Blue Butterfly: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The butterfly is a representation of pure happiness and pure joy to a lot of people. In fact, a lot of people also view butterflies as representing good luck and also good fortune.

This animal is an especially common motif in the literature world because it is representative of the matters of the human soul, along with being an artistic symbol of beauty and also of love.

When we see a butterfly of any kind, we always feel uplifted and we view the world around us as being not such a bad place after all.

Butterflies spend their time is completely free and they just make the most of what the natural world has to offer.

Further, butterflies function to feed on flower nectar and this is what helps the plants to grow. Butterflies do not hurt any other living creature and so they remind us to be as good as we can be.

Symbolism & Meaning

It is true that blue butterflies are an especially rare sighting, so this is truly a sight to behold when said insect lands on you.

Additionally, it is especially tricky to spot these insects in nature, so you can consider yourself especially lucky if you see this insect.

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Just looking around you in the natural world can lead you to witness a signal that is meant for you only.

This signal will guide you or give you a powerful message of some kind. It is true that the butterfly is viewed as valuable and important by many cultures.

Butterfly symbolism and also meaning include communication along with transformation and also growth.

There are a variety of connotations that come with butterflies across different cultures, however, a blue butterfly is especially unique.

Additionally, it is true that the color blue is also linked to communication as this is also the hue of the throat chakra.

On the other hand, some hold the belief that a blue butterfly can be the indication that the death of a loved one is approaching, or in fact that there has actually been a recent death.

It is true that this might actually give some people justification in being fearful of coming across a blue butterfly.

However, it is important to view the blue butterfly as a symbol of life after death and not as an indicator of death.

blue butterfly
Image by Gaby from Pixabay

Additionally, a blue butterfly can show a reminder that the souls of deceased loved ones are close to you.

Blue Butterfly Spirit Animal

Seeing a blue butterfly cross your path is actually a really positive indicator because blue butterflies can actually be a sign that good news is coming your way.

Seeing a blue butterfly should be something that will bring you peace and you should find this positive news especially reassuring.

You might find that after the sight of a blue butterfly you will resolve a conflict within your relationship.

You will find that after seeing a blue butterfly you will feel a sense of calm and also acceptance within your life. Blue butterflies can also be a huge signifier of harmony and also happiness.

Additionally, people also believe that blue butterflies are linked with a phase of spiritual transformation and this could underline that you might be in the process of having a spiritual awakening.

When you see a blue butterfly you should really allow yourself to take out some time to really grow and also evolve during this time period.

Blue butterflies can also be a signal of joy. It also signals new developments that can help you get what you have worked so hard to achieve.

blue butterfly
Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay

You could also find that you may encounter a new love. You might even get the chance to expose your true talent for peacemaking across a much broader spectrum of people.

There are a lot of different meanings linked to the more spiritual nature of butterflies. These beautiful creatures mostly associates with positivity and also ideas that are especially abstract.

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Blue Butterfly Totem Animal

In a lot of traditions, it is true that the butterfly is a representation of the human soul. Also, in some traditions, the butterfly is ultimately an incarnation of a soul which is living.

Alternatively, there are a lot of people who view the blue butterfly as the soul of someone who has passed away.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

The blue butterfly is extremely rare across the world. So this is not an animal that would commonly be used as your totem.

But, this does not take away from the fact that in some cultures, spotting the blue butterfly is meant to bring especially sudden good luck and this is exciting.

If a butterfly is used as your totem animal then this will make you adaptable to different environments. Moreover, you will be able to cope with bare minimum resources just so to avoid wastage.

Blue butterflies are wish-granters of some kind. So seeing a blue butterfly can really help make any wish that you have come true.

Blue Butterfly Power Animal

It is true that in some cultures, blue actually links to healing and nurturing along with unconditional love.

So, if you look at the blue butterfly in this way then it is clear that this animal can actually designate a birth or even news of a new phase within your life in which you will come across healing or even love.

You will be able to find the inner strength to act as a peacekeeper amongst your different relationship dynamics too.

Image by PROVATION from Pixabay

The Ancient Egyptians actually believed that the human soul is immortal and this differs from our physical bodies.

It is true that we perish as human beings from this life form however our soul will ultimately live on.

The Ancient Egyptians also believed that butterflies had an influence on this, and this is why the belief also transcends to other cultures too.

It is also important to note that the Ancient Greeks also had very similar beliefs and this can be evidenced through the way in which Psyche would be depicted.

