears have no-one to rely on but themselves.

The male Polar Bear is a lone ranger, only having company when mating. The female is also a lone ranger, but will rear her cubs. Like the shark, it symbolizes independence.

For the majority of humans, dealing with adversity all alone is tantamount to a death sentence. Humans need the support, the communication, the camaraderie, of other humans.

Well, most humans do, anyway. But with group mentality comes lack of individuality.

If peer pressure and fitting in become more important than a sense of self and awareness of one’s inner self then it can result in cowardice.

This is not something the Polar Bear suffers from. It embraces a state of aloneness in the silence and stillness of the Arctic realm.

If this isn’t spirituality in its purest sense, then I don’t know what is.

Its independence epitomizes what it is to walk a spiritual path to knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.

polar bear

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This is a path one must walk alone, in stillness and in silence. To walk the eponymous ‘Valley of Death’, in the form of the endangered and beleaguered Arctic wastelands, fearlessly and with fortitude as the Polar Bear does.

It makes this animal an honorable spirit of the highest order.

If you are not receiving the succor you need from others, then ask yourself if you might fare better alone.

If others are holding you back or suffocating you in a need for togetherness, maybe you should take a leaf from the Polar Bear’s book and go it alone.

Having people around you is not always to your advantage. Assess those in your life and be brutally honest with yourself as to whether they are enhancing or corroding your life.

If the latter, shed them and walk alone.


The Polar Bear will hunt man if hungry. And why not? Humans hunt animals for sport! It is not afraid.

If you are facing turbulent times think of the spirit of the Polar Bear, its essence. If you feel beleaguered, keep on keeping on, find a way to survive.  

Focus, Resilience And Determination of Polar Bear

Dealing with life alone, in the face of duress, creates a mindset that is focused.

If you know you are alone facing the world you have to focus and step forth or you will go under. Resilience is called for and utter determination.

The spirit of the Polar Bear is one of strength, resilience and fortitude and this is what the Polar Bear encapsulates in its spiritual meaning. Spiritual meaning embodies the spirit of a being.


Adapt to changing conditions. The Polar Bear has black skin and translucent fur that appears white because it reflects visible light.

These are both biological adaptations to maintain body heat. Yet, think of its symbolism. It means that opposites can combine for the greater good.

Adaptation involves making adroit use of intellect and biology.

Don’t be afraid of new surroundings that are forced on you. Take what is useful to you and use it to survive.

Look for opportunities and strategies and rely only on yourself. Trust in your instincts and your strength.

Absorb all information that could be useful. Always look for the opportunity.


Find strategies to further your goals. Find alternative solutions. The spirit of the Polar Bear is predatory and fearless.

Knowing when to strike so as to survive is crucial. The spiritual meaning of this animal is hard edged and powerful.

Apply your intelligence ruthlessly. Use what you have and employ strategies. 

The Polar Bear can hide its shadow when it hunts. It will conceal itself by crouching on a piece of ice and wait for prey to unwittingly come into range.

Further, it is a master of camouflage. He or she will cover his or her black nose with a paw so that there is only white and this way he or she can blend in, observe and wait for the best moment to strike.

There are lessons here. Holes in slabs of ice become caves for the Polar Bear. He or she will dig deep holes in snow to avoid blizzards or storms.

They use their environment and conceal themselves in it.

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Following Instincts

For the Polar Bear, survival is the number one instinct. As a carnivorous animal, this means it has to hunt.

The Polar Bear epitomizes the notion of ‘Do or die’. You must do the same. Dig in deep and source inner resources you might not have even known you have. Trust your instincts.

Polar Bears can smell seal breathing holes in the ice, and will wait patiently for the seal to emerge to get air.

They trust their instincts and their senses. You should too.

Endurance And Patience of Polar Bear

The elemental significance of the Polar Bear is one of water. There are four elements – water, fire, earth and air.

The Polar Bear is about water because its habitat is one of snow, ice, and ocean. It is a land animal but it is also one very accomplished swimmer.

These animals are long distance, endurance swimmers. They can reach speeds of up to 6mph in the water, and swim for long distances, steadily, for hours upon hours. 

Polar bear paws are perfectly adapted for swimming and can act as paddles while they hold their hind legs flat like a rudder.

Once started, the Polar Bear won’t stop till he or she has reached the distant iceberg or ice shelf or land mass.

They have been known to swim up to 220 miles, to walk 15 miles and wait for hours to get what they want.

Polar Bears know how to be still and silent. These are gifts that open doors to understanding. And for a carnivorous predator they up the chances of a meal.

You need to be the same. Set yourself a target and keep going, slowly and steadily, till you get it.

You might also want to take up swimming or some other water sport, as water is your element and immersion in it will be good for your spirit.

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Dealing With Extremes

The Polar Bear deals with extreme natural conditions and does so with patience and acceptance. This is important.

Acceptance of one’s lot in life is fundamental to contentment. 

Unlike other bears, Polar Bears don’t hibernate through the winter. Only expectant female Polar Bears hibernate.

The rest forge on in frigid terrain through brutal cold. Never give up. This is the message.

Physical And Mental Strength of Polar Bear

Polar Bears are physically and mentally strong animals. They have to be. Only with mental strength can you survive alone.

Only with physical strength can you ward off predators and overpower prey.

Never be intimidated. If you dream about Polar Bears, it may be a reminder to turn inward, to prepare for hard times, to persevere and to never, ever give up.

Work on developing both mental and physical strength.

Commanding Respect

If you truly let the spirit of the Polar Bear in, you will command respect. Your strength of character and willingness and ability to brave it alone will leave others in awe.

The whole system of human society is weaved around dependence. With independence you can rise above.

Transformation And Transition

The Polar Bear faces times of transformation face on, fearlessly and with acceptance.

You must accept that although change can be daunting it is often exactly what is needed to move forward on a spiritual journey.

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Dreaming About Polar Bear

How you interpret a dream about a Polar Bear will depend on whether you relate to the it or not.

If you relate to the Polar Bear and see yourself in its spirit, and either share its spirit or aspire to, then you will interpret differently than you would if you are afraid of it and all it stands for.

However, if the Polar Bear in a dream seems to be encouraging or is neutral towards you it may mean that you should adopt its ways, so as to cope with a current situation and to move forward.

If you are embracing or following the Polar Bear then you want to be like it and you are not afraid of the unknown.

If a Polar Bear attacks you in your dreams, then this suggests you are not like the Polar Bear in spirit and may in fact be threatened by the attributes associated with the Polar Bear.

It could also be a warning that someone or something is hunting you. You have an enemy. Turn and face that problem. Resolve it.

If you’re running away from a Polar Bear, then either you fear character attributes associated with the Polar Bear or someone who has these characteristics. 

If you kill the Polar Bear in your dreams, then you are foregoing everything the Polar Bear stands for and will be following a lifestyle that exhibits opposing characteristics.


The spirit of the Polar Bear is undaunted, superbly glowing, a beacon of sheer strength and resilience. The endurance and focus of this animal is awe-inspiring.

They are apex predators dealing with untold duress and extreme conditions in solitude, stillness and silence. They never give up. Also, they adapt. They strategize.

Further, they observe and conceal. If you have the Polar Bear’s spirit within you then you are blessed. It won’t be an easy road but it will be your road and you will rely on no-one but yourself.

If humans cause them to go extinct by 2100 as some calculations are suggesting then this will be a loss to all that is spiritual about our time on this planet, in this realm.

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