Bluebird: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism, & More

If the presence of a bluebird has ever graced you, you’ll know that these animals are one of the most humble and elegant birds in the world. 

Many of us are inspired by their colors, birdsong, and effortless flight patterns. This bird has been a symbol of peace, loyalty, happiness, and intelligence for years.

However, these elegant birds also have a deeper connection to our childhood innocence and can help us reconnect with that curious, sweet-natured spark we may have lost over the years. 

In this guide we’re going to explore the spiritual connotations of this bird, including different cultural and religious interpretations, dream interpretations, and more. Let’s begin.

Bluebird Spirit Animal 

As a spirit animal, the bluebird has many symbolic connotations that can help guide us through life and give us the confidence to pursue our dreams. 

If you have the bluebird as your spirit animal, you’re probably a lucky, and confident person. Even in the toughest times, you may find that you naturally have a way of navigating your way through. Positive opportunities and experiences will naturally find their way into your life, and others will notice this, too. 

You’ll also be a happy person with a positive outlook on life. This attitude will not only help you through life, but it’s also infectious. This attitude will often rub off on the people around you and benefit them, too.

You may rarely have a day where nothing is accomplished; even with a long list of tasks to do and errands to run, you always find a way through and take pride in your accomplishments. This tenacity is seen in the face of small, daily tasks and in the face of much larger issues or experiences. 

Although you have a positive approach to life, this doesn’t mean you have an easy ride. People with the bluebird spirit animal may find that their positivity can blindside them. If you often don’t see the worst in a situation until it’s too late, you’ll be fully aware of this. 


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If the bluebird is your spirit animal, you may see it frequently, either in real life or in your dreams. It may also appear in things such as drawings, videos, music, or other forms. Even if you don’t see the bluebird regularly, it may still be your spirit animal if you feel a natural, indescribable connection to this bird. 

Bluebird Totem Animal

Having the bluebird as your totem animal can reveal a lot about your personality. 

If you have the bluebird as a totem animal, you probably enjoy the company of other people. But, more importantly, these people are the ones that truly care about you.

You have a natural habit of surrounding yourself with people with pure intentions; these are the ones you can rely on and enjoy life with, and you’ll never doubt your loyalty and devotion to each other. 

With the bluebird as your totem, you’ll probably feel that having solid foundations is very important to you. You’ll always need your own space to think through life and plan your next move, and this attitude gives you a more systematic and logical approach to life.

Of course, you may still enjoy spontaneity, but you appreciate the moments you can collect yourself. This love for strategizing may make you popular with others too, who will take inspiration from your positivity and love for a logical approach. 

You’re also likely to be a true romantic at heart who values monogamy, and place love and relationships in high esteem. You’ll still value your independence, but you may feel more complete in a relationship.

You’ll also be incredibly loyal too and protective of your partner. The bluebird is very protective of its nest, so you may also have a desire to start a family as early as possible. 

Image by Naturelady from Pixabay

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Bluebird Power Animal

Have you ever wondered what the bluebird power animal means? Well, if you’re struggling through life and you’re not sure where to turn next, the bluebird power animal can help. 

If you feel like you’ve lost sight of your inner child and want to reconnect with the joy you felt when you were younger, the bluebird power animal can help.

If you’ve ever seen the bluebird in flight, you’ll know how magical this bird truly is. The world is full of wonder and life, and the bluebird can help you see it. With the bluebird as your power animal, you can learn how to let go of the frustrations and burdens of life and revel in the joy around you. 

If you have a short temper, and you often end up saying things you later regret, the bluebird power animal can help.

Bluebirds avoid confrontation at any cost and only act in self-defense. This animal can teach you to be calm-natured and gentle, so you don’t always need to resort to confrontation when you feel threatened. 

Although you may have a natural desire to be monogamous, you may be finding it hard to commit to a relationship or settle down. If this is the case, the bluebird can teach you how to value stability and treasure it. 

Bluebird Native American Symbolism 

For the Native Americans, bluebirds represent renewal, positivity, rejuvenation, growth, and transformation.

Some native Americans love the bluebird so much that they would go to great lengths to attract them into their camps. Some native Americans would hang dry gourds by their homes to encourage bluebirds to nest in the camp.

Not only could the tribes enjoy the birdsong all day long, but they would be constantly surrounded by the positivity they represented. 

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Image by diapicard from Pixabay

The Navajo and Iroquois tribes saw the bluebird as an omen of fertility and prosperity. If you see a bluebird, these tribes believe you may either be on the verge of good fortune or will soon be having a child. 

Some Iroquois myths even say that the bluebird can deter the demigod of the winter season. Native American Cherokee tribes believed that the bluebirds were in control of the weather, especially the wind. 

The Navajo tribe also believes that the mountain bluebird is a spirit animal whose purpose is to wake the tribe to see the sunrise. At the end of their winter ceremonies, the bluebird song is sung just before sunrise on the day of the last event. 

Bluebird Christianity Symbolism

Christians believe that bluebirds are spiritual messengers and were said to carry messages, a belief closely linked to the idea that these birds may be angels in disguise. 

Some believe that bluebirds can symbolize the presence of an angel. If you see a bluebird or bluebird imagery, you may be reminded that you’re not alone. 

Bluebird Dreams

If the bluebird has frequently been appearing in your dreams, it may be trying to deliver an important message. So let us show you some of the most profound bluebird dreams and what they might mean for you. 

Generally speaking, bluebird dreams often represent joy, happiness, and prosperity. If you’ve had a dream of the bluebird, this may be a positive and reassuring sign. 

