125 Journal Prompts For Motherhood: A Guide To Survive 

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

Attention all superhero moms! We know you’ve got it all under control, from changing diapers faster than a speeding bullet to cooking dinner at the speed of light. But even Wonder Woman needs a moment to herself, right? 

Well, that’s where our journal prompts for motherhood come to the rescue! Grab your favorite cape (or just a cozy blanket) a cup of your preferred ‘mom fuel’ (coffee or tea, anyone?), and let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery

Because, let’s face it, parenting can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride, and a little humor and introspection go a long way in this wild adventure called motherhood!

Ready to embark on this adventure? 

Let’s do it!

Journal Prompts To Be A Better Mom

Becoming a mom is a worthy goal; once you become a mother, you will never stop being one. This is something that my grandma used to say. 

I believe it is important to acknowledge that every parent’s journey is different. There’s no manual on being a better parent; it is an ongoing process, and it’s normal to have ups and downs. 

Be patient, and strive for progress rather than perfection for your child. But you may be wondering how I can become a better mom? 

Here are some journal prompts so you can face the parenting process more easily. Because journaling is a self-care practice. A well-rested and healthy mom is better equipped to handle the demands of parenting. 

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15 Journal Prompts To Be A Better Mom

1 “What boundaries do I need to set for myself and why”

2 “Name 3 things you’re grateful for today”

3 “What do you struggle to love most about yourself? How can you start loving that part of you?”

4 “What do you want? What step can you take today to work towards that goal?”

5 “When I say “yes” to self care. I am saying “no” to…”

6 “What new identity you want to embody? What needs to happen?”

7 “What old identity you want to let go of?”

8 “What does self-love mean to you?”

9 “What would I do today if I loved myself”

10 “What is something that you learned from your children. How has this impacted your life?”

11 “What are you proud of as a mom?”

12 “A quality I really value and love about myself is…”

13 “What are you subconsciously avoiding that you know needs to get done?”

14 “Name 3 ways you’re taking care of yourself today”

15 “How can you forgive yourself from your past mistakes?”

Journal Prompts For Parents

I wish there was a parenting manual, but there’s not. 

There are no perfect parents and no perfect children, but there are plenty of things you can do that will make you a better one. 

Journaling can be a powerful tool for enhancing your parenting skills. You gain valuable insights into your reactions and behaviors by regularly documenting your thoughts, emotions, and experiences as a parent. 

This practice makes you aware of the things where there are areas of improvement. It also aids in setting and tracking parenting goals. 

From my experience, journaling has helped me to enhance communication with my child. As I reflected on my intentions and experiences, I became more attuned to my child’s needs and feelings. 

Use these journal prompts so you can navigate the parenting world: 

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25 Journal Prompts For Parents

16 “How do you measure the success of parenting?”

17 “What does a typical weekday and weekend look like for your family?”

18 “What is most rewarding about being a partner?”

19 “What is the best part of being a parent?”

20 “What top 3 qualities do you wish to instill in your child(ren)?”

21 “What does balancing family, friends and work mean to you?”

22 “How do you overcome the daily challenge(s)?”

23 “Describe the first moment you saw your child.”

"Describe the first moment you saw your child."-Journal Prompts For Motherhood

24 “What is something funny or clever your child has said lately?”

25 “What do you want your child to remember most about their childhood?”

26 “What are your hopes and dreams for your child(ren)?”

27 “List your top 3 strengths and how they positively impact your family.”

28 “Is your parenting style similar to your parents? Describe.”

29 “What is your favourite thing to do with your child(ren)?”

30 “Describe your child(ren) and what makes them special.”

31 “What are your parenting goals?”

32 “Fill in the blank: As a parent I __

33 “If you could give your child anything in the world what would it be?”

34 “What are you doing to achieve your parenting goals?”

35 “What is the best and worst parenting advice you’ve received?”

36 “Who do you confide in on your hard days?”

37 “What is a daily challenge you face as a parent?”

38 “Describe the hardest stage of parenting and how you overcame it.”

39 “How do you recharge your mind and body?”

40 “What was your favourite and leave favourite part of pregnancy?”

Journal Prompts For New Moms

This one-of-a-lifetime experience, being a new mom, is life-changing!

I had an urge to start documenting my pregnancy and motherhood journey because I started to feel like I would not be able to tell exactly how I felt during this time. It was a rollercoaster of emotions mixed with normal hormonal and physical changes. Still, I needed to process my feelings and clarify my thoughts during that time. 

