Phoenix: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The meaning and symbolism of the Phoenix, no matter the culture, all link to these ideas of transformation and rebirth. You might be hurting emotionally, and the Phoenix as your spirit or totem animal can help you.

The Phoenix teaches you to cope with the difficult times and allows you to heal in your own time. In the end, you are then reborn as a much stronger person.

Continue reading to discover the many symbolic meanings of the Phoenix, which might help you in your own life.


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Spirit Animal

The Phoenix is a mythical creature, and as a spirit animal, it holds many meanings. It represents a gentle yet magical soul. It is supposed to bring harmony and balance to you, alongside luck.

The Phoenix is known for its fiery nature, and these flames ignite true inspiration for the individual. It is also referred to as the fire-bird symbol. This is a symbol of rebirth. As a result, when it grows old, it will fly into the sun to die.

However, it will rise again from the embers of its old life and become a beautiful Phoenix once more. The lifecycle of a Phoenix begins as a worm, which then becomes a great Sun Eagle and then a Phoenix.

If the Phoenix is your spirit animal, then this animal will help lift you out of the ashes. Once you are out of the ashes, you will learn and begin to grow and become optimistic once more.

If you are grieving, the Phoenix as a spirit animal will help us to have hope that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel you are in.

You can mediate to your Phoenix spirit animal by lighting a red candle. As the red color represents its powers. The Phoenix will help guide you.

Totem Animal

As your totem animal, the Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of renewal and strength. When things are tough, you know that there is good only around the corner.

The Romans used the Phoenix as the symbol of their empire that they believed would last forever. This is due to their very long lives, but even when they do eventually die, they are reborn and carry on. In essence, It is immortal, as it never truly dies.

The Phoenix never dies, therefore it represents resilience to carry on and keep going when you want to give up. It is said that when there is a death or great sadness, it will sing a beautiful melody.

You can call upon the Phoenix in those tough times. It will give you hope and courage and instill a sense of renewal and rebirth within you. It will help you appreciate the positive things that are in your life at that moment.

Alongside this, it was a well-known symbol of the seasons. As it never died, neither did the season, as the winter would kill everything. However, the spring will bring everything back as everything grows once more.

Power Animal

If the Phoenix is your power animal, then you are receiving messages from another realm. As mentioned, it is a mythical creature. The message you are receiving is about immortality and transformation.


Like the Phoenix, you might be a solo traveler, but you understand the importance of yin and yang. It is likely that you are an introvert and enjoy your independence.

Frankincense and myrrh will make you feel calm and re-energized. You may also be known for singing haunting and soulful melodies. Death might not scare you, but you are curious about it.

When you call upon the it as your power animal, it will help you in many ways. Its energy will help heal any wounds you may be suffering with and help you reach the acceptance you have been searching for. It will surely guide you as you suffer or mourn, and then you can be reborn with joy and a new flame within you.

The Phoenix doesn’t just help you overcome the difficult times, it can also help you see situations in a different light. The Phoenix will offer you wisdom and projection, using their unique type of magic.

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Native American Symbolism

There has been a connection made between the Phoenix and the Eagle, which is an important animal for Native Americans. Several similarities have been made with the Greek legends of the Phoenix and stories that have been found with Native American history.

Both histories talk about a bird that never dies or lays any eggs that have been around since the beginning of time. This creature helps humanity in different ways and for some native cultures, it also brought us the gift of fire.

Stories in Native American history don’t talk about a Phoenix, but they talk about a Thunderbird. Both the Phoenix and the Thunderbird have lots of similarities in that they are often referred to as one another.

There have been lots of connections between the size of the Thunderbird and its connections to the weather. It is called the Thunderbird, as its wings are so large that when they flap together, the sound of thunder is caused.

As mentioned above, the Phoenix as an animal totem was associated with the seasons and the weather. Hence, the Thunderbird has the same connections.

The feathers of this great bird are used in rituals to bring strong harvests for the natives. Also, the feathers would be used for healing and magic, two things the Phoenix is widely known for.

Far Eastern Symbolism

The Phoenix is a well-known symbol in various Far East traditions. In China, many artists have painted the Phoenix birds in pairs. This represents the yin and yang of the universe.

In China, the Phoenix goes by the name Feng Huang. This kind of image is often seen at weddings, as a gift that will promise a good and happy marriage.

This is linked to the story that a Phoenix appeared to Emperor Huang Di in 2600 BC. After the appearance of the Phoenix, the Emperor had a long and successful rule. As a result, the Phoenix has become a symbol that will foretell the happiness and blessings of the event.


Just like with other cultures, the Phoenix is associated with rebirth and passion. However, it is also linked with good luck and harmony. It is commonly referred to as the imperial household.

A Phoenix will only appear at very special and important events, like the birth of a great leader. At times like this, the Phoenix is said to be arriving from the heavenly realms, to bless mankind with its gifts.

In Japan, the image of a Phoenix is painted onto tombs to ward off evil spirits. Thus, the Phoenix is considered to bring luck to whoever carries the symbol. It is a strong symbol that will bring the household luck, money, and any wishes they may grant.