Psyche was a lover of Eros and the lover was a girl who had these beautiful butterfly wings, as commonly portrayed. This symbolized ultimate feminine beauty and this is what heightened Psyche’s desirability.

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Blue Butterfly Dreams

Blue butterflies can appear in dreams. This is something that holds a wide range of different meanings depending on how the butterflies are seen in the dream.

For example, if you have a dream of just seeing a blue butterfly then this can have an especially powerful link to your love life.

If you see a blue butterfly in your dreams, you are especially well motivated. Further, it means you will be able to overcome any challenges that you face in your love life.

Image by ĐÔ NGUYỄN from Pixabay

If you see a swarm of blue butterflies in your dreams then this encourage you to really dig deep. It pushes you to really search for that knowledge.

It is especially true that you have to improve your personal skills. If you are especially keen to grow as fast as you should, then this particular dream reflects it.

If you dream of holding a blue butterfly chrysalis then this is ultimately a sign of growth and also of change.

This dream is an indication of an aspect of your life-altering – this could be something within your personal life, such as relationships or this could be something in your working life so this could be your job.

Alternatively, if you dream of holding a blue butterfly then you are especially lucky because this is a strong sign of hope and of growth.

This is a key indicator that your efforts are moving you closer and closer towards your goals. These goals could be related to wealth or even abundance or even prosperity too.

Tattoo Meaning

The blue butterfly tattoo represents one of the most popular tattoo styles and this is for especially good reason.

The blue butterfly is beautiful and elegant and it is also a good luck charm. It is true that blue butterflies are givers of good luck, also as well as making you feel complete and utter bliss.

The butterfly tattoo can be a symbol of a lot of different things and this is why a lot of people will decide to get this tattoo.

The butterfly is a symbol of freedom and of love and also of transformation.

Butterfly tattoos can go anywhere on your body, and the shape of their wings really makes for perfect framing so you do not have to be too narrow with your space selection.

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Spiritual Meaning

Blue butterflies can often be recognized as a symbol of life after death due to their connection with transformation.

Ultimately, these animals can really define communication with the spiritual world, and this can promote the enhancement of your own psychic connection and also communication.

In Christianity, it is true that the butterfly stands for life and for death and also for resurrection. The butterfly is an especially common motif in the artwork of Christianity.

The younger Jesus Christ figure is holding a butterfly in his hands. Thus, showing His gentle and kind nature.

Additionally, there are paintings and also artworks that represent life in heaven through the usage of butterfly wings.

They are a motif that really helps represent the human soul that God has given to Adam. The butterfly is a common Christian motif due to the belief in rebirth and also the resurrection of the soul.

In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The Celtic zodiac sign of the butterfly might find that some people will take advantage of their calm nature.

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This is something that you might overlook for a while but you will know your limits and these are what power through.

Being a people pleaser is always tricky and if you find that this is not getting the appreciation that it deserves then you need to trust yourself to walk away and to invest your energy elsewhere.

Image by Gabriela Piwowarska from Pixabay

The Celtic zodiac sign of the butterfly ultimately helps you to put your heart first and this will make the healthy and the unhealthy situations within your life especially clear.

In some pagan cultures, the hue of blue links with the goddess and to divine feminine energy.

When you see a blue butterfly what is actually happening is that you are really aligning with this energy. Moreover, true goddess energy are protecting you.

It is true that this is something that can be a spiritual indication that you require nurturing so that you can heal and also gain self-love.

Symbolic Meanings

  • Personal growth
  • Rebirth
  • New knowledge
  • Elegance
  • Love
  • Transformation
  • Calmness and tranquillity
  • Finding peace
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Not harming any individual including yourself

In Conclusion

The blue butterfly ultimately encourages you to really focus on the way in which you use your voice.

When you spot a blue butterfly then it is reminding you to utilize the powers of your communication. Use it just to really evoke a sense of peace and harmony with other people.

If you see a blue butterfly, you should really be open to transformation incoming – you might even find that some kind of personal change will help you really welcome luck and also peace into your life.

When you see a blue butterfly, this is your indicator that you need to get your head out of the past. Focus on the incoming change and just be excited by this.

It is important to remember that you really need to see the importance of the butterfly itself and also the significance of the color blue too.

It is true that the most common meanings behind the blue butterfly is transformation, rebirth, and also luck.

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