Through journaling, I could find context to my emotions and help me decide what was important and what was not. It was my safe space to connect with myself and feel totally present in the experience. 

It also made me more aware of my emotions, making me feel less pressured and more kind to myself. 

If you are a new mommy and want to enjoy this experience, consider journaling with the next 24 journal prompts below. 

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24 Journal Prompts For New Moms

41 “What am I feeling today? (Angry? Anxious? Sad? Happy? Exhausted?)”

42 “What am I doing to take care of myself? (Eating well? Gently moving my body? Seeing women’s health specialists?)”

43 “What was the best part of my day?”

44. “What are the ups and downs of my mood like right now? Do I notice any triggers for these changes in mood?”

45 “What’s something about the fourth trimester that surprised me?”

46 “How did I connect with my baby today? (Did I spend some quality time snuggling?)”

47 “How did I take care of myself today? (Did I shower? Eat breakfast?)”

48 “How did I connect with my partner today? (Did we have a date night? A heart-to-heart conversation?)”

49 “How am I sleeping? Do I need more rest time?”

50. “What are my biggest worries right now?”

"What are my biggest worries right now?"

51 “Am I being supported in what I want as a new mom? If not, where can I find that support?”

52 “What do I need more help with right now? (Childcare? Housework?)”

53 “When do I feel most isolated? How can I feel less isolated in this situation?”

54 “What are my biggest joys right now?”

55 “What was the worst part of my day?”

56 “What am I grateful for today?”

57 “How is my relationship with my baby changing? What changes am I noticing as we move through the weeks after birth?”

58 “How is my relationship with my partner changing? What do I love about this? What concerns me about this?”

59 “How am I coping with the demands of motherhood?”

60 “What are some things I want to remember about this time?”

61 “How am I feeling about my body after childbirth? What are some things about my body that I’m incredibly proud of?”

62 “What challenges did I face today and how did I overcome them?”

63 “What are my top three priorities for tomorrow?”

64 “What do I need right now? (Some peace and quiet? A nap? A helpful partner?)”

Mindful Journal Prompts For Moms

Mindful parenting exercises and prompts are to help all the moms out there! I have created them to help you to develop a deeper connection with your children. 

The following mindful journal prompts may encourage you to spend quality time with them, be an active listener, and set positive intentions with the crazy parenting world. 

But before we get there, I want you to know why practicing mindfulness as a parent is important. And the answer is pretty simple: while journaling, you can create a space for self-reflection and personal growth. 

You can start tracking your progress and identify improvement areas to raise a child full of affection, mental stability, and functional values. 

With the journal prompts below, you can do reflective exercises to promote well-being and a balanced approach to motherhood while being mindful. 

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25 Mindful Journal Prompts For Moms

65 “My Inner Coach has this to say to me…”

66 “I can be more present and engaged by…”

67 “If this season of my life was a movie, what would the title be… because…”

68 “Focusing on my senses right now, I see, hear, feel, and touch…”

69 “I’m most inspired when…”

70 “One thing I want to do for myself is…”

71 “My personal, family, and work values are…”

72 “Before I die I want to…”

73 “My best qualities are… because…”

74 “50 things I’m most proud of about myself are…”

75 “When I think about my future self five years from now, here’s what she has to say to me…”

76 “What I love about being a mom is…”

"What I love about being a mom is…"-Journal Prompts For Motherhood

77 “My top three emotions today were… because…”

78 “My favorite way to practice self care is…. and here’s how I can get more of it…”

79 “I dream about…”

80 “When I make a mistake and get it all wrong, here’s how I want to treat myself…”

81 “The most important people in my life are… because…”

82 “To take better care of myself, I want to…”

83 “This is what I love most about my life right now…”

84 “My kids are…”

85 “I want less of…. and more of…”

86 “My body is amazing because…”

87 “The feeling I like least is… because…”

88 “My marriage is…”

89 “One area of my life I want to improve is… because…”

Motherhood Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

Establishing a mindful journaling routine can significantly enhance your self-awareness, enabling you to navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

Consider this: if you aspire to cease shouting at your children, the initial crucial step involves identifying the underlying reasons behind your outbursts. 

This process of self-discovery empowers you to chart a course toward a resolution. The potency of awareness lies in its capacity to instigate positive change—it serves as the cornerstone for addressing any issue.