Seeing a Bluebird Flying

If you’ve seen a bluebird flying in the sky, this could represent your movement in a positive direction. For example, if you’re pursuing a romantic connection or career for example, seeing the bluebird flying is a sign that you’re making the right decisions. You can expect to yield positive results soon. 

Catching and Holding a Bluebird 

If you’ve had a dream of yourself holding or catching a bluebird, this could be a sign that you’re about to achieve your goals. You’ve probably taken some independent and decisive action towards a goal, and the desired outcome may now be moving quickly towards you. 

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Finding a Bluebird in Your House

Have you had a dream of finding a bluebird in your house? This unusual dream has a very profound meaning.

Finding it in your house could represent feelings of being misunderstood, fearing change, or illogical situations. This dream could encourage you to persevere through the hard times. If you do, you’ll get to where you need to be in no time.  

Gendered Meanings

Believe it or not, gender can play a significant role in the interpretation of a bluebird dream. For example, if you’re a woman who’s had a dream of a bluebird, love may be on the horizon.

If you’re already in a relationship, this dream could symbolize a swift move towards marriage or a deeper commitment in the future. It may even be a sign that you’ll soon fall pregnant or get the family you’ve always dreamed of. 

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos are one of the most popular ways to express our personalities. Have you ever considered getting a bluebird tattoo? Or have you seen someone with this tattoo and wondered what it means? Let’s take a look at some of the most common meanings of a bluebird tattoo. 

Bluebirds often represent happiness, joy, and prosperity. For example, some people may get a bluebird tattoo to symbolize their own pleasure, or desire for happiness, while others may simply get the tattoo because they’re a nature or bird lover, with a particular affinity for the bluebird. 

Image by Scott from Pixabay

Some people may delve deeper into other cultural meanings of this bird and use these as inspiration for their tattoos.

For example, in Chinese mythology, it is a powerful omen of happiness. In the Shang Dynasty, a green or blue bird was considered a messenger bird for Xi Wangmu (Queen Mother of the West).

Because tattoos come in various styles and designs, the appearance of a bluebird tattoo may differ from person to person. However, you’ll rarely see a bluebird tattoo in black and gray because the bird will be harder to identify.

Instead, most bluebird tattoos will be small, and many people choose a watercolor design to accentuate and symbolize the bird’s beauty. 

Watercolor may be one of the most popular choices of tattoo design, but realism designs make them really pop. Realistic designs can be enough to get heads turning.

Unfortunately, these designs often consist of bold, bright colors and look as close to the real thing as possible. If you want a realistic tattoo, just make sure you choose an artist who specializes in these designs so you can do the bluebird justice. 

Although the ‘perched bluebird’ is a typical tattoo design, many people may also choose to get a tattoo of the bluebird flying. This tattoo symbolize happiness and freedom. If you need a burst of inspiration to get you through the day, this can be the powerful reminder that you need to push through. 

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Bluebird Spiritual Meaning

Need a spiritual motivator to keep you moving forward? Look no further than this bird. 

Message of Faith

The bluebird is a powerful symbol of hope. If you cross paths with this bird on your travels, this can be a sign for you never to stop believing in yourself, no matter how tough life gets.

There is joy and hope to be found everywhere, and the amazing bird can encourage us to find it, even in the most unlikely of places. The spirits may send you a bluebird if you’re doubting yourself or feeling low as a way to give you the power to take on the world. 


Have you ever seen a bluebird cry? Probably not. Whenever we see bluebirds, they’re animated, joyous and full of life. The tune of this bird can be heard everywhere, even in the toughest of climates. 

In your dream state or waking life, seeing a it can be a reminder to stay positive. Whenever you feel low, take a moment to reflect on the things around you.

For example, you may have a close circle of friends, a good relationship with your family, a stable job, fun hobbies, or a pet you love. Whatever it is, you’ll always find something to be grateful and positive for. This attitude has the power to turn moments of sadness into moments of reflection that can completely change your outlook on the world. 

If you see this bird, take it seriously. There’s always a reason for seeing this bird, and if it’s as a reminder to stay positive, you should take meaningful action to improve your state of mind, no matter how tough the circumstances. 

Message of Transition

In some cases, the bluebird may appear to give you a message of transition. If you’re a spiritual person at heart, you may share the belief that each of us goes through various cycles in life. Sometimes, if we lack the awareness to realize we’re in these cycles, we can miss out on important opportunities. 

This bird may appear to represent a transition into a different cycle. This is usually always a positive experience. But, by increasing our awareness of the moment, we’re encouraged to pay close attention to our lives and move into greater experiences. 

Bluebird Symbolic Meanings

Now, let’s explore some symbolic meanings of this wonderful bird. 

  • Confidence
  • Wisdom 
  • Loyalty
  • Fertility
  • Trust
  • Renewal
  • Transformation
  • Faith
  • A spiritual message
  • Good health
  • Motivation
  • Satisfaction

Final Thoughts

The bluebird is a positive symbol the whole world over. Even in the harshest of climates, the bluebird’s song can be heard for miles around. If you need a burst of inspiration to get you through challenging times, the bluebird may be the symbol you need. Whether you see it in your dream state or waking life, if you cross paths with the bluebird, never ignore its presence. 

Thankfully, if you have the bluebird as your spirit animal or power animal, or even if you see it in your dreams, it usually comes with a message of hope and inspiration.

The bluebird is rarely an opposing force in your life, so receive this message with an open mind, and get ready to receive joy and prosperity.

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