In Japan, the Phoenix was named Ho-Oo, which is a combination of male and female energy.

The belief is that the Phoenix will bring balance to your life. If a Phoenix appears to you, then you are meant to explore your own polarities.

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Celtic Symbolism

Sacred fires which bring about rebirth are mentioned in Celtic stories, however, this is no actual mention of Phoenix’s. Yet, the sacred fires connect with the symbolism of the Phoenix. The power of fire was celebrated by the Celtics as a source of light, which caused a spark to ignite people’s passions.

As a result, the Celts never paid homage to the Phoenix itself, yet they still celebrated the rebirth that the Phoenix symbolizes. The Phoenix and the sacred fire have both been worshiped for the same reasons.

In 1969, during the Easter Uprising, the image of the Phoenix was used by the IRA. This is due to the symbolic meaning of the Phoenix for death and rebirth.

Christianity Symbolism

The Phoenix, itself, doesn’t appear in the Bible or any Christian stories. However, there is a connection between the qualities of a Phoenix and aspects of the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Both the Phoenix and Jesus Christ sacrifice themselves but are then reborn or resurrected.

Modern-day Christians will look towards the Phoenix as a symbol of transformation, hope, and rebirth. A Phoenix is said to give us hope when everything seems pointless. Then this is where a miracle can take place.

Miracles are seen throughout the Bible and the idea of suffering is a test from God, which we should be able to overcome by following his teachings.

The Phoenix, might not be mentioned in any Christian stories, common traits that are associated with this creature are seen within. In particular, the ideas of rebirth, hope, and resurrection.

Phoenix: Dreams

You might be lucky enough to witness a Phoenix in your dreams, but what does that mean?

Seeing a Phoenix in your dreams is a positive sign of new beginnings. Therefore, you might be beginning a new adventure soon. However, this may also mean that you need to find closure from something from your past, that is holding you back.

A Phoenix can represent positive changes that are about to enter your life. If you continually dream about the Phoenix, then you can be assured that amazing things are about to happen in your life.

However, if you dream about a worn-out Phoenix, this is a sign that you need to look after yourself. In this case, the Phoenix is telling you that you need to look after yourself, otherwise you could become ill.

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Phoenix: Tattoo Meaning

You may notice that a lot of people have a Phoenix tattoo. These tattoos have their own meanings and are a couple of reasons why the Phoenix was chosen to be permanently tattooed on their body. The reason is normally very personal, but they are typically related to surviving.

A Phoenix is a survivor and reborn out of the ashes of their past lives. Therefore, Phoenix tattoos are seen for the same reason. Someone may have gotten to the other side of a significant death in their life or got cured of something that was life-threatening.

Either way, their Phoenix tattoo symbolizes that they have gotten through the hard times and are now transformed. Overcoming large obstacles in their lives is just another reason people decide on Phoenix tattoos.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the Phoenix is all about transformation and your rebirth into someone new. In a lot of cultures, there is a lot of balance that comes with the Phoenix, as it is all about the yin and yang, or the male and female energy, that is inside us all.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of a Phoenix tells us that there is hope and the possibility for new beginnings. However, we have to make some kind of sacrifice, which would be a literal sacrifice of something or a symbolic sacrifice.

The spiritual powers a Phoenix commands are linked with fire. The power of rebirth, courage, intensity, and motivation. You can draw on the spiritual powers of the Phoenix through meditation or art and music.

When you are greeted with a Phoenix, then you can expect that you are going to go on a journey, whereby at the end of the journey you will be transformed. It is a sign to let go of the old you and to start embracing the person who you are going to become.

Phoenix in Astrology and Zodiac Signs

Today, the Phoenix is commonly associated with Scorpio. However, in the Egyptian Zodiac, the Phoenix is the sign for those who are born between June 25th to July 24th.

The Egyptian Phoenix zodiac sign says that you take full advantage of any opportunities that come your way. Therefore, you will always find success, even when you think that there is no hope at all. Alongside this, you are a very optimistic person who cares about others.

Although, you are known for being very independent and living through your dreams and not facing reality. On the outside, you put on a hard and tough exterior, but you love a challenge, and you can do anything that you put your mind to.

However, the Phoenix is also seen as the final stage of the Scorpio sign. As being the final stage, the Phoenix represents the Scorpio breaking free of the chains that were holding it back. They have learned their lesson and let go, which then causes the Scorpio to be transformed and reborn once more.

Scorpios are known to struggle to find a balance and can have a fiery temper. Therefore, once the Scorpio has learned to let go and becomes more compassionate, they will be transformed.

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Phoenix Symbolic Meanings

  • Transformation
  • Magic
  • Rebirth
  • Courage
  • Resurrection
  • Reincarnation
  • Balance
  • Letting go/Moving on
  • Guidance
  • Magic

Final Thoughts

The phoenix has many meanings, across different cultures. However, the main symbolism of the phoenix is that it is about rebirth and resilience.

If the phoenix, is your spirit animal, or you see them in a dream, then they are a sign that you can get through any hardships that you face. You will get through it and come out the other side as a better person.

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