A highly effective method for cultivating awareness is purposeful journaling. The term “purposeful” is emphasized here because repetitive journaling about problems can sometimes exacerbate them. 

Instead, your journaling should be structured to bolster your awareness in a manner that genuinely benefits your life.

The following journal prompts are thoughtfully designed to aid you in precisely that endeavor—promoting self-awareness that fosters your personal growth meaningfully.

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20 Motherhood Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

90 “What are you most proud of when it comes to being a mom?”

91 “What do you wish you had more time to do?”

92 “What part of your day, you didn’t like, and why was that?”

93 “List 5 things you didn’t like about your childhood. Would you like your kids to experience this? How can you prevent your kids from having to experience this?”

94 “Why do you sometimes feel unworthy of having the things you want in life? Where is this unworthiness coming from?”

95 “How can you be more present with your kids?”

96 “How can you accept and love yourself, for who and what you are?”

97 “What was the best part of your day and why?”

98 “What can I do today to show myself that I love her?”

99 “What are you longing to hear from someone? Take a few minutes every day and say those things to yourself.”

100 “How will this change influence both your and your kid’s life?”

"How will this change influence both your and your kid’s life?"

101 “How can you stop judging yourself and starting forgiving and loving yourself?”

102 “What characteristics of yours do you love? ( compassionate, tenacity, stubborn, strong)”

103 “How can you show up and be the best mom ever?”

104 “What do you want to change about the way you parent your kids?”

105 “What do you feel most guilt for and why?”

106 “If you can give your kids one thing in this world, what would it be?”

107 “How can you create more time in your day?”

108 “Picture the version of YOU who loves herself. What would she do and say to herself? How will she act and respond to the world? Step into that version of YOU today. Be her in the right now!”

109 “Why do you constantly compare yourself to others?”

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Moms

One thing I’ve learned about being a mom is to be grateful for everything, even the bad days as a mom. 

No matter how tired or sad I am at the end of the day, once I see their smile, It feels like they take away every worry and concern. But I have to be honest, and sometimes I’m not always included to feel super grateful about my days as a mom. 

That’s why I dedicate at least 15 minutes daily to sit down and focus on writing and letting go of those toxic feelings in my journal. 

First, having a gratitude journal helps shift your focus from the daily challenges and stressors of parenthood to the positive aspects of your life. Amid hectic routines, it’s easy to overlook the small moments of joy and beauty. 

Secondly, a gratitude journal is a powerful reminder of the love and fulfillment of parenthood. I know it is hard, but I don’t want you to get lost in the way. Being grateful reinforces your deep emotional connection and helps you maintain a positive mindset while raising a family. 

Use the journal prompts below to begin the gratitude journey. 

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16 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Moms

110 “I love being a stay-at-home mom because..”

111 “I’m a bad-ass mom because..”

112 “I’m a good wife because..”

113 “The best compliment I’ve ever received..”

114 “One time when my wish/es came true..”

115 “I’m a good mom because..”

116 “Becoming a mom has made me..”

117 “The top 3 skills I’m proud of..”

118 “3 persons who inspires me (and why)”

119 “I finally realized I love becoming a mom was when..”

120 “The places/countries I’m glad I was able to visit before becoming a mom”

121 “I’m glad I’ve changed into a person who’s..”

122 “The 3 most important lessons I’ve learned as a mom..”

123 “5 things that I like about how I look is..”

124 “For today, I am looking forward to..”

125 “For next year, I am looking forward to..”

"For next year, I am looking forward to.."-Journal Prompts For Motherhood

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Journal Prompts For Expecting Parents?

  • What stands out as my most joyful pregnancy memory, and what makes it so special? 
  • What aspects of my life am I prepared to let go of as I transition into parenthood? 
  • Is there something I longed for from my own parents but never obtained?
  •  Can I recall a cherished family moment that I aspire to pass down to my child?

When And How Often Should I Use Journal Prompts For Motherhood?

You can use journal prompts for motherhood at any time that suits you, whether it’s daily, weekly, or whenever you feel the need to reflect on your experiences as a mother. The frequency is entirely up to you.

Where Can I Find Journal Prompts For Motherhood?

You can find journal prompts for motherhood in books on parenting and motherhood, on websites dedicated to motherhood resources, and even in journaling apps. Additionally, you can create your own prompts tailored to your unique motherhood experiences and goals